Combining Pokemon w/ theodd1sout

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just give us a call nintendo, we're ready to be hired whenever you want
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Music: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Lilycove City

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  • I think I did p good

    TheOdd1sOutTheOdd1sOut3 évvel
    • Your...umm... good to.............

      Melo LiwagMelo Liwag2 hónapja
    • Mememememememememememememememmememememmemememem

      Octo GalOcto Gal3 hónapja
    • No

      agrim Dabasagrim Dabas3 hónapja
    • Good job

      Hyena BeansHyena Beans5 hónapja
    • Ur one of the best animation yt

      Big mama EgBig mama Eg6 hónapja
  • I love jaidens background on her pc

    Mr. KittyMr. Kitty3 órája
  • first round: jaiden second round: james third: jaiden fourth: james Fifth: james last round: I couldn't pick :^

    cute kawaii penguincute kawaii penguin13 órája
  • So............... What drawing program do you use???

    Aj ShieldsAj Shields14 órája
  • wait theodd1isout commented

    Lin C.Lin C.20 órája
  • My favourite pokemons are salamence, blaziken and gallade/gardevoir And my favourite starters are triko and torchic

    Andres Capani CecchettoAndres Capani Cecchetto20 órája
  • 0:09: OMG CAN U SEE PUSHEEN?!?!?!?

    Yali's MediaYali's Media22 órája
  • Scizor hands look like trapinch

    Caio KellermannCaio KellermannNapja

  • Haha that intros funny! Anyway what drawing program do you two use?

  • what are you using to draw

  • 😂

    Mew GgMew GgNapja
  • i fotid for trompe

    Joel RognessJoel RognessNapja
  • theres a website called pokemon fusion where you can terribly fuse pokemon

    Storm AndersonStorm AndersonNapja
  • Trump is bad

    Ethan YoungEthan Young2 napja
  • Did anyone notice their thumbnail

    Ani GelashviliAni Gelashvili2 napja
  • At 5:56 you know what! My first pokemon was Blasican sorry wrong spling.

    Tata LlagunoTata Llaguno2 napja

    {uknown-pup}{uknown-pup}2 napja
  • I sometimes do the same thing on paint

    Long NguyenLong Nguyen2 napja
  • I agree 7-zip

    indestruct APROindestruct APRO2 napja
  • I just figured out something kinda If you fuse a sand slash with a alolan sand slash, you get Todoroki. I'm not sure if original sand slash is a fire or ground type but just randomly came to my mind lol

    Chill Vibes ; w ;Chill Vibes ; w ;2 napja
  • Blazor for the blaziken and scizor fusion

    Nathaniel RoselloNathaniel Rosello2 napja
  • wow

    Kerwin HicksKerwin Hicks2 napja
  • Isnt this just pokemon ship kids with extra steps?

    Otto Von BismarckOtto Von Bismarck3 napja
  • I guess so James j.k lol!! You did great 👍👍

    Sonny ForsythSonny Forsyth3 napja
  • *-hello-*

    Non-Educative Minecraft yes it existsNon-Educative Minecraft yes it exists3 napja
    • *-Anxiety bruh-*

      Non-Educative Minecraft yes it existsNon-Educative Minecraft yes it exists3 napja
  • James: 1st evolution Jaiden: mega evolution This isn't a criticism so don't come at me. I just meant james drawings are really cute & jaiden's are really really...kinda scary. I luv both animators

    Joanna DzenowskiJoanna Dzenowski3 napja
  • “It’s like monopoly but Donald Trump”

    Cookie The DogCookie The Dog3 napja
  • Wow

    khansa sahirakhansa sahira3 napja
  • Blazakin and Walrain..... Bloodrayne!?!?! From the "Nightmare group project"!?!?!?

    Jade HarringtonJade Harrington3 napja
  • Jaiden is talented at this but James idk pretty good

    BasicGacha JaidenBasicGacha Jaiden3 napja
  • Hey what drawing program is it??

    BambuusBambuus4 napja
  • james: Every heard of DOALD TRUMP Jaiden:haha lets not get into that the coment section willi be a war zone Me: laughing maniacally while my mom call 911

    Lynn HaLynn Ha4 napja
  • My favorite Pokémon is garchomp

    Jackson LambertJackson Lambert4 napja
  • if you are done, fine. but if you aren't then here is a crazy idea, two pokemon fusion AND make them a different type

    Savino PasceriSavino Pasceri4 napja
  • Nooo no san-breon the pokemons whit eón at the end of its name its a eve evolution

    Zen - ChemaZen - Chema4 napja
  • 3 years later... youtube:lets recommend this

    Muhammad Atief Syahmi Md AkhirMuhammad Atief Syahmi Md Akhir5 napja
  • When the person with half the views of the other, has 5 times the drawing skill

    King KennedyKing Kennedy5 napja
  • yo Jaiden, if I had no idea who you were - like, AT ALL - and I hadn't any of your videos and ha never heard of your channel... I would have clicked on one of your videos and IMMEDIATELY have thought that you were my friend Natalie. (completely random... just a, um, thought)

    Sami ShadleSami Shadle5 napja
  • .....what software are you be using

    LancheairLancheair5 napja
  • Stuck in a loop between jaiden’s video and james’ video help me

    Air conditioning unitAir conditioning unit6 napja
  • i hope james and jaiden get married not to be weird

    Travis FitchTravis Fitch6 napja
    • Your not just being weird your being creepy and disgusting

      soggy cheetosoggy cheetoNapja
    • there is no "not to be weird," it is only weird.

      Id -No Purpose-Id -No Purpose-4 napja
  • Nadie sabe español ... Son unos pendejos

    stop motion comedia cacastop motion comedia caca6 napja
  • Omg I looooove walrien

    Margaret SmithMargaret Smith6 napja
  • Who is watching this in 2020 and trump right now

    Baka Shut upBaka Shut up7 napja
  • James: *MRAAAAEEHHH!!*

    Duygu KaracanogluDuygu Karacanoglu7 napja
  • 6:16 is that lugia or victini

    saiki is the most powerful guysaiki is the most powerful guy7 napja
  • jaiden is so good at drawing

    cool kid clubcool kid club7 napja
  • I was making ari as a cat during this

    Mander717Mander7177 napja
  • also i just realized sizcor hands are trapinch heads :( ;-;

    Maddox VelascoMaddox Velasco7 napja
  • James x jaiden (I’m not serious lol)

    Kyle SalikKyle Salik7 napja
  • go james and jaiden!

    Dasia BarnesDasia Barnes7 napja
  • I love ari and teriyaki

    Dasia BarnesDasia Barnes7 napja
  • 2:54 Out of context

    wmw1210wmw12107 napja
  • This video is about Pokémon and I then have an ad for Pokémon go

    Blinx _Blinx _7 napja
  • Ah yes, webone

    Jacob KelseyJacob Kelsey8 napja
  • I ship you both

    Harshaanvir SinghHarshaanvir Singh8 napja
  • James:Webone Me:U mean Weeaboo

    Tex THE ANIME FAN ヤレヤレダズTex THE ANIME FAN ヤレヤレダズ8 napja
  • I love jaiden!

    Dyaren's ChannelDyaren's Channel8 napja
  • We Bone

    Mr. McMemerManMr. McMemerMan8 napja
  • "i have been like, in the zone" kuroko no basket reference????

    Shock WaveShock Wave8 napja
  • I made a Pokémon fusion of Pikachu and Mew called Pikamew. It’s really cool.

    Cara RobertsCara Roberts8 napja
    • Missed opportunity to call it Mewchu

      Shamus SarrazineShamus Sarrazine8 napja
  • what did you use to draw lol

    Ali KhakiAli Khaki8 napja
  • Drawing a dirpy pokemon: James:I'm erasing bits of it but all of it looked bad Jaiden laughs Jaimes:awkward laugh Can all be found at 10:28 For the low price of free

    Jordan BramlettJordan Bramlett9 napja
    • 2020 sucks thanks for the reply

      Jordan BramlettJordan Bramlett8 napja
    • How’s 2020 :( Nice comment btw

      Rema HussainRema Hussain8 napja
  • Hol up how do Pokémon reproduce how does that work

    Justinkoolj YTJustinkoolj YT9 napja
  • Jaiden has coolness and james has cuteness

    Jhon Cyrus MarianoJhon Cyrus Mariano9 napja
  • Jaiden and james really good at drawing

    Jhon Cyrus MarianoJhon Cyrus Mariano9 napja
  • My Pokemon fusion is snivy+pikachu=snivychu

    Darryl BarfootDarryl Barfoot9 napja
  • It looks like Barney and a noodle had a baby for James’s last round picture

    Matthew and oak CanadaMatthew and oak Canada9 napja
  • Pokerights for life

    Jamari 3D gamerJamari 3D gamer9 napja
  • they should do another one. who else thinks so

    khael vanbrabantkhael vanbrabant9 napja
  • I like drawing Pokemon

    Kristy AntonetteKristy Antonette9 napja
  • I'm at wore ZONE!

    Leahhannah NolanLeahhannah Nolan9 napja
  • First

    BantarasBantaras9 napja
  • my team in ruby also had blaziken and breelom

    jerkajjerkaj9 napja
  • my favorite pokemon is between giratina kyurem yvoltal salamance regidrago palkia and dialga

    jerkajjerkaj9 napja
  • I think the very good very soon

    Matthew MattiaMatthew Mattia10 napja
  • Can you do this again plz

    RatGamer_RatGamer_10 napja
  • Actually I love the last ones most 😂

    Solino_OrukiSolino_Oruki10 napja
  • cLip

    Seren PerkinsSeren Perkins10 napja
  • Jaiden what do u use to draw?

    Zen KoiZen Koi10 napja
  • Anyone notice that James abomasnow fusion looks like a gremlin

    Shadow KnightShadow Knight10 napja
  • good Job

    k-fop !k-fop !10 napja
  • I always find it weird that I've been following these two so long that I remember videos like these (and much early) when they came out. And its three years later ; - ;

    Olivia MettersOlivia Metters10 napja
  • I wanted a bunny.

    Chase GibsonChase Gibson11 napja
  • When u noticed that this vid was old and Noticed Bec looking in Jame's comment it says theodd1sout comic

    VoidLess NoobVoidLess Noob11 napja
  • U draw with mouse or pen

    kayru wijayakayru wijaya11 napja
  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: James:WEBONE

    Jamison ChheurJamison Chheur11 napja
  • Shin Art watching this👍🏼

    Anthony LorAnthony Lor11 napja
  • Yy

    Medium wolfyMedium wolfy11 napja
  • I am the only one that thing that James is doing the first evolution and jaiden the last one i say that because james ones are like cute and little and jaiden ones are big and angry like the last evolution

    Luck 07Luck 0711 napja
  • Jaiden can you fuse Arceus and Palkia? they are both my fav pokemon

    NigelツNigelツ11 napja
  • Hey it’s a holiday

    Ram GuyRam Guy11 napja
  • How jaiden better drawing then James

    Shane Richie Koswandi YTShane Richie Koswandi YT11 napja
  • I only watched detective pikachu and now when i watched this i said "what the hell are these?"

    Yekşah Lucifer AlpaslanYekşah Lucifer Alpaslan11 napja

    StalkingTree AnimationsStalkingTree Animations11 napja
  • I use clip studio too it's really good:)

    Sylvia LysfjordSylvia Lysfjord11 napja
  • I like how James is just like Trump

    Insane ClipsInsane Clips12 napja
  • Ha Ha Nice

    Dieguillo OwO chanDieguillo OwO chan12 napja
  • Are u and James a couple

    ItzmehShem UwUItzmehShem UwU12 napja
    • No james has a girlfriend

      soggy cheetosoggy cheetoNapja
    • they’re just friends

      NixaLinx4NixaLinx411 napja