Being the Best/Worst Ever

2018.dec. 2.
12 159 966 Megtekintés

life, amirite?

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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ...come here often?

  • Your just an hater and I don't need you in my life XD

    stardust studios Animationstardust studios Animation14 órája
  • Dab is dead do a dab your dead

    Andy JonesAndy Jones14 órája
  • 8:23 dab on the Hater’s 👉🏼😎👉🏼

    Lemøn drøp the wolfLemøn drøp the wolf14 órája

    Tristan HigginsTristan Higgins18 órája
  • someone made a song out of this

    Arctic fox GamerArctic fox Gamer19 órája
  • HOW DARE YOU CALL MY BROTHER A FREAK (also my friend blake)

    BearwolfGrizzHybridBearwolfGrizzHybrid21 órája
  • K

  • 6:27 You little shi-

    We're dinner?We're dinner?Napja
  • 6:27 haha, look at the bottom left it's so funny

    france royfrance royNapja
  • i like purple..................

    Gayatri DattaGayatri DattaNapja
  • 0:00 that’s me except with animating, I try very hard and practice a lot but if I’m honest my animating program is terrible and I just feel like I can’t get better

  • You can be proud of things. Yet don't linger on it too much and do reality checks. Also,keep going yet take breaks

    Cinux KattCinux KattNapja
  • i love how the one man is upset about his box jaiden (or jayden i dont know how to spell it) but he has the best one because THE FREAKING THINNESS OF THE ARMS.

    Emily ThompsonEmily ThompsonNapja
  • I once had this piano teacher and she would always say i was better than other people which motivated me. I kept getting better and better,until i reached the highest point of my status.I kept failing ever song she put in front of me because it was harder and harder each time and when my cousins joined in and she did the same thing she did to me. She kept shouting at me and screaming until,i broke.i screamed back saying i was at my highest point of standards already and she should not take me for granted cause i am the one keeping it alive. She stopped and told me to get out of the room. She told me to never go to her lessons again.The business got closed cause i was the only one that was giving money to them. That is what i call karma.

  • Jaiden:PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS I guess im a freak :)

  • When Jaiden said she was saying her favourite colour was blue but It wasent, She just lied And that she forgot who she was... I started to think about the “Everything is blue” song..

    「 Softy_Gurl 」「 Softy_Gurl 」2 napja
  • I dont why why but at 4:08 thatvperson looks like izuku AND i know you watched my hero academia because i saa the video when you went to japan and used shigaraki and dabi

    Eva Lynn Tang Ying YuenEva Lynn Tang Ying Yuen2 napja
  • I need to improve at anatomy but i havent yet *gosh im such a failure to artists even a 5 year old could draw better then me*

    •《 R O X X A N E _G A C H A 》••《 R O X X A N E _G A C H A 》•2 napja
  • Just An Interesting Drawer that Everyone Never hates Or Just An Interesting Drawer that Everyone Needs

    monkey businessmonkey business2 napja
  • 3:19 "Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm able to see how actually super toxic and damaging that thoug-" *"Is 20/20*" Shows blades, chainsaws, and a fiery inferno. Seems about right

    Conure AnimationsConure Animations2 napja
  • Ok thanks

    Maddy StarMaddy Star2 napja
  • I would have liked it if you put actual la campanella .

    Runa 21Runa 212 napja
  • 1 time this happend wen i met was it kitty or zizzy no it was kitty she liket yello so i sed i liket yello to her favret thing to drink was milk so i sed the saem thing and wen trid to tell her she wood ither give me a cookie or be of somwere so wen i got the chans to say the thing i needid to i did and......she sed the saem thing that 1 time the saem thing happend to here ehehe so we were instind best friends

    penny pig love her brotherpenny pig love her brother2 napja
  • jaiden-might 9:06

    KazZKazZ2 napja
  • My only goals: actually be able to finish a comic, or any project without overworking my self.

    SquidnOctogamingSquidnOctogaming2 napja
  • This is good, but here’s the problem. People are asshats who brag about everything that they can do better than you, and that usually ends in one of two ways. You either just give up on everything, or you let your competitive nature take over, and you become the asshat. Or you could be a perfect human being who isn’t affected by what other people do, which in that case, please teach me the ways.

    Creativity Inc.Creativity Inc.2 napja
  • Ksi:😐

    SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePants3 napja
  • 5:25 *Bluebird Azurite intensifies*

    Rhianna PrimroseRhianna Primrose3 napja
  • 3:33 i knew white was sus

    schwedi-boischwedi-boi3 napja

    Mr. MeowMr. Meow3 napja

    Mr. MeowMr. Meow3 napja
  • 5:30 to 6:22 is literally the entire plot of Appetite Of A People-Pleaser

    Glitch StudiosGlitch Studios3 napja
  • It was funny when it said YOUR JUST A HATER I DAB DAB DAB NEED YOU IN MY LIFE DAB DAB 🤣 😂 💀

    rockyllrockyll3 napja
  • hello.

    Dynamic Memes-127 years agoDynamic Memes-127 years ago3 napja
  • Because people like purple are FREAKS (the man behind the slaughter intesifies)

    Ralph Andrei BelandoRalph Andrei Belando4 napja
  • What was the can you whip yourself page

    max chaosmax chaos4 napja
  • I almost died when I was born

    Dalton BackstromDalton Backstrom4 napja

    AdurrAdurr4 napja
  • you know this video made me more aware of myself accomplishments and that makes it worse for the things I didn't accomplish

    YOGI BehraYOGI Behra4 napja
  • When I Listen to this I think of the song from endego

    Axton AnimatesAxton Animates4 napja
  • Hi I'm 9

    Nicole HunterNicole Hunter4 napja
  • I love how Jaiden makes extremely abrupt jumpcuts whenever she’s about to cus

    Kenneth Plays GamesKenneth Plays Games4 napja
  • 8:21 that was funny

    Shadow WolfShadow Wolf4 napja
  • There was a secret dragon all fusion in this vid

    Akashi BurgosAkashi Burgos4 napja
  • 6:14 ofc that would happen at high school where else would that happen

    dirtsprite stuffdirtsprite stuff4 napja
  • Yes Jaiden, I do come there often and yes, I do read the description

    VenusxxVenusxx5 napja
  • meh too

    Maeesha MuniraMaeesha Munira5 napja
  • My name is mason and I play baseball and pitcher

    My channelMy channel5 napja
  • Thank you for entertaining

    Best Video VlogsBest Video Vlogs5 napja
  • My favorite color actually is blue...

    The reaper of the hidden mist 69The reaper of the hidden mist 695 napja

    Ruthless animationsRuthless animations5 napja
  • Impossible, I am the most humble person alive, no one has ever or will ever be more humble than I am Think of the most humble person you know, I am 10 times more humble than them I am the king of humility There is a picture of me next to humility in the dictionary

    S SS S5 napja
    • Jk

      S SS S5 napja
  • You are one of the most realistic youtubers I have watched and I love that you are very straight on you get straight to the point and your right people do put goals that can not be met and it hurts at times but you got to be more real with yourself and think more about yourself you are one of the best people I have ever watched and this one really spoke out to me

    Baylor ClaytonBaylor Clayton5 napja
  • Kid: crying Jaiden: whoo

    Kara SaxtonKara Saxton5 napja
  • Okay that's a pretty song also i gotten better at that but i still need help......

    Pyro FangsPyro Fangs5 napja
  • Because people who like purple are FREAKS.... Purple Guy: *YUP EXACTLY*

    Violet KittenViolet Kitten5 napja
  • self improve at a limited rate?

    john ingramjohn ingram5 napja
  • Self improvement can be your uprising and your downfall

    Salem WestwoodSalem Westwood5 napja
  • Who wants to start a hit man business with me?

    RFA624 CalRFA624 Cal6 napja
  • Don't mind me, I'm just marking 3:43

    Skyline :DSkyline :D6 napja
  • i like purple....oof

    april beckerapril becker6 napja
  • how do i climb the bars when i cant do monkey bars??

    april beckerapril becker6 napja
  • "People who like purple are freaks" me who is literally obsossed with purple: IM A FREAK-

    B̸ubble B̸utterflyB̸ubble B̸utterfly6 napja
    • Me too

      Ane Tow'ha TuragavaAne Tow'ha Turagava4 napja
    • Y el chiste donde esta?

      ta bienta bien5 napja

    Chuen Jin YangChuen Jin Yang6 napja
  • Lol I got jinkied

    roberto castroroberto castro6 napja
  • I started work on fruit comics..

    Rainbow_JoyceRainbow_Joyce6 napja
  • I never had any these issues because I never really cared about how people thought of me. Why? No idea

    JonahLeHumanJonahLeHuman6 napja
  • Why can't people just be more like Bo?

    Revrese8134Revrese81346 napja
  • B-but p-purple is my f-favorite color... 🥺

    lylah hilllylah hill6 napja
  • Can someone Tell me how to animation

    Shush am hungryShush am hungry6 napja
  • I just felt so long bad for beeing good at some things I was actually good in that I stopped practising, and just become bad. Sorry for grammar Im german.

    I'm IkarusI'm Ikarus6 napja
    • Can anyone relate?

      I'm IkarusI'm Ikarus6 napja
    • Yeah Its late why am Im writing this? Whole thing. Did you know that you can be anxious about your Anxiety? Who am I? Im just the person I made up, people wouldnt even know that Im always Anxios. So is it a good or a bad thing? I mean sometimes I belief my own lies and then im just a funny, nerving, outgoing normal dude. Or is that my personality? I whould love it... Also Im gay 0-o

      I'm IkarusI'm Ikarus6 napja
    • That kinda makes no sense I know

      I'm IkarusI'm Ikarus6 napja
  • "Hindsight is 2020." That is true.

    Reported Booch 69Reported Booch 696 napja
  • I really needed this video. Thank you.

    mori lindamori linda6 napja
  • Jaiden:you should love yourself Me:yeah Me at 3am staring into the mirror:wtf is wrong with you. Fat Lol

    mooch the mousemooch the mouse6 napja
  • Jaiden I love that you have such a good and expanded vocabulary and You are really well educated you are literally the only person I know that says pardon and that is such a good quality you have mero the good work I hope you reach 10 million sube at early 2021.

    Axel I Garcia-EspinosaAxel I Garcia-Espinosa6 napja
  • I wish i had even a fraction of your ambition lol

    Memes n ShetMemes n Shet6 napja
  • Jaiden: This drawing isn’t good enough That one person: Man I wish I could draw like Jaiden Me: I wish I could draw a square

    Simon MSimon M6 napja
  • That Bo Burnham part felt like it was specifically targeted at me.

    Cole TaylorCole Taylor7 napja
  • *Jaiden was not the impostor* All jokes aside, great video!

    It’s_your_girl_bryIt’s_your_girl_bry7 napja
  • 0:19 when a your favorite event is happening but your also eating your favorite food

    Andi Muh. Ali RahmanAndi Muh. Ali Rahman7 napja
  • 8:21 I liked this part. DAB

    Heidi TanHeidi Tan7 napja
  • this is my therapy

    Benjamin D'Isa HoganBenjamin D'Isa Hogan7 napja
  • Hind-site is 2020? YOU CURSED US JAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Freedom Tale SansFreedom Tale Sans7 napja
  • The answer to anything: Balance

    Dany SanAv.Dany SanAv.7 napja
  • the description is just “life, amirite?” accurate.

    isabellearelleisabellearelle7 napja
  • Hehe, got ‘em

    Jocelyn OlundJocelyn Olund7 napja
  • jaiden literaly says : "hindsight ITS TWENTY TWENTY." ..... wut?

    Big ChungusBig Chungus7 napja
  • I have suffered from imposter syndrome for my entire life and cant get rid of it pls help

    Collen AresCollen Ares7 napja
  • Love your content same can never be satisfied

    Lemon boyLemon boy7 napja
  • The IMPOSTOR syndrom

    Moby digMoby dig7 napja
  • I love tiss

    fluffy kitfluffy kit7 napja
  • Honestly I love Scooby-Doo and the gang so Jaiden good job at watching that you officially had a childhood

    ANW GamingANW Gaming7 napja
  • Its funny how I feel I got a problem since I CONSTANTLY recognize that I did something great, when in reality it was mediocre at best.

    Casper Von SchenckCasper Von Schenck7 napja
  • same...

    Terrance RTerrance R7 napja
  • *dabs furiously*

    EyebrowsEyebrows8 napja
  • 3:56 *yEAAAAHHHH I THINK I GOT A FEW* So your telling me that my brain on negativity is a healthy nutritious breakfast that helps my brain grow? *sHIT I SHOULD DO SOME NEGATIVITY*

    Swood GrommetsSwood Grommets8 napja
  • Can someone please edit the training over any baseball movie ending

    ALPHATtAN _088ALPHATtAN _0888 napja
  • 3:31 ari as scooby just brings a smile to my face

    SilverSilver8 napja
  • what is the song at 2:24?

    CuckyTheChickenCuckyTheChicken8 napja
    • La Campanella

      Smol MightSmol Might7 napja
  • I saw a All Might Jaiden fanart and that is all I needed to make my day :D

    Avelyn ThenAvelyn Then8 napja