Crazy Substitute Teachers

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lemon guy will be forever in our hearts.
Thanks to Lixian for the old teacher voice!
video that one sub was 'reacting' to:
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a carrot (i am not responsible for any choking injuries/deaths related to said carrot)

  • well that was a walk in the park my substitute teacher got fired on the spot in our math class cuz she was preaching about Catholic stuff and said that if we keep disrespecting her that she smacked us with a ruler and said that I was the Satan of the class apparently cuz I was dressing all gothy and it was my beginning gothy years mind you this was a special ed class

    hells guardian the prophethells guardian the prophet2 órája
  • Incase anyone’s wondering, after a choking person faints, you switch to mouth to mouth

    AceBalistic 1AceBalistic 15 órája
  • I had that dude too. He demanded that my fourth grade class speak proper English, which was my main memory, but he was pretty much just a huge power trip.

    Karl MasonKarl Mason19 órája
  • Girl:*Chocks on carrot* People:OH NO! Sub:*Grabs popcorn and soda* Me:*Saves girl* Also me:WHAT THE HECK TEACHER?! ME:*SLAPS TEACHER* Me:*Tells principle* Princable:You're fired ._.

    Donald HawkinsDonald Hawkins20 órája
  • LIXIAN!!!! Here is a hero.

    Michael TisonMichael Tison20 órája
  • I had this teacher and she was really mean, one day she actually pushed a child out the room. She got suspended for two weeks.

    Lol NoLol No21 órája
  • mr yettobethrownoutlemon is a yettobethrownoutlemon for your information

    Scoutstop Roblox! :DScoutstop Roblox! :D22 órája

    Lupita MendezAhilonLupita MendezAhilon23 órája
  • This is my entire life

    William SimmonsWilliam SimmonsNapja
  • Yo wassup homsicles not what I expected

    Burhan kentBurhan kentNapja
  • Like if you’ve ever choked on something I have😖

    Toasty BaconToasty BaconNapja
  • One time I was in 3rd grade and I was exited to go in the up stairs class area, and I loved stranger things when I was 8, and I liked to be called 7 and my friend liked to be called 9. Like 11 from stranger things. Right? So me and my friend "nine" were talking during class and we had a sub, let's just call her "Mrs. Yes" so she let us pick our own nicknames and stuff, and of course I picked 7. She called us seven and nine, when we were at the calendar I don't remember what I said but this girl, THIS GIRL JUST SAID "Well, Seven. Ate. Nine." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TRIGGERED

    Aqua DogAqua DogNapja
  • Theory: the sub who doesn’t do anything is actually a robot and his battery is dead

    Alan MayfieldAlan MayfieldNapja
  • The only class I hated have a sub in was music. Instead of group playing, we were sent to practice cubicules to play alone... So boring!

    Cadenza La GameuseCadenza La GameuseNapja
  • Can we just point out that jaiden just casually roasts the entirety of the reaction community on youtube in the span of 3 seconds

    Lonely Potato666Lonely Potato666Napja
  • Idk if it's just my school but I have really strict subs.

    Bottle BoiBottle BoiNapja
  • Once in middle school there was this teacher who always hired young subs. In our school you could bring phones to school, but you could not use them during school hours inside the school. Anyway, one day that teacher was sick or something and a sub was in for the day. All of the students that had that teacher for home room convinced the sub that they could use their phones during homeroom. Also, the next day there was another sub who was reading a book for 90% of the class and there were literally kids running around in spinny office chairs and a kid playing smash bro’s on his switch.

    • After that everyone in that teachers homeroom had to serve a detention

  • Hi

    Nabeela SyedNabeela Syed2 napja
  • What's the spread of league phone doing

    Bailey MBBailey MB2 napja
  • You guys are lucky in America subs are crazy strict in England

    Darcy GreenwoodDarcy Greenwood2 napja
  • Random fact: My social studies teacher is awesome, and she told the class this: “If you have a younger sibling, I want you to go home and try to explain slavery to them.” *I’m gonna do it.*

    Molly MusumecheMolly Musumeche2 napja
    • Random fa

      Alan MayfieldAlan MayfieldNapja
  • The bloopers at the end tho... LMAO

    CeratoCyborgCeratoCyborg2 napja
  • Lmao. Markiplier’s editor is Mr. yettobethrownoutlemon

    Alan MayfieldAlan Mayfield2 napja
  • Tbh I don't care either cuz my name is messed up supposed to be Kylie but my dad miss one letter now it's kyle an I'm a shy drawer I don't make friends cuz I'm not social and I don't talk AT ALL therefore I listen to my friends story but they don't here mine

    Jessica ParkerJessica Parker2 napja
  • Why is the word homesicle so awesome

    SeveSeve2 napja
  • why slavery in this bro

    Hector Hernandez Alonso (Student)Hector Hernandez Alonso (Student)2 napja
  • 2020

    Crazify :DCrazify :D2 napja

    LeafLeaf2 napja
  • In the end credits did anyone see the odd ones out fan art for Jaden that the odd ones out made

    crimson animatorcrimson animator2 napja
  • What work shit

    Kristie Vang-PhamKristie Vang-Pham2 napja
  • The other day my teacher said in her exact words you are really pissing me off today and I am in grade 7

    Muscle UpMuscle Up2 napja
  • My name kian and every one says kiyan but it's k ee In

    edgy lego boyedgy lego boy2 napja
  • There was a sub once that he didn’t know what to do

    Monkey Jr PhantomwolfMonkey Jr Phantomwolf2 napja
  • I had a sub for 2 days and he su he’s because we didn’t to anything he was sitting In his chair all day while playing games on his phone and we just played cool math games, he ended up getting fired

    Cinamatic playzCinamatic playz2 napja
  • Mmm homesicals lmao

    Mckenna WhitemanMckenna Whiteman2 napja
  • Hi jaiden

    Anne EmilyAnne Emily2 napja
  • Me: Are you choking? Person: *Dies* Me: Oh good, he's not choking

    Michael ZhengMichael Zheng3 napja
  • 2020 subs be hitting different tho

    Hockeydog282Hockeydog2823 napja
  • Ok so we have a sub nobody likes. He is what you call, odd, strict and annoying. He calls every student by his or her last name like “Mr. Smith or Ms. Leyton” And he does this thing where he would name of all the rules and what to fo and not to do, and if there was an interruption he would go back to rule 1! And it was not like oh listing the thats too easy. He would do little skits and each rule would take 5-10 minutes and there were 5 rules he would explain, once we had someone come in late because doctors appointment and we were on the final rule...THEN STARTED IT ALL OVER! Once the thing lasted the whole class period! A burp, sneeze, whisper...DID NOT MATTER! Some Teachers after a while started using him as the punishment sub because of how he is.

    RandomShtuffsRandomShtuffs3 napja
  • 2:15 Thats like online school

    Hello YouTubeHello YouTube3 napja

    Circus BabyCircus Baby3 napja
  • I just listen to this after listening to some 2019 vid

    ꧁Dream- Sleep꧂꧁Dream- Sleep꧂3 napja

    yo yo yoyo yo yo3 napja
  • Jaiden: I'm pretty sure we can all agree we like substitute teachers Me whos name is also jadon but different hehe: Lucky, I always get a mean substite teacher and they just give us a billion papers without any context or help

    minecraft Kidminecraft Kid3 napja
  • Chid

    Firey The Deadly FlameFirey The Deadly Flame4 napja
  • Mr. Yet to be thrown out lemon has ginormous eyebrows

    Zany ZoeZany Zoe4 napja
  • (Sorry if that was racist I didn’t mean anything by it)

    AbsterDoggy_364AbsterDoggy_3644 napja
  • I have a teacher at my school who everyone also hates. But she is actually messed up. One of my friends was in her class and said that apparently it is not allowed for you to BREATHE. I also had her as a sub and you got a negative referral, parents called, AND detention, for laughing. You also got the same punishment for making eye contact with anything other than your sheet or her. And also (still in the one class) you got the punishment for SMILING. She actually said “no smiling. This is my classroom, you are in school. You aren’t supposed to be happy in school”. She also has an Indian accent that most of the boys in my grade have practically perfected. So that’s my story of the worst teacher in my school.

    AbsterDoggy_364AbsterDoggy_3644 napja
  • Why do sub's say its there classroom NO ITS NOT! ( I actually told a sub it wasn't his classroom and got sent to the principals office @-@)

    KBMKBM4 napja
  • The sub that acts like your in the military is like my sub and his name is Mr.A

    derpywolf bloxderpywolf blox4 napja
  • Mr.blah blah blah from somethingelseyt

    ArtamielArtamiel4 napja
  • lIXiaN?! from maRKiPliEr?!

    abluewolf Owoabluewolf Owo4 napja
  • I had a strict substitute teacher from October to February

    Jaustin 10Jaustin 104 napja
  • Wow that kid got skillz with the manuver thing. Also i have an idea that the sub might’ve been a cardboard cutout ngl (LOL) Also the yettobethrownoutlemon guy sounds grumpy but your animation makes him sound hilarious. (Except the slave thing. That was FREAKY!!)

    Tabby_cat Meow!Tabby_cat Meow!4 napja
  • I once had a sub who yelled at us for drinking too much water-

    • HaiLight •• HaiLight •4 napja
  • When you've seen this video ten times and are still waiting for one dedicated to Mr. Yettobethrownoutlemon

    Gracie EwartGracie Ewart4 napja
  • Bloodrayne

    RK - 03TO 863740 Red Willow PSRK - 03TO 863740 Red Willow PS4 napja
  • Renessmey

    RK - 03TO 863740 Red Willow PSRK - 03TO 863740 Red Willow PS4 napja
  • In the third grade there was this one substitute teacher Ms.Chaves who would take us out to recess and she wouldn’t even let us us in the sand box and she wouldn’t even let us on the field to play tag or even play on the monkey bars

    Emily DelgadoEmily Delgado5 napja
  • Me now realising that *Lixian* was Mr. Yettobethrownoutlemon... *Lixian* FLIPPING MARKIPLIERS EDITOR WTF!!!

    Honey HowardHoney Howard5 napja
  • Me: *casually watches video* Also Me: *discovers that Lixian did the grumpy teacher* Also Also Me: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LIXIAN! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love Lixian. I know Lixian from his editing of Markiplier's videos and I love him to death. Knowing he was in this video made it a lot better.

    MJ BellMJ Bell5 napja
  • jadinden arey won sayes my name wrong and its bilal and this is brother acunt and my last name wich is Gebara

    Adam GebaraAdam Gebara5 napja
  • Jaiden: says substitute teachers give you a break day Me: My subs are the worst! They literally make it so much harder and they’re so mean!!

    Jules MarchantJules Marchant5 napja
  • I had strawberry that was not chewed and my sister jumped on me and I chocked a looooooooooooot

    Emil Junior BaylonEmil Junior Baylon5 napja
  • I had a sub like the first one yo mentioned, on day in my 8th grade engineering class the sub put on an episode of How it's Made, after we had to go up and grab a paper about the episode and answer questions. When I got up so kid ran by and pants me. Pulled my pants up and shoved him, when turned to look at the sub he was sleeping.

    Jonathan RJonathan R5 napja
  • I had a strict substitute teacher named mr fisher xD

    HostileGamingHostileGaming5 napja
  • Good video

    Oh my godOh my god5 napja
  • My sub actually brought DOGHNUTS AND CHOCOLATE CAKE

    Victoria HughesVictoria Hughes5 napja
  • i just realized after 3 times of watching this when you said the girl was choking on a carrot i saw one of the kid's heads where upside down XD

    NickM14xNickM14x5 napja

    _Eva__Eva_6 napja
  • For some reason mr yettobethrosnoutlemon guy sound like lixian

    NotMyRealNameNotMyRealName6 napja
  • Is that teacher is like this (-_-)

    zhose nicholzhose nichol6 napja
  • 0_0 "what is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?"

    zhose nicholzhose nichol6 napja
  • Girl choking on a carrot Sub: I don’t get paid enough I can’t be bothered😩 Oh thank god I don’t have to get up he’s helping her ok let’s go back to day dreaming

    Ashton JAshton J6 napja
  • Animations Jaaydon

    Adriel ShawnAdriel Shawn6 napja
  • In primary school, we had this sub that we called the Judge. We called her this because she had POWDERED HAIR with a George Washington haircut.

    Jewel Mines Gaming!Jewel Mines Gaming!6 napja
  • ThRow OUt ThE FrEaKiN LemoN

    CherryBlossom GirlCherryBlossom Girl6 napja
  • There's a sub at my school that will have us do work in silence all the time, even if it's a partner activity. It would be: Do it in silence.

    David MarshallDavid Marshall6 napja
  • WAT did you just call me? A homesicle? Dafuq----

    Dejani-Dejanel BernardDejani-Dejanel Bernard6 napja
  • One time we had an english sub. The class was normal at first, then ended with us playing rasputin and on a speaker and one of our classmates were dacing to it. AND THE TEACHER WAS RECORDING IT AND WAS ALSO HAVING FUN AND SHE DIDNT REPORT IT. (The class had about 10 or so students and laptops were allowed.)

    Danger ZoneDanger Zone6 napja
  • I knew some substitutes who were chill and liked having a second or third job, BUT there were the weird ones.

    Maechel robinsonMaechel robinson7 napja
  • Wow she does a really good job imitating an old man, she should be a voice actor.

    Omnipotent PotatoOmnipotent Potato7 napja
  • Mannnn, this video is old as fu-

    Spooky KakeSpooky Kake7 napja
  • Whenever a sub comes my class would go insane!!!!

    MylenaponyMylenapony7 napja
  • 5:54. “Plz don’t stab me with a pencil” 🤣😂🤣😂😅

    PK WarrenPK Warren7 napja

    Haydee AcevedoHaydee Acevedo7 napja
  • Mr. yettobeythownuotlemen:I will not have slaves in my classroom. Jaiden:what did he just say!!!!!!!!????

    Aleshka PenaAleshka Pena7 napja
  • I think that your sub was stupid enough to apply to a school rather than a milatry base .

    Galixy GamingGalixy Gaming7 napja
  • Mr. YetToBeThrownOutLemon sounds a lot like my 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher..

    Dipper PinesDipper Pines7 napja
  • I can’t walk into the classroom anymore because of corona 🙃

    Zoey crurZoey crur7 napja
  • Who is the voice of Mr. YetToBeThrownOutLemon????

    Stella E.CStella E.C7 napja
  • I once had a sub who we called Mr. spongebob, and every day before lunch he would sing the sponge bob theme song and give us a piece of candy

    Rienhardt FanRienhardt Fan7 napja
  • Last time I was called homesicle corona was a beer.

    MCMaster564 The AwesomeMCMaster564 The Awesome8 napja
  • Suns are either super strict or super nice. For me, it’s usually super strict

    Minceraft GameplayMinceraft Gameplay8 napja
  • I bet that u cant pronounce my name which is Ksawier correctly ;)

    ksavxksavx8 napja
  • People say my name wrong. I honestly don’t care. (Sometimes)

    Alberta StinsonAlberta Stinson8 napja
  • At my school we don't have subs because i go to a teacher training school where we have like 2 actual teachers and like 9 interns so it is pretty chill

    Leevi LevandovskiLeevi Levandovski8 napja
  • TheOdd1sOut isn't a math teacher but i feel that James will work better than those two

    Shawn ParedesShawn Paredes8 napja
  • Homsiciles?

    Diego AdlongDiego Adlong8 napja
  • What is it a common thing for subs to just play a movie when I had sub they just do what are work is and don’t pop in a movie

    Wesley SnellWesley Snell8 napja