Dough D-D-Dear

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Welcome to Episode 1 of EMBARRASSING MOMENTS!
Have you ever been so nervous you couldn't talk? Yeah.... So...
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Music: And So It Goes by SkipPeck

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  • {\_/} ( •-• ) 🔎

    Nasra HassanNasra Hassan11 órája
    • @Xx_its_snowy_xX yes

      Nasra HassanNasra Hassan11 órája
    • did you also hav this on your reccomended

      Xx_its_snowy_xXXx_its_snowy_xX11 órája
  • One time I went to a restaurant that had the same thing and I ate the raw dough and threw up for 5 days

    Shawn VlogsShawn Vlogs16 órája
  • It's kinda bad

    Mercy WoloMercy WoloNapja
  • This has WORST audio than the last videos audio

    Arashk SebtouArashk SebtouNapja
  • I sut-s...stutter agl-alot

    Le gremlin BoiLe gremlin Boi2 napja
  • That's embarasing

    zhose nicholzhose nichol3 napja
  • Bread dough smells wierd though one down side

    Skipply DiddlySkipply Diddly3 napja
  • Hi 🙋‍♀️

    Emily PetersenEmily Petersen4 napja
  • Dough-p story bro!

    Matthew ChandlerMatthew Chandler4 napja
  • hahahha poor Jaiden

    Lyric The GreatLyric The Great5 napja
  • 0:07 😐..

    Mohamed MowlidMohamed Mowlid5 napja
  • Back in the days before COVID people used to let you touch their bread dough and then they would eat it

    Yoshi Fighter 727Yoshi Fighter 7275 napja
  • now me from 2 years later: there is a pandemic, that audio is trash, life is the worst ting ever created at the time :\

    George Gonzalez MotzGeorge Gonzalez Motz6 napja
  • 0:41 that animtion was so smooth-

    Kris Kreates {クリス}Kris Kreates {クリス}6 napja
  • I don’t care if you stuttered, we all stutter.

    Lex's Universal StudiosLex's Universal Studios7 napja
  • To avoid akward situations like these just randomly start crying

    Cuber 7535Cuber 75358 napja
  • May I have some bread dough, please?

    Blossom InkBlossom Ink8 napja
  • I literally have nothing to do so I'm watching jaiden's old videos

    Sarah For the ChallengeSarah For the Challenge9 napja
    • Same

      Payton TuckerPayton Tucker9 napja
  • Before she said she got a new mike I said wow look how bad the audio is

    Amy Tourand JohnstonAmy Tourand Johnston9 napja
  • I am not that late only 6 years

    LOL 13LOL 139 napja
  • 6 years man this was loooong ago

    David GonzalezDavid Gonzalez10 napja
  • How has this video just came up on my youtube O-O


    Twisted MindTwisted Mind11 napja
  • yessss we love og jaiden

    CarolineCaroline11 napja
  • For some reason.. I thought it stood Bread.. D-deer 🦌. I must be blind OR im just hallucinating random words // things- yay *slowly dying inside* haha ok nvm

    Ŧคɭɭєภ รķullDᗝgŦคɭɭєภ รķullDᗝg11 napja
  • I’m literally just going back and watching jaiden’s old videos

    _imthewierdkid__imthewierdkid_11 napja
  • hi pls give me a shout out my youtobe chanel is called rae gacha my chanel have only 9 subcribers:(

    rae gacharae gacha11 napja
  • Who else thought she has saying RED dough not Bread dough

    Hailey PearsallHailey Pearsall12 napja
  • This video old jaiden

    jdog garciajdog garcia12 napja
  • Idk if Lauren will like it or not....... Bc ya know she's deer queen she's in love whit bread...

    MARILYN SheanMARILYN Shean12 napja
  • It's Soo easy to ask for stuff, how is it so hard to say it🙄🙄🙄 just say it.

    A YouTube commenter and viewerA YouTube commenter and viewer12 napja
  • I missed when you could do this.

    Haram ChiHaram Chi12 napja

    Christian ReinerChristian Reiner13 napja
    • _THIS IS 6 YEAR OLD_

      TurtleWing KnyTurtleWing Kny13 napja
  • If I was the waiter I would probably think this is super adorable (even though im pretty sure jaiden is older than me)

    XxGalatic RpgxXXxGalatic RpgxX13 napja
  • Recommendations are weird

    mr paper bagmr paper bag13 napja
  • This video popped up so many times in my recommendation so much that i couldn't handle it and watch it even if new Jaiden says no i am also to nervous to talk if in the stage alone i will immediatly forget the lines if i am in group don't get nervous Sorry for to much mistakes

  • Why is dis so old lol ps compared to the new audio this is 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😂 lol Kk love ur channel

    GalaxyMinerGalaxyMiner14 napja
  • 6 Years later I'm watching this

    DemonSiren DemonDemonSiren Demon14 napja
  • this is so old...watching the old videos versus the new she's come a long way

    Ruby JocelynRuby Jocelyn14 napja
  • Jaiden sounds so different!

    Sandstorm SwansonSandstorm Swanson14 napja
  • Bread dough

    IntroMixIntroMix15 napja
  • hi

    Olive JaneOlive Jane15 napja
  • So classic ^^

    Noah BurtonNoah Burton15 napja
  • Woewww

    Noah BurtonNoah Burton15 napja
  • grimalies is the best periodt

    Digital AddictionDigital Addiction15 napja

    ChrisTop.ChrisTop.15 napja
  • I swear this is ur best vid, love em all though, dough

    Azz TazzticAzz Tazztic16 napja

    Maha KMaha K16 napja
  • Ooooooohhhh the old good days

    Sannin BoySannin Boy16 napja
  • This was made in 2014 and people (including me) still watch this

    Alana Muller CommentingAlana Muller Commenting16 napja
    • Yes

      Ramirospy1Ramirospy116 napja
  • Episode 2 was never released

    yea brotheryea brother16 napja
    • This true XD and sad ;-;

      Ramirospy1Ramirospy116 napja
  • Anyone else got this reccomended 6 years later

    Adib DanialAdib Danial17 napja
  • To this day, I still cant tell if she was saying red dough or bread dough

    •Lemon Sodapaws••Lemon Sodapaws•18 napja
  • 6 years late! That's all. ^^

    TahmiTahmi19 napja
  • This audio is the same as before this

    MemerMineCraftMemerMineCraft20 napja
  • who is watching this in 2020

  • 1:40 when I talk to literally anyone

    DizzyDizzy21 napja
  • 2014: s-s-so um.... I-I wa-w-w- 2020: ARE YOU NAKED?

    AshBashAshBash21 napja
  • If you are from 2020 lime this video

    Katelyn GlaznerKatelyn Glazner21 napja
  • 0:38 tgtf

    Daemion RaleyDaemion Raley22 napja
  • He opens his mouth but the words won't come out 1:36

    toast mantoast man22 napja
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Salty-Corn56Salty-Corn5622 napja
    • · · -

      toast mantoast man22 napja
  • 2021 is beautiful cause it ain’t here yet

    Winladaa gamingWinladaa gaming23 napja
  • Me in 2014:*Oh my God this is such quality* Me in 2020: Meh, it could be better.

    Awston Agent 47Awston Agent 4723 napja
  • sounds like something i would do, honestly

    AleAnna StaleyAleAnna Staley23 napja
  • Who's watching on 2030? Well i am..

    Sanni AlankoSanni Alanko24 napja
  • Ddeeddddd

  • old jaiden reminds me myself,just saying..

    cernecerne24 napja
  • Who's watching this at 2020,press this button 👇

    Hà NguyễnHà Nguyễn26 napja
  • What is the name of the restaurant Do you remember

    Lance LeeLance Lee26 napja
  • Dough dear? More like no dear

    Sergen koSergen ko27 napja
  • family’s making pizza: hunny pass me the- *sees a dear* family: *D-D-OUGH DEAR*

    「ヅj a y d e n」「ヅj a y d e n」27 napja
  • "The audio doesn't sound horrible anymore" yeah...

    cool personcool person28 napja
  • Hi

  • Was this, by any chance, Famoso? I remember the days when I asked my mom if we could go there just for the dough

    emma lastemma last28 napja
  • The last comment was 1 year ago and now now

    GREEN FIRE 1000 AlwaysGREEN FIRE 1000 Always28 napja
  • Who else is currently binge-watching Jaiden's videos?

    axewasfoundaxewasfound28 napja
  • dough

    The Wind Waking HeroThe Wind Waking Hero28 napja
  • Lol! Sounds like Oregano's! I am 25 years old and I love playing with the dough while I waits.

    ItsALavenderItsALavender29 napja
  • oh f

    BahoCHBahoCH29 napja
  • When you're so desperate for more Jaiden goodness you watch her old videos...

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • binge-watching Jaiden rn... anyone else? n-no? umm... ok..

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • We need some bread dough up in hear that is 8 eight de eight

    Woblr gamingWoblr gaming29 napja
  • Great video name

    Tus cuentos favoritosTus cuentos favoritos29 napja
  • I’m autistic so I studder all the time

    Zelda FanZelda FanHónapja
  • Carrabba's u can get bread dough and the waitress will even ask if you want to cook the dough so u can eat it, I'd always go for that option and they'd put some garlic butter on it like it was a roll and I'd eat it 🙂🙂 I miss those days where bread dough was the greatest thing on earth for me to play with along with sticks, leaf piles, climbing trees, and lawn sprinklers

    Dj DriverDj DriverHónapja
  • I mean I play with Play-Doh so yeah I’m gonna play with Dough of bread

    Ernesto OrtizErnesto OrtizHónapja
  • I would love to go to this restaurant and play with dough. Although I am 13

    Martian Girl ThingsMartian Girl ThingsHónapja
  • the mic is bad

    cosmos gamingcosmos gamingHónapja
  • So, if you were staring at him, what colour were his eyes? Your mom would want you to know that for your next test.

    Random PersonRandom PersonHónapja
  • 2020 me Oh wIt it sounds horrible

    Alexis EmberbridgeAlexis EmberbridgeHónapja
  • maybe draw better

    Musa BhatMusa BhatHónapja
  • Hello

    Karla LewisKarla LewisHónapja
  • God damb this is an old video

    Goku BlackGoku BlackHónapja
  • This is how many people are watching in 2020 👇

    Rose RoyalRose RoyalHónapja
  • Well, I'm 6 years late

  • Echo

    хммM Rekt4うuхммM Rekt4うuHónapja
  • I have always wanted to go to carrabba's yet I think thats the place

    miss Spoopymiss SpoopyHónapja
  • On the laptop, it’s a pokeball

    Valkyrie - MinecraftValkyrie - MinecraftHónapja
  • Oh shit was this Bertuccis or however it’s spelled? There was an Italian place by where I lived that gave bread dough for kids to play with as well.

    A duck with a YouTube channelA duck with a YouTube channelHónapja