Drawing Alola Pokemon w/ theodd1sout

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we're trying to be creative, here, okay? and if you hAVE to know I'm using Clip Studio Paint and James is using PaintTool Sai
James' video: huworld.info/flow/vide/zqGgnGfEmNK0qHw&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
James' channel (if somehow you don't know him already): huworld.info/to/o8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ?&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
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Music: Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow)
Pokemon is owned by Nintendo. No, we did not invent pokemon.

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an "Aloha!" from Alola

  • Nice aloha james

    Hey CerdasHey Cerdas14 órája
  • I think at this old video it had already start the Pokemon Alola serie sooooooooooooooo XD

    Ian FrazerIan FrazerNapja
  • I love james/theodd1sout VIDEOS and I also LOVE your VIDEOS but I just hate when people say " I dont like Jaiden I only watch theodd1sout" AND I JUST WANT TO PUNCH THAT PERSON IN THE FACE XD

    Ian FrazerIan FrazerNapja
  • you guys said awwwww when you each other saw hunter and growlethe

    Hammad KhalidHammad Khalid3 napja
  • when i played pokemon sun and moon I was like wtf where are the gyms

    Hammad KhalidHammad Khalid3 napja
  • Sooooooo

    Kelly TappanKelly Tappan3 napja
  • I can think of a perfect alola form for marcrow

    Pokepoke18Pokepoke184 napja
  • i think i know alola its on netflix and theres a new season

    Co' Xhi TabCo' Xhi Tab5 napja
  • Pokémon sun and moon is also a tv show

    Levi MahonyLevi Mahony5 napja
  • Jaiden's Draw:Bad Ass 😎 James's Draw:Adorable 😊 Nice Combinatiom

    Kimino-Guy StKimino-Guy St5 napja
  • What does she use to draw just a desktop or something special

    XinosXinos5 napja
  • I guess they really made it aloha form

    Slaith PlayzSlaith Playz5 napja
  • Jaden: I like Trubish Me: Me too

    Haxx AdventuresHaxx Adventures5 napja
  • I like Jadins Miltank

    Haxx AdventuresHaxx Adventures5 napja
  • “Dream vacation is Japan” Little did she know...

    ꧁•Megan and Allison plays•꧂ :D꧁•Megan and Allison plays•꧂ :D6 napja
  • Shame on you 1k people who disliked this video

    Mystic WaterMystic Water6 napja
  • Pokémon (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    Kiyoko PlayzKiyoko Playz7 napja
  • Well they cant go to hawaii now bcuz of covid-19

    Adriel ShawnAdriel Shawn7 napja
  • Sooooo, is no one gonna talk about jaiden's background on her computer? It's super funny and cute!

    jelly Beanjelly Bean7 napja

    gamer god101gamer god1017 napja
  • 164,399th liker

    GumGum7 napja
  • Whowould win in a fight? Jaiden's normal drawings or Jame's normal drawings?

    Philip Ortiz-DiPaoloPhilip Ortiz-DiPaolo7 napja
  • A Lon len

    David MahwendepiDavid Mahwendepi8 napja

    Delan Hoyer-CorbettDelan Hoyer-Corbett8 napja
  • You’ve never went to Hawaii. That’s a sin

    Sam SwansonSam Swanson8 napja
  • Soooo *smacks lips loudly* Sooooooo

    mrsangelicasalinasmrsangelicasalinas8 napja
  • you guys are to harsh on ur self coz i am so bad at drawing

    Susanne LamSusanne Lam8 napja
  • I dont think all those those drawings are right because alola form pokèmon are not hawaii looking exept for alolan exeggutor because Its in form of the body and color not the look of hawaii like this Vulpix is a fire type vulpix color slightly dark orange vulpix body no fur Alolan vulpix is a ice type alolan vulpix color cloud white body furry like clouds Hope you agree

    pikachupikachu9 napja
  • omg odd1sout

    Braden GeBraden Ge9 napja

    Adrian MartinezAdrian Martinez9 napja
  • Its not aloha its alola

    alpha_ultima_ wolfalpha_ultima_ wolf10 napja
  • I literally love the subtitles-

    :._Leslie_.: The gachaTuber:._Leslie_.: The gachaTuber10 napja
  • i love jaidens

    Steven MangunSteven Mangun10 napja
  • cool

    Jangmo oJangmo o10 napja
  • its called aloha

    Emanuel Perez OrtegaEmanuel Perez Ortega10 napja
  • I am 7 and I play poker ♠️.

    kaiana akokaiana ako11 napja
  • This is so old and adorable! Love watching through your videos again, both of you!

    Paigerini GachaPaigerini Gacha11 napja
  • what do you use for drawing

    ItsCubeNinjaItsCubeNinja11 napja
  • I watched EVERY episode so I can judge

    Sean FairchildSean Fairchild11 napja
  • how to draw pokemon alola form:just copy from google

    gud duggud dug11 napja
  • So cool

    coolrobloxers2013coolrobloxers201311 napja
  • Jaiden or James who better plz comment

    Allen CanaresAllen Canares11 napja
  • Hey are you in jail

    PatrickPatrick11 napja
  • She sais it looks bad but me be like WOW:)

    Aaron WoodfordAaron Woodford11 napja
  • Nether of these pokemon are catchable in sun or moon

    JDW 1JDW 111 napja
  • did you know machamp is the HARDEST POKEMON IN THE WOLD AND

    LucarioPlays7LucarioPlays712 napja
  • I love you’re work guys

    Priscilla OrtizPriscilla Ortiz12 napja
  • But I’m the odd1sout so who cares

    Asta_GamingAsta_Gaming12 napja
  • Miltank sucks, but this fire ground Pokémon is cool

    PURExIcyHotPURExIcyHot12 napja
  • Did sun and moon really come out 4 years ago? Damn felt like yesterday.

    Ktk .k0Ktk .k012 napja
  • Unga Bunga Espurr lookin s i c k

    Ugandan Metal SonicUgandan Metal Sonic12 napja
  • I can make a rom hack out of these fakemon

    sarthak sharmasarthak sharma13 napja
  • YAY This is the fist video I have watched since you hit nine million subscribers

    Colin TaylorColin Taylor13 napja

    Gaming whith TheoGaming whith Theo14 napja
  • I love jaidens desktop wallpaper

    Featclaw16Featclaw1614 napja
  • It’s aloan

    Violet NaftzingerViolet Naftzinger14 napja
  • there are olchru best

    David Reagen McCauleyDavid Reagen McCauley14 napja
  • What art program is that

    Devon GrantDevon Grant14 napja
  • “Alolan”

    Animal loverAnimal lover14 napja
  • I feel bad the jaiden had to draw a new form if Pokemon santan

    Kate Gacha life and moreKate Gacha life and more14 napja
  • i was doing dynamax adventures while watching this and got miltank as my pokemon while jaiden was drawing miltank lmao

    LostBustLostBust15 napja
  • Bro the last Pokémon has a scooby do picture

    Kade Epic123Kade Epic12315 napja
  • Jaiden and James: worrying about being creative. Nintendo: Keys, ice cream, gears, a sword, litteral trash.

    Chynna Alexa MonteChynna Alexa Monte15 napja
  • Wow this was 4 years ago

    Eduardo SerranoEduardo Serrano15 napja
  • Aj: się alola My brajn : fanart

    nobeknobek15 napja
  • I know this is from four years ago and I've already watched this, but I didn't notice, isn't Trubbish already an Alolan Pokémon? ; w ;

    Nancy RodriguezNancy Rodriguez16 napja
  • none of them r alola pokemon

    Unknown UniverseUnknown Universe16 napja
  • Jaiden only if you knew about japan

    Coding in the saddleCoding in the saddle16 napja
  • "This is another one that everyone thinks is sexy" Ok James, you furry

    The Spanish InquisitonThe Spanish Inquisiton19 napja
  • Did u know Growlithe was my first pokemon captured???

    DragonDealerDragonDealer20 napja
  • Who else just loves Jaiden’s background?😂

    Stealth AlphaStealth Alpha20 napja
  • Considering that my favorite Pokémon is graowife I’m impressed

    Jennifer TatraiJennifer Tatrai20 napja
  • Galar: exists Galar talking to Alola: The future is now old man.

    Larry LavendarLarry Lavendar20 napja
  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    YaWillOrYaWon'tYaWillOrYaWon't21 napja
  • James: have you been to Hawaii? Jaden: no but it’s like the dream *me vibin in Hawaii

    Random_anime_weeb 0504Random_anime_weeb 050422 napja
  • 6:58 James: If you're showing my screen, people are probably guessing what I'm doing... Me: Is he drawing the head of a-- James: A BRELOOM, THE HEAD OF A BRELOOM!!!

    Steven QuartzSteven Quartz22 napja
  • Question: How is exeggcute one pokemon?

    someonesomeone22 napja
  • Because she's the best with somethingelseyt

    Kyra BoatengKyra Boateng22 napja
  • Y dose Jayden not no the name of the aloha form isn't she a sucker for pokemon like me

    Jessica BoggessJessica Boggess22 napja
  • It’s not boring at all!!!

    Flex RandomFlex Random24 napja
  • Oof didn't do raichu

    Dejani-Dejanel BernardDejani-Dejanel Bernard24 napja
  • Alola forms: Jaiden: put flowers on it James: put dark glases

    Wolf GranvilleWolf Granville25 napja
  • is like da pokemon is in vacation

    the DuoS Ryoji & Qnathe DuoS Ryoji & Qna25 napja
  • like for people who are seeing this vid and want them to do galarian pokemon from sword and shield

    The Knites Gaming ChannelThe Knites Gaming Channel26 napja
  • Jaidens computer home screen is really funny

    kal_e09 youtubekal_e09 youtube26 napja
  • Exeggutor: ex egg u tor

    Phil O'ToolePhil O'Toole26 napja
  • This is Z BEST THINGG

    Phil O'ToolePhil O'Toole26 napja
  • Alolan form

    Thomasina CurentonThomasina Curenton26 napja
  • l o n g n e c c

    Z o d i a cZ o d i a c27 napja
  • They need to hire them for Pokémon designs

    x Eggy Eggs xx Eggy Eggs x28 napja
  • aolan

    Sasha LeingangSasha Leingang28 napja
  • Years later she goes to japan

    bnha cosplaybnha cosplay28 napja
  • Hanter can use surf now!!!

    Logan ThomasLogan Thomas29 napja
  • “How did my brother get recognized?!?” Me: “I know right?! You just have 8.6 million subs!”

    Leyla ChandlerLeyla ChandlerHónapja
  • banet gone on asip look 7:18

    Ethan HarvardEthan HarvardHónapja
  • wtf Sun and Moon was 4 years ago?! I feel old asf

    James LimJames LimHónapja
    • Same

      bnha cosplaybnha cosplay28 napja
  • From the future, jaiden's kinda looks like one of the fossils from SwSh, I don't wanna type all those names lol

  • Why didnt u gave him heidreigon he would fall out or u could give him lunala

    the rex god tittanthe rex god tittanHónapja
  • Man it’s crazy this was 4 years ago

    Silver The WOFSilver The WOFHónapja
  • Nope

    Arthur NelsonArthur NelsonHónapja