Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

2018.júl. 1.
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why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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Music: Assembly line frustration by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.

  • 3:37 You'd better lose yourself in the music The moment you want it you'd better never let it go You only get 1 shot do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime Like this if you get the refrence

    Zachary RichmondZachary RichmondÓrája
  • Anxiety:hi there! me trying to shop:really? Anxiety:YEP me:Starts having an Anxiety atack everyone:stares at me😐 i got social Anxiety COVID didnt help cause of lockdown

    SatanSatan4 órája
  • Watch the healing powers of dude on Netflix

    The true Gamer boyThe true Gamer boy6 órája
  • 1:15 no the most wrong you can be IS EATING VEGIMITE WITH A GOD DAM SPOOON

    Isaac AxisaIsaac Axisa7 órája

    Alyssa SolisAlyssa Solis10 órája
  • 4:54 same tho

    Mudkip76 LolMudkip76 Lol11 órája

    Luke StevensLuke Stevens11 órája
  • So when someone asks me a question that I'd rather them not not the truth, I don't lie. I hate lying. Instead, I just don't speak. A while ago, my mom confronted me about why I got 2 C's. Just 2 C's, I wasnt gonna get in trouble. But I thought if I told her the truth (I keep forgetting about assignments, so I turn them in late, and the late assignments stack up, and also I didn't turn in a project that I had done because I didn't completely understand how to turn it in and the project itself, and I was too scared to actually ask the teacher) then I would get in trouble, even tho I wouldnt. A while of just not answering and I was getting in trouble, and it was only after I had dug myself too deep in panicking and stuff that I had felt that if I told her the truth, I wouldn't get in trouble. I was shaking in crying in my chair, curled up in a ball and I couldn't speak even if I wanted to. It took a while for me to calm down enough that I could talk without crying, cause yeah, just saying a normal non school related thing made me feel like crying. Because I had 2 C's. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

    A h h hA h h h11 órája
  • Ignorance is bliss=little kids are actually genuine happy😔

    Xx sonnysbro xXXx sonnysbro xX11 órája
  • I suffer from the same thing, thankfully I’m on a medication and it’s been getting better

    SquidSquid12 órája
  • Hey, uh jaiden. So I need a little advice plz. What do ya do when the social anxiety gets so bad its kinda impossible to talk to people, at all. Ever.

    autumn roseautumn rose12 órája

    Cee Jay RichardsCee Jay Richards13 órája
  • ⅅⅇⅈ℻

    ًً14 órája
  • 3:41 Revali's Gale is now ready!

    NicholasJohn GutierrezNicholasJohn Gutierrez15 órája
  • 1:18 reminded me of “Is this a bird?”

    Nishinoya YuNishinoya Yu15 órája
  • im not diagnosed, and im not self diagnosing, but i get anxiety. Idont have it, but i do that

    DiimxnDiimxn18 órája
  • once a time a los come running in the public pool and tell me "wath is your name?" and i tell him "why if you could never see me again ir i could die or you" he went crying with his mom :v

    Eduardo ArnalEduardo Arnal18 órája
  • all people in her videos are white

    C. poppyC. poppy20 órája
  • Me after watching this a while ago: imma go tell my parents about my anxiety so they don't cause my anxiety attacks :D Also me: **trying to tell my parents about my anxiety but then I get an anxiety attack** I-Imma go now, welp there's another cause! Yayyyy -_-

    XxWaterMelonGamerxXXxWaterMelonGamerxX20 órája
  • I'm diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder but I'm totally sure I also have social anxiety

    Pixel ToothlessPixel Toothless21 órája
  • "Crippling Depression" *jumps into wheelchair happily*

    InfernalInfernal22 órája
  • My sister suffers from anxiety and depression... I only understand the depression part of my sister's problems.

    deathsong gamerdeathsong gamerNapja
  • i kinda have social anxiety cuz i get nervos when i talk infront of alot of people and i tell my teacher sometimes i dont want to talk infron of the class

    karim sadeqkarim sadeqNapja
  • I have depression but hdhd pills hold them back and then it all come out at ones at the end of the day before the pill I’m CrAzY

    Andy JonesAndy JonesNapja
  • My brother has ensienty and I feel like something is rong but I don’t know know whats wrong and he hates every one

    Andy JonesAndy JonesNapja
  • I dont hate you jayden if you shine that is noting we are your best fans

    Thuta LinsanThuta LinsanNapja
  • I too have anxiety and struggle from it... And made a video on it

  • This actually helped a lot, now I know why my friends tell me to open up about this stuff

    Aron VoltarisAron VoltarisNapja
  • This helps ❤

    Nathan MurrayNathan MurrayNapja

  • When she jumped into the wheelchair I knew what was coming

    Mattie HopkinsMattie HopkinsNapja
  • I have anxiety

    Bobby NunnBobby NunnNapja
  • yeah

    William PlayzWilliam PlayzNapja
  • people in roblox be like: ash/depressed/has anxiety/single

    Amber The BuggoAmber The BuggoNapja
  • I think I have anxitey

    cats rulecats rule2 napja
  • You should feel good about your self because You are the only one who is driffent from others. And remeber i dont know why am i doing this i am introvert

    Cladbar becue08Cladbar becue082 napja
  • Jeez why are you so relatable to me jaiden

    •《 R O X X A N E _G A C H A 》••《 R O X X A N E _G A C H A 》•2 napja
    • I’m with

      Electric BeastElectric Beast12 órája
    • Dude like

      Electric BeastElectric Beast12 órája
  • My friend literally has social anxiety. He literally has panic attacks when he spends too long with actual people, socialising.

    Bromine BradleyBromine Bradley2 napja
  • Everyone hates me cause my backpack is to blue -Jaiden-

    Kim ToonsKim Toons2 napja
  • oh hey im 6 and i know everything about dark jokes i even buy all of deep web buyable things and i know all bad words... btw love you vid :>

    no nono no2 napja
  • I now how it feels I hate being looked at because I think they can read my mind I can't control my mind sad 😞 😔

    ARI fanARI fan2 napja
  • cool someone that can relate also my anxiety is social anxiety -_- i think well its only irl vrchat is good maybe *cries on the inside*

    Ultra The protogenUltra The protogen2 napja
  • 3:25 sexism for both men and women or just for women? Angry people go see DR shaym talking about how feminism is shit.

    עילי בושירהעילי בושירה2 napja
  • I also has that feeling. Maybe that's why I jump every time people talk to me.

    עילי בושירהעילי בושירה2 napja
  • Anxiety is like playing Deltarune without watching anything about it

    Tonja AuyeungTonja Auyeung2 napja
  • Jaiden: opens up about her feelings Literally f*cling everyone: TACKLE HER

    Derpy GrinchDerpy Grinch2 napja
  • ... I relate to poor jaiden too well...

    Flof PlaysFlof Plays2 napja
  • Me: heh, that's not me... right? (.....) *WHAT THE HELL IS LIFE*

    elias tremusinielias tremusini2 napja
  • And then Narcissus turned into a flower

    Brayden BorsukBrayden Borsuk2 napja
  • Social anxiety is especially interesting if you’ve also got ADHD

    Codename A00ZXCodename A00ZX2 napja
  • "Hello person with a degree, im here to tell you why im broken!" -Jaiden 2018

    AtlasAtlas2 napja
  • Thank you! I really mean it! You made me realize that there are other people more than me that have these thoughts like "everyone hates you and is secretly judging you". I am happy to know that there are more people than me that think like that. You made my day better! :)

    IllvectaIllvecta2 napja
  • I have severe anxiety btw

    MLGgamer 09MLGgamer 092 napja
  • Yeah I was a ticking time bomb to But I was to lazy to deal with it and one day it went off and after that every day for the past 5 years I have cry in the shower and vent in the mirror

    Logan KeckLogan Keck2 napja
    • But I mostly talk to myself now

      Logan KeckLogan KeckNapja
    • Yes

      Logan KeckLogan KeckNapja
    • I'm sorry, is there anyone you can reach out to?

      Connor LukenConnor LukenNapja
  • " like breathing" LMFAO

    Jon HilleJon Hille2 napja

    Pikachumadness7 MiaheemiahaaPikachumadness7 Miaheemiahaa2 napja
  • I totally understand how you felt. I know it has been 2 years, but it helps me in the now, so i want to say my thanks.

    Rosen MihaylovRosen Mihaylov2 napja
  • I’ve rewatched this video so many times but I still hold my breath during the raising your hand part because it happens to me all the time

    Random CommenterRandom Commenter3 napja
  • Oh my god, yes, you explained my issues with therapy PERFECTLY. I'm seeing a therapist right now, but am still uncomfortable with telling her about my anxiety.

    charlotte the greatcharlotte the great3 napja
  • I’m an extrovert with anxiety and depression - w -

    I’m Addicted To BagelsI’m Addicted To Bagels3 napja
  • your a grat person!

    acnoaacnoa3 napja
  • Hey I like you

    Chris NelsonChris Nelson3 napja
  • Anxiety can’t go jump off a microwave it can go jump in a black hole

    Renee PerkinsRenee Perkins3 napja
  • Jaiden:hello stranger with a degree I’m here to tell you why I’m broken :’) Me: O.O YOU OK JAIDEN!? GO GET SOME HELP!!!! D:

    No YouNo You3 napja
  • Jaiden has so many videos that have 16 million views

    FLAME 🔥FLAME 🔥3 napja
  • Anxiety: Next time I come, you won't be able to deal with me Me: Shut up, no one likes you Anxiety: I'm not anxiety, i'm you. You just said you hated yourself A challenger approaches...

    ama llamaama llama3 napja
  • Anxiety: Oh hi there Coronavirus: Hey.. (Evil cackling)

    ama llamaama llama3 napja
  • Me seeing Shane Dawson with a crown in 2020 🤭

    GabeGabe3 napja
  • but Jaiden, what do I do if I am a minor who is experiencing social anxiety and deprsssion and not even my family understands me?

    76アトラン atlantiswithouthegalaxy ティス76アトラン atlantiswithouthegalaxy ティス3 napja
  • that moment when shane dawson

    dizzytulip Ytdizzytulip Yt3 napja
  • and also when your 7 you need worry about your parents divorce

    Xylia AdvocaatXylia Advocaat3 napja
  • My sanders sides loving self immediately thought: "anxiety is the greatest"

    Blake TrexlerBlake Trexler3 napja
  • "Here need some tears" me at dance class for absoulutely bo reason.

    Ed’s mock’s and reviewsEd’s mock’s and reviews4 napja
  • LMAOOO I actually fixed when she did the turtle part

    Ed’s mock’s and reviewsEd’s mock’s and reviews4 napja
  • It was it sad when you saw scruffy die from your old video

    Mew GgMew Gg4 napja
  • I love your and your videos

    Mew GgMew Gg4 napja
  • I thought everyone feels like this 😐 . Ok I'm gonna go and deal with my social anxiety

    Chaer mouadChaer mouad4 napja
  • Haha! You have a support system you can fall back on!

    Evan O'KeefeEvan O'Keefe4 napja
  • I had a panic attack for the first time then the next day had another one my life is great 😅

    Green GangGreen Gang4 napja
  • Sounds like me

    wyatt Lynchwyatt Lynch4 napja
  • Anxiety is when you use up all your healing stuff on a boss fight but then the music becomes even funkier and their health bar refills.

    Alexander SteelAlexander Steel4 napja
  • oh wow I’ve been seeing a therapist sense THE SECOND GRADE (god I’m such a cocky dumb idiot)

    MidnitecataMidnitecata4 napja
  • Fuck this one hit the home base My parents dont care so i cant get help with my depresion

    Mr CactusMr Cactus4 napja
  • It's not sexist to say 'ha u can't have babies'

    Adam SardarAdam Sardar4 napja
  • Lemme just tell youx I also have social anxiety, it's fun! Jk, I hate it

    Dimension CreoDimension Creo4 napja
  • I know how jaiden feels I have very high social anxiety

    Magik SkittlesMagik Skittles4 napja
  • that is my every day life

  • This reminded me of those times where you are walking, and then think, “what if I tripped and DIED” and then you suddenly become aware of your body and are scared to move. I don’t know why I thought of this.

    Random Girl100Random Girl1004 napja
  • Anxiety sucks

    Benjamin KretschmanBenjamin Kretschman4 napja
  • Anything you say into this will be heard by hundreds of thousands of people. Jadien:... *pEe Is StOrEd In Th-*

    River HeinzeRiver Heinze4 napja
  • Jaiden is such a nice person that she doesn't even want anxiety to jump of a cliff

    Shivanshu MuppanaShivanshu Muppana4 napja
  • 1:41 okay jaiden look i don't want to make this sound awkward or weird no one here hates you. The reason there here is because they subbed and the reason why they subbed is because they enjoy your content. And for the people that know you personally they talk with you and hang out with you because they enjoy being around and think your a great person. So don't be so down on your self. Your great and i have social anxiety too but i keep telling myself that no one hates me because they hang out or enjoy being around me because they don't hate me. So don't say people hate. Everyone here and everyone the subbed subbed because they enjoy you.

    Scott CritesScott Crites4 napja
  • Relatable I’m not an introvert BUT I am awkward Does that count...

    Common_butterCommon_butter4 napja
  • bladder.

    CuddlyBubbles 69CuddlyBubbles 694 napja
  • To anyone reading this, I have depression and am seeing a therapist. A few days ago I cut myself for the first time. I'm scared. I told myself I wouldn't do it and I still don't want to do it but I still did it. I don't know what to do.

    Charlotte NonameCharlotte Noname4 napja
  • Im anxious to watch this video

    CuddlyBubbles 69CuddlyBubbles 694 napja
  • I’m not really a introvert or a extrovert, like I like too talk a lot with people, but meeting new people isn’t really on my list of things too do But I don’t like going outside, and whenever I do something wrong I feel depressed, and I spend way too much time on technology

    Pokepoke18Pokepoke184 napja
  • Onion

    Dayo AnimatesDayo Animates4 napja
  • I just realized I do have anxiety....

    Alyssa LeeAlyssa Lee4 napja
  • 0:53

    PatoPancho 02PatoPancho 024 napja