Cringing at My Old Drawings (100k Milestone)

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Wow.. like wow.100k is so many people o_o
Also sorry if you think the video is a bit too long :P Kate and I recorded for 50 mins, and I tried to cut it as much as I could :/ Ahh well, hopefully you enjoy it anyway.
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I don't even now what to say.. Just thank you ♥

  • Corona is here though

    Ilie VoicuIlie Voicu9 órája
  • I'm 12 and not even half as good ad Jaiden even though I drew thrice as many drawings...

    Jaden Francis Z MORALESJaden Francis Z MORALES10 órája
  • Is kate jaidens sister????

  • IM 9

    Amelia GrahamAmelia Graham21 órája

    Amelia GrahamAmelia Graham21 órája

    Amelia GrahamAmelia Graham21 órája
  • You already have ari

    Milare FamilyMilare Family23 órája
  • Now she's at 9 mil

    FNAqua XFNAqua XNapja
  • I need a "Go away I'm drawing" sticker.

  • your handwriting tho i'm jealous

    Melon PieMelon PieNapja
  • Omg you got 100k right now 9 million good jod👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Sans PersonSans PersonNapja
  • Hey

    Fret NFret NNapja
  • That was a VERY long time ago (When you hit 100K subs)

    Ingrid SarpyIngrid SarpyNapja
  • Can't wait for "Cringing at my old animations" lol

    XBruh MomentXXBruh MomentXNapja
  • ah yes my favorite pokemon *w e e d*

    Wolfie Studio's!Wolfie Studio's!Napja
  • im not as old as you but i understand the feeling.

  • I remember 5 years ago when I was so confused while watching this video. I kept on thinking, “huh? What’s wrong with the name Weed?” Well..

  • In 5 years you are now 9.09m subs

  • So cool:-D Honestly, this is the first time I've seen such good drawings of a child!!

  • Hehe 100k turns into 9000000 real fast

    Kaito MomotaKaito MomotaNapja
  • In watching this in 2020 and she has now got 9 mil

    Gethin RandersonGethin RandersonNapja
  • Imagine she makes a video roasting this video now.

    Mark WalkerMark WalkerNapja
  • *w e e d*

  • Me : *watches this* Also me : I HELPED!!

    Natalie SchnappNatalie Schnapp2 napja
  • man now your at 9.09M SUBS!!!

    《 Cløudy Gacha 》《 Cløudy Gacha 》2 napja
  • That little cloud just reminds me of that meme surprised Pikachu face. Just me or do y’all see it to?

    Like ya Cut gLike ya Cut g2 napja
  • Lol!!!111!!!!!;

    Mr KrabsMr Krabs2 napja
  • I am a hacker! Your last name is animation mwahaha ha!

    Miss randomMiss random2 napja
  • How do u draw

    Leon YoumLeon Youm2 napja
  • I was 1 at This Time

    Jenny HoabyJenny Hoaby2 napja
  • Hand reveal

    Memer Dudez GamingMemer Dudez Gaming2 napja
  • Me, watching when she’s at 9.09 million: 👁👄👁

    Morgan MinkMorgan Mink2 napja
  • U got a little more then 100k now

    Halliana MaycockHalliana Maycock2 napja
  • Why did i read the time as five hours ago

    Itsme AnimationsItsme Animations2 napja
  • *WEED*

    Elanor OwOElanor OwO2 napja
  • my dog is named scruffy too!

    ScruffehScruffeh2 napja
  • You do mean 9 mill like wow

    Iamnotpro410 OIamnotpro410 O3 napja
  • 9.08M subscribers Wow

    Bonnie thekillerbunnieBonnie thekillerbunnie3 napja
  • I'm going to go take a nap. I should be back soon.

    Tweekkat The CatTweekkat The Cat3 napja
    • Wake up!!

      Dalilah FariasDalilah Farias2 napja
  • I’m watching this at 9 frikin mill I love ur girl

    George HaslamGeorge Haslam3 napja
  • brug

    Garbge can the channelGarbge can the channel3 napja
  • Remember she had 9.08 million subscribers. This was made 5 years ago... AND I STILL LOVE THE ART WORK

    Odd StarOdd Star3 napja
  • Still jaiden blurred sometimes

    hansraj choudharihansraj choudhari3 napja
  • *5 years later* 9.08m subs

    { D I S R E S E C T }{ D I S R E S E C T }3 napja
  • Your really good at drawing🌼🖊🖌🖍

    magic butterflymagic butterfly3 napja
  • awwww this is so cute she now has NINE FRIGIN MIL subs

    Eyal SadehEyal Sadeh3 napja
  • Umm... Can I follow your drawing? please 😁

    MysticDéx MysticGaméMysticDéx MysticGamé4 napja
  • I am watching this in 2020 and she has 9million subs

    blueblue4 napja
  • I am really jealous of you JAIDEN!

    Pramoda NyapathiPramoda Nyapathi4 napja
  • 🌱🚬

    Thelma HickeyThelma Hickey4 napja
  • Bruh

    fungusfungus4 napja
  • My father said weed is his favorite

    Dio BrandoDio Brando4 napja
  • She so hyped about hiting 100k subs even tho now she has 9 million lol

    Crimson Shadow DragonCrimson Shadow Dragon4 napja
  • 2015 jaiden: OMG 100K??? 2020 jaiden: *cute*

  • 9,08M (:

    Julie McdonaldJulie Mcdonald4 napja
  • Jaiden: censors her last name. People who found Minecrafts loading seed: FOOL, you have no secrets *menacing laughs*.

    luka luxluka lux4 napja
  • His name would be vines

    Gerardo DialerGerardo Dialer4 napja
  • W E E D

    Maskr bloodwyleMaskr bloodwyle4 napja
  • 9,08 mln Dude y tf was i sleeping on this for so long? Embarrassing! Cool to see where you started, super inspiring!

    ShmirkoShmirko4 napja
  • If she just cringes at her old animations for her 10 Million Sub special, call me a Nostradamus. But if she has already made that kind of video which I don't know as of writing, feel free to call me an idiot.

    Ice 487Ice 4875 napja
  • Jaiden: keep in mind I was 12 I didn’t know what weed was. Me: I learned about weed when I was 6. Thank you, “friends.”

    Minceraft GameplayMinceraft Gameplay5 napja
  • Trees: An Artist's Worst Nightmare.

    Hoàng LinhHoàng Linh5 napja
  • Younger Jaiden is obsessed with everything she comes across except dentists

    Hoàng LinhHoàng Linh5 napja
  • I'm 10, and pretty good at drawing dragons ( in my opinion )

    The Joshow :DThe Joshow :D5 napja
  • Smol paper jaiden awwwwww

    Ash pineAsh pine5 napja
  • One time I drew a giant cat farting rainbows :,) I was so wierd when I was little . I too used to draw comiks or books

    Juana CruzJuana Cruz5 napja
  • Why is no one paying attention to the fact that her handwriting when she was little was FRICKIN AMAZING, LIKE HOW?!?

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez5 napja
  • dang now 9.07m subs that's a lot

    brady cobbsbrady cobbs5 napja
  • Wait i was here before she hit 1 mil

    EthayEthay6 napja
  • jaiden is more talented than me

  • Jaiden: wEEd

    Toasty BreadhamToasty Breadham6 napja
  • Saying wow 100k looking down 9.7 million😯😦

    Noah KletteNoah Klette6 napja
  • That's a alolan hoot hoot not a burd

    spaghetti playsspaghetti plays6 napja
  • 14:13 does this mean u used to be a furry? :3

    A SockA Sock6 napja
    • I know it's a joke but drawing a wolf or some animal once doesnt always mean someone is a furry

      tektek6 napja
  • Bruh sm verify my gurl

    BUNNY bun bunzBUNNY bun bunz6 napja
  • 5 years later 9 million subs

    Gamer_ZoneGamer_Zone7 napja
  • W e e d

    How about NoHow about No7 napja
  • I am like this whit my art form 2 days ago lol

    SleepynimeSleepynime7 napja
  • Paper : bad bad even if good thing it is it BADDDD (the censor on paper lol)

    Blaster6liamBlaster6liam7 napja
  • my brother has an OC named Mars,Maes is a bird who well...looks like mars.if Saturn and Mars meet,they will be best freinds.(i also have my veyo own OC named saturn,another bird OC,and its a she,she looks way diferent)

    Eleanor RaynesEleanor Raynes7 napja
    • Awww

      tektek6 napja
  • weed. Smoke weed everybody

    GeorgeeGeorgee7 napja
  • Now 9.06 million subs. Wow

    naruto and sasukenaruto and sasuke7 napja
  • I love at this time she had 100K subscribers but now she's nearly at 10M

    ꧁ Zora ꧂꧁ Zora ꧂7 napja
  • I’m not very sure why but pecker the name for the bird was so funny to me and I was dying 😂🤣

    The LegendThe Legend7 napja
  • Me drawing spongebob then watching this video dammmnnnn I feal bad now a freakin 7 year old draws better sponge bob then me

    _ Søba_Icyhøt __ Søba_Icyhøt _7 napja
  • jaiden:100k yayy likes:204K

    gae trashgae trash7 napja
  • 12:45 the beginning of the thumbnail/ memes

    Alaz's VlogsAlaz's Vlogs7 napja
  • 11:16 the expressions are great they give you a great feel on how they are feeling without telling the reader how they feel and I like the lines coming out of the dinosaur it has a good cartoonish feel to it and the expressions just get greater and greater as the story moves on

    Coda_does_stuffCoda_does_stuff7 napja
  • *wëëd*

    Tenya IidaTenya Iida7 napja
  • squidward is in a very uncomforta- Squidward: no, no im fine!

    Andres LedesmaAndres Ledesma7 napja
  • Who else is watching this when she has 9.06M subs and the world is ending?

    Deanna PolifroneDeanna Polifrone8 napja
  • Jaden 5 years ago : 100k subs Jaden 2020 now :9.06mil Me : EPIC-

    Mecutie GirlnadiaMecutie Girlnadia8 napja
  • Subbing to PEPOLE that sub to me ok

    Stanley dareon M. AycardoStanley dareon M. Aycardo8 napja
  • I'm watching this 5 years later

    ravitoravito8 napja
  • 2020 later,,

    AvychiiAvychii8 napja
  • Me watching when you have almost 10m

    pepocroftpepocroft8 napja
  • Her now with over 9.0mil!😂

    Genevieve GilpinGenevieve Gilpin8 napja
  • 13:38 Is that henry?

    Anindya MaheswariAnindya Maheswari8 napja
  • *Jaiden from the future :* I wish it was this happy - COUGH OH NO IT SPREADINGG

    • Xx_Glitch_xX •• Xx_Glitch_xX •8 napja
  • Who else is watching this at 9.5M subscribers

    Reesie .k.Reesie .k.8 napja