Drawing our Childhood Drawings w/ theodd1sout

2017.nov. 8.
13 359 499 Megtekintés

we were pretty much baby art prodigies.
james' video: huworld.info/flow/vide/p4CZtqG1bKS3i6I&ab_channel=TheOdd1sOut
james' channel: huworld.info/to/o8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ?ab_channel=TheOdd1sOut
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Music: the mii theme song (from nintendo)

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  • FUN FACT being forgotten is my biggest fear, called asthogorophobia

    Lexi DickLexi DickÓrája
  • Jaiden:What is Harry potter? Me:There once was a boy named Harry Destined to be a star His parents were killed by Voldemort Who gave him a lightning scar Yo Harry! You're a wizard! Harry goes to Hogwarts He meets Ron and Hermione McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor Draco is a daddy's boy Quirrell becomes unemployed The Sorcerer's Stone is destroyed by Dumbledore Ron breaks his wand Now Ginny's gone And Harry's in mortal danger Tom Riddle hides his snake inside His ginormous secret chamber Harry blows up Aunt Marge The Dementors come and take charge Lupin is a wolf The rat's a man And now the prisoner is at large They use time travel so they can Save the prisoner of Azkaban Who just so happens to be Harry's Godfather I don't really get it either Harry gets put in the Triwizard Tournament With dragons and mermaids Oh no! Edward Cullen gets slayed He's back Harry, Harry, It's getting scary Voldemort's back and you are a revolutionary Harry Dumbledore, Dumbledore why is he ignoring your Constant attempts to contact him? He is forced to leave the school Umbridge arrives, Draco's a tool Kids break into the Ministry Sirius Black is dead as can be Oh Split your soul Seven parts of a whole They're horcruxes It's Dumbledore's end There once was a boy named Harry Who constantly conquered death But in one final duel between good and bad He may take his final breath This was copied and the song is from paint

    Actual TrashActual Trash4 órája
  • Me like cat

    Not like you think YtNot like you think Yt5 órája
  • 0:40 so it's a cockatrice..

    idk :0idk :08 órája
  • 10:13 Why tho why the placement of the buddy on his tail

    Shelly And EustisShelly And Eustis14 órája
  • WHAT IS THE CLOUD?!?!?!?!?!

    Sunny ChilambiSunny Chilambi19 órája
  • WHAT APP ARE THEY USING (is it free?)

    The Awkward AsianThe Awkward Asian21 órája
  • i keep dying inside whenever Jaiden gets something wrong about Harry Potter. (no hate, just extreme love for the Wizarding World)

    The Awkward AsianThe Awkward Asian21 órája
  • 3:49 James: “who else killed off the main character?” Me: Percy Jackson!!!!!!!! (Jk only for like 1 chapter😈)

    Huynh AnhHuynh AnhNapja
  • 👁👁 👃🏻 👅

    Randøm WøłfRandøm WøłfNapja
  • I love how they put the wii menu theme in the backround

    Robin Hendrickson comerRobin Hendrickson comerNapja
  • this video is fun ngl

    Clara ValdecantosClara Valdecantos2 napja
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    abby strawekaabby straweka2 napja
  • Me:James is better. Again Me:Ok I underestimated JAIDEN

  • Jungle emperor Leo is a non popular movie but Leo the lion dose die and he is the main character

    Noelle And RyanNoelle And Ryan3 napja
  • I'm the only furry here

    Ultra The protogenUltra The protogen3 napja
  • Chagin-dragon BLABPJFNVTJB!

    Mantis PlayzMantis Playz3 napja
  • what website did you guys use

    Naz EzeNaz Eze3 napja
  • What the name of the program

    oLvL TMoLvL TM3 napja
  • hi big fan you should start playing dragon city and this not naz eze this zara eze we are twins total desavo jaiden i just started watching your videos their awesome ...... and i am 9 years old

    Naz EzeNaz Eze3 napja
  • commander crunch

    Enrique FloresEnrique Flores3 napja
  • I hate getting sunburned, your lucky jadian

    Katie MylesKatie Myles4 napja
  • You had Minecraft video Jainden: *James is the furry* I'll tell her

    Itz Mine UpdateItz Mine Update4 napja
  • Bruh the purple and green circle-creatures are from the ScienceKids books. Just a bunch of little experiments.

    Addison WernerAddison Werner4 napja
  • Pet that has a pet and that pet has a pet

    Ethan LabbeeEthan Labbee4 napja
  • I had an imaginary friend... My self 😐 (I was an only child.)

    Max TheskeletonMax Theskeleton4 napja
  • this is nov 8 2017 and james have nov 9 2017?! THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE

    JrPlayzJrPlayz5 napja
  • ok

    Allaine CortezAllaine Cortez5 napja
  • no shave november? im not going to say the more........ relevant? version

  • Jaiden Dumbolador James the mirror Me also me voldamort and the mirror of arise

    Ava HundleyAva Hundley5 napja
  • and now I made a remade version of neopet and now there is a pet pet pet pet

    Telico Roblox - Lam Tran ÆTelico Roblox - Lam Tran Æ5 napja
  • Jaiden has a.... questionable desktops background

    Jose A RomagozaJose A Romagoza5 napja
  • No shave november? whats that. You mean NO NU-

    Furret GuyFurret Guy5 napja
  • i thought it was chicken godzilla

    Georgiaplayz RobloxGeorgiaplayz Roblox5 napja
  • I need to watch two more harry potter movies

    Margaret hawleyMargaret hawley6 napja
  • I draw my selfy dieing in the worst way possible

    Cartman -Cartman -6 napja
  • now its no nut November

    Lindsay McLaughlinLindsay McLaughlin6 napja
  • * Who killed Harry’s parents?* Jaiden= Dumbledore Me = 🤣🤣🤣

    Nubia MolinaNubia Molina7 napja
  • A popular book that killed off the main character: Tyrant's Tomb, Titan's Curse (times two), EVERY DAMN RICK BOOK-

    -Eliza_Schuyler--Eliza_Schuyler-7 napja
  • The title of the video should be spoilers to multiple books/movies 😂😂😂

    Elise YoungbergElise Youngberg7 napja
  • does anyone know what drawing software they use?

    Ava MorganAva Morgan7 napja
  • I search jaiden animations And HUworld was like si You like jaiden animations ok The next Say i search jaiden animations and HUworld esa like so You like jaiden animations and pum Jaiden animations tule 34

    com-ik animationscom-ik animations8 napja
  • P. P. Please

    Oreo StrikeOreo Strike8 napja
  • James: Wanna know who killed his parents? Jaiden: Dumbledor- James: Voldemort. Jaiden: Ohh Harry Potter Fans: WHAT THE F***

    ItzGlitchyBedrock .ItzGlitchyBedrock .8 napja
  • James: I wanted to do a lion with like stripes Jayden: lions dont have stripes James:true Me: ligers

    Wizard MasterWizard Master8 napja
  • Theodd1sout he just say i hate mutetan tinage ninja tutle and he say its a tutle its slow oh its mutetan and he say and its tenager they are mean to me I hate theodd1sout his mean and i like your video jaiden

    Jayven ace KhuJayven ace Khu8 napja
    • what.....

      Cecelia MorrisseyCecelia Morrissey8 napja
  • mama 7:22

    Carson WoodruffCarson Woodruff8 napja
  • 👁👅👁

    little gamerlittle gamer8 napja
  • 👉👈

    little gamerlittle gamer8 napja
  • What drawing app do you use

    little gamerlittle gamer8 napja
  • A chicken dragon is basically a Cockatrice

    Doge PickleDoge Pickle8 napja
  • :-D

    music Studiomusic Studio8 napja
  • There so cute 2020 is dead 💀

    shrekdiggity1shrekdiggity18 napja

    Kiley ShouldersKiley Shoulders8 napja
  • Same im a club pegiuone to

    Supreme PapiSupreme Papi8 napja
  • The tale of disappointing

    Carolyn TuckerCarolyn Tucker8 napja
  • Whoever is reading this comment I hope you have an amazing day I know it's hard times right now during this whole entire pandemic suicide is not the answer I hope you having a great day and please stay strong through this whole pandemic Will get through this together

    Latte wolf CoffeeLatte wolf Coffee8 napja
  • 21:40

    Jonathan PischnerJonathan Pischner9 napja
  • Ahem, no SHAVE November?

    a rocka rock9 napja
  • I have ben here ven i vas 18 O_O

    Bröd MjölkBröd Mjölk9 napja
  • James: *I was going for a lion and those were the stripes* Jaden: *Lions dont have stripes* Me: You dont know what a Liger is do you ;-;

    ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ._. ʟᴏsᴇʀ꧂꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ._. ʟᴏsᴇʀ꧂9 napja
  • Me knowing Jaden will die soon and people will forget: Me: Welp Imma take Jaden and James and ill bee on- BEE PUN ¬v¬

    ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ._. ʟᴏsᴇʀ꧂꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ._. ʟᴏsᴇʀ꧂9 napja
  • Me thinking of my imaginary friend: Also me: I got em My brain: Cyber Shade Shadow Lavender ect ect Me: Shade :>

    ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ._. ʟᴏsᴇʀ꧂꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ._. ʟᴏsᴇʀ꧂9 napja
  • Did you watch Mickey Mouse that an mice or.... rat?

    Lucciano Guerrero-CanoLucciano Guerrero-Cano9 napja
  • Jaiden: I'm not a furry James: None of us are! Me: *is that so james....*

    Richard EspinozaRichard Espinoza9 napja
  • Has Jaiden heard of Geronimo stilton?

    Nehemiah duterteNehemiah duterte9 napja
  • Guys can you plz tell me in what app they draw? Cause I want to start drawing but I don’t know what is the app they use DX

    marbrolymarbroly9 napja
  • Ohhh ya A 200 /200

    deysi fernandezdeysi fernandez9 napja
  • last i chacked it wasnt no ShavE november it was something else........ u know wat i mean

    Sarah UzumakiSarah Uzumaki9 napja
  • i think now i wanna try neopets, i never played it xd

    Exis Edgardo Rujano ValeroExis Edgardo Rujano Valero9 napja
  • James little sun flower monster looks like a demeanor

    Aiden and bayleenAiden and bayleen10 napja
  • Woa-

    JI_JollyJI_Jolly10 napja
  • God chicken you mean Jesu... pets?

    Pawaratch (Satang) WichayapinyoPawaratch (Satang) Wichayapinyo10 napja
  • My dog died a couple days ago I watched marley and me. My dog was named Marley 😖

    Bigjimmychungus 3rdBigjimmychungus 3rd10 napja
  • What do you use to draw with

    crazyCROOTONScrazyCROOTONS10 napja
  • I hate harrypotter

    Adriana MonsalveAdriana Monsalve10 napja
  • you forgot ratatouille

    KazZKazZ10 napja
  • Are you in love with him???

    Evelyn PostEvelyn Post10 napja
  • 4:06 Me and my sore ass throat: EyES BlUee LiKE tHe ATlANtIC

    Hannah RojasHannah Rojas11 napja
  • 9:09 Jaiden is Ben 10, but instead of aliens, it’s animals.

    VocaloidKAITO1234VocaloidKAITO123411 napja
  • "Hey have you ever had an imaginary friend?" "Nope"

    MocciPocc iMocciPocc i11 napja
  • 4:24 its a flurken from captain marvel :OOOOOOOOOOOO

    whitewhite11 napja
  • WHAT THE FRICK- WHO THE HECK HASENT READ HARRY POTTER?!! I AM LIKE THE BIGGEST FAN YOU WILL EVEN KNOW! (and to prove it you can test me in the replies=))

    Lexie Mason A Hunger games VictorLexie Mason A Hunger games Victor11 napja
  • Dose Neopets cost money?

    Addison LesserAddison Lesser11 napja
  • I was a toonTown kid

    Gamer360 YUPGamer360 YUP12 napja
  • It’s ironic how you are talking and working on pictures and videos...and I am doing the same things 😂

    Anthony MeyerAnthony Meyer12 napja
  • BOCKzilla

    Leo TraversLeo Travers12 napja
  • "dino wing" -james

    Zaldie De GuzmanZaldie De Guzman12 napja
  • Who got this in their recomended 3 YEARS LATER :)

    xxSavannah BananaxxxxSavannah Bananaxx12 napja
  • What is the app your using to draw? Just curious

    baked cookiesbaked cookies12 napja
  • Hey Jaiden there's a new club penguin

    SamTVSamTV13 napja
  • there should be pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pets

    teletubby queenteletubby queen13 napja
    • ;-;

      DynamiteDynamite13 napja

    teletubby queenteletubby queen13 napja
  • Cocatrice

    S3xy_RexyS3xy_Rexy13 napja
    • I thought the same thing

  • So there no pet pet pet pet

    Tim hTim h13 napja
    • -_-

      DynamiteDynamite13 napja
  • The stoopid show that completely destroyed the main character: GAME OF THRONES ...I shall forever hate that show

    Tɪgᴇr GɪrʟTɪgᴇr Gɪrʟ13 napja
    • @Tɪgᴇr Gɪrʟ well its close enough i guess :)

      Jessie GreenstoneJessie Greenstone11 napja
    • @Jessie Greenstone Oops but wait I guess it's technically part-movie because it's as long as one... right?

      Tɪgᴇr GɪrʟTɪgᴇr Gɪrʟ12 napja
    • Not a movie

      Jessie GreenstoneJessie Greenstone12 napja
  • It’s boldermert who kilt Harry’s parents

    Kdogg1003Kdogg100314 napja
    • My favorite character is boldermert

      Jessie GreenstoneJessie Greenstone12 napja
  • Them: What did we learn today? Me: Lions have stripe... apparently

    WildfireWildfire14 napja
  • 8:21 was actually scaring me tho-

    Roxy The RainWingRoxy The RainWing14 napja
  • Jaiden and James at the same time: IM NOT A FURRY Me:........ but....James...you have a suit and...... jaiden you... love animals a lot.... right?........ Everybody: ShuTtTuP hE BoUghT iT forFuN Me: he still went to a con...

    Roxy The RainWingRoxy The RainWing14 napja