I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke

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What an adventure

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We worked hard on this video, it's the result of 3 months worth of nonstop work. So please give a big thank you to all the members on my team for helping me make this video happen. It's been a big dream of mine to do pokemon nuzlockes for youtube, and I would watch them all the time even before I had my own channel. So being able to make this video, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary for my channel, is so awesome and I'm really happy I was finally able to.

  • D I D I S T U T T E R ?

    Tshering DenTshering Den3 órája
  • Man this video is just amazing i love to watch it

    Arnav RamaprasadArnav Ramaprasad4 órája
  • I love how metagross got yeeted by an ice type pokemon lol

    Chase IsHereChase IsHere6 órája
  • Jaiden? Did you play the nuzlocke on your phone or on a gameboy or maybye a DS

    mak lobovskimak lobovski6 órája
  • Pokémon Nuzlock is like Minecraft Hardcore mode

    LiverixLiverix6 órája
  • Jaiden: Goodbye Hushchild, u might be missed My bain: u might be missed, more like, u will never be missed

    M.S. playzM.S. playz8 órája
  • so i once didn't finish watching this vidoe and i wanted to watch it today and when clicked this video it opened up with "Ari is stone cold killer" :/

    LeatrilogyYTLeatrilogyYT8 órája
  • What pokemon cd it is please im gonna buy a pokemon gameboy because i like to try it because you inspired me to play pokemon

    Blue 101Blue 1019 órája
  • Nice reference to the TFS Emerald Nuzlocke showing their team in the part with Altaria.

    Daniel HDaniel H9 órája
  • wait u do know that u can heal dead=fainted pokemon from the pokemon center right?!

    Arjun DanduArjun Dandu9 órája
    • She was doing a nuzlocke so she couldn't as It would be cheating and she would fail the nuzlocke

      Sam WhalinSam Whalin6 órája
  • Pretty much jaidens torchikcs personality:>:3

    BrunoBruno9 órája
  • I had a random thought while re-watching this : what if people did live action versions of animated vids, like some people animate other youtuber's videos

    imhereigessimhereigess9 órája
  • time sure flies by

    Micah EeMicah Ee9 órája
  • Da gooo

    MeMan719vgMeMan719vg10 órája
  • 4:30 I just gotta say... R E L A T A B L E

    Keegan McDuffieKeegan McDuffie10 órája
  • My fav video in HUworld

    Ren1Ren110 órája
  • still more emotionally sincere and compelling than most movies

    Dork at Arms Et ceteraDork at Arms Et cetera11 órája
  • I’m watching this while drawing a Fox! 😁

    CrazyCatGamesCrazyCatGames11 órája

    Blue SlimeBlue Slime11 órája
  • Rip Corn 2019-2019

    Super Block BrosSuper Block Bros11 órája
  • That last part actually made me cry

    Courtenay-Vlad BondarchukCourtenay-Vlad Bondarchuk11 órája
  • U know in level forty u will get blaiziken (torchick)

    Selestyne FongSelestyne Fong12 órája
  • 2:00

    Cursed ManCursed Man12 órája
  • You know that your Chad can evolve in to a machamp and for that you need link cable stone you can get it in mauvile city

    Krishna ThousenKrishna Thousen12 órája
  • 7:05 pulls megnetmite over to her and says wanna come with me *uses magnet* ok

    Erdenetuya UlziibaatarErdenetuya Ulziibaatar12 órája
  • Is this why you tried to kill all the zigzagzoon

    a1cmira1cmir13 órája
  • This is the funniest animation ever

    Dog lover_orickmrorick The bestDog lover_orickmrorick The best13 órája
  • The nuzlocke is like hardcore Minecraft

    Nickyshark317 2018Nickyshark317 201814 órája
  • Make another pokemon video this is your most popular video

    11 Edmund Tabah11 Edmund Tabah14 órája
  • Jaiden: Good bye hush child... you might be missed.. Comment section: nop... Me: Wath about chomps?

    Ana Daniela Orozco V.Ana Daniela Orozco V.14 órája
  • Jaiden:MFFFFF Squidward

    Gabes gaming and vlogsGabes gaming and vlogs14 órája
  • Jaiden:The guy who I always thought was a monkey Me:wait but doesn’t he talk to you?

    Gabes gaming and vlogsGabes gaming and vlogs14 órája
  • What happened to Gary btw?

    Bartek OBartek O14 órája
  • Hey guys can we talk about how he’s only on part 1 of his series and has a septile lol

    Gabes gaming and vlogsGabes gaming and vlogs14 órája
  • You can heal

    blaze plazblaze plaz15 órája
  • A Pokémon ad popped up on this vid

    Kelli RecchilongoKelli Recchilongo15 órája
  • Соисогв

  • Лажаов вдвд цз

  • 7:37 What tentacruel should really look like

    SparklyWings 207SparklyWings 20716 órája
  • Did anyone else realize that she whistled when she said rescue

    Joel DykstraJoel Dykstra16 órája
  • Y'know squidward maybe have tanked the high jump kick because his poison type

    Ace darrell manguerraAce darrell manguerra17 órája
  • "Oh hello shrumish , I'm gonna name you onion"..... Ok then.

    Natasha TomlinNatasha Tomlin17 órája
  • why does this always make me want to cry at the end

    CattaccinoCattaccino17 órája
  • 0:18 is this a mha reference.

    Shaba 489Shaba 48918 órája
  • Tousaè zigzagoon.

  • Go check out Liersten Animations

    Liersten AnimationsLiersten Animations18 órája
  • 11:26 confirms that jaiden used a ultra ball to catch sin

    Jim JimenezJim Jimenez18 órája
  • Is it bad this actually made me cry

    Aurora MartinAurora Martin18 órája
  • Kinda sad right

    Nicolas MoralesNicolas Morales19 órája

    Danny MaginnisDanny Maginnis19 órája
  • i finally have an account so now i can subscribe :)

    Stephen DevereuxStephen Devereux19 órája
  • 13:14 Jainden: now get in the box.Groundon was like what the heck

    Sudheer SomisettySudheer Somisetty19 órája
  • Zigzagoon: *exists Teriyaki: *And I took that personally*

    Matteo CunninghamMatteo Cunningham20 órája
  • Why did you not bring out groundon

    chloe mitchellchloe mitchell20 órája
  • 5:17 *D I D I S T U T T E R ?*

    Bonnie thekillerbunnieBonnie thekillerbunnie20 órája
  • 3:03 *FFFFfFffFFFFffFfFfFFfFf* Squidward

    Æ X E O KÆ X E O K20 órája
  • I like how only the mains survived

    Sara KrikorianSara Krikorian21 órája
  • What are the chances that the only Pokémon that survived were the birds

    Cornett FamilyCornett Family21 órája
  • .....

    iresten YT grazeiresten YT graze21 órája
  • Ok but why didn’t Jaiden use Groudon?

    Ahmed YousofAhmed Yousof21 órája
  • This was a year ago? Well I guess time flies when your having fun Thats why 2020 feels like forever

    Red RowletRed Rowlet22 órája
  • 1:41 When i try to catch that one houndor

    Jaydon JohnsonJaydon Johnson22 órája
  • 1:23 Me: when i did a sword and sheild nuzlocke And Teriyaki is the rattata i was fighting and the zigzagoon is my lvl 8 scorbunny Scorbunny: *uses ember* Game: NOT VERY EFFECTIVE Me: wait wha- Rattata: *uses tackle* Game: CRITICAL HIT also game: SCORBUNNY HAS DIED Me: 💀

    Jaydon JohnsonJaydon Johnson22 órája
  • you know that you can buy potions

    Candy DuCandy Du22 órája
  • jaiden:thanks corn,you shine your photosynthesis onto us rng:*aM i A jOkE tO yOu?*

    Hannelie .CantrellHannelie .Cantrell23 órája
  • I thought I was already subed welll now I am

    Jakeplays RosalesJakeplays Rosales23 órája
  • One mil likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jakeplays RosalesJakeplays Rosales23 órája
  • when r u gonna use groundon???!?!!!!!

    aeroaero23 órája
  • R.I.P Hush child me:YOU TELLIN SOMEONE THE HUSH???

    StarWoomy CoronaStarWoomy Corona23 órája
  • Amazinggggg

    Paulo Vinícius RolimPaulo Vinícius RolimNapja
  • 66percent vegan

    Deadpool’s. Channel and plushiesDeadpool’s. Channel and plushiesNapja
  • 0:23 HE GOT A SCEPTILE ON THE FIRST VIDEO!? either the video is about 4 hours or he hacked it

    ye brah gamerye brah gamerNapja
  • 0:49 I never realized she made torchic so anatomically correct

    Nightmare EyesNightmare EyesNapja
  • 0:17 damn whismur be texas smashing pokemons 😳

    Chaer mouadChaer mouadNapja
  • My favorite Pokémon is teriyaki

    Moon BunnyMoon BunnyNapja
  • 1-great job 2-and deoxys? :0

    Kadu Eduardo NaniasKadu Eduardo NaniasNapja
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  • i got chad in pokemon go

    p elisap elisaNapja
  • Teriyaki is a legend Corn was also a legend

    Muth albe1Muth albe1Napja
  • Lowkey i cried when u lost machop

    MartotoGamesBG __MartotoGamesBG __Napja
  • 9:09 butt

    brown sonicbrown sonicNapja

    Gülten CayicGülten CayicNapja
  • 0:17 WHISMUR used TEXAS SMASH me: is this my hero academia????

  • Please one more

    Amit KumarAmit KumarNapja
  • ToT

    Mr unknownMr unknownNapja
  • you had lost many pokemon i feel the same a lost many during myy first nuzlocke but i was albe ti win how grind i grinded in the grass before i went to gyms

    mind dead baconmind dead baconNapja
  • Well at least Ari didnt die. I got so attached to the Pokémon’s when you were telling the story lol

    Exotic EerieExotic EerieNapja
  • its a year later and still feel as though this is the most well put together, immersive video on youtube.

  • I can't believe this video came out 1 year ago I remember watching when it came out

  • Nobody : My Pokemon Nightmare : 7:39


    xyyc_cyyx turtle ytxyyc_cyyx turtle ytNapja
  • Where girls cry: titanic. Where boys cry: uncle iroh's story. Where gamers cry: POKEMON

    Ell LeighEll LeighNapja
  • S Q U I D W A R D

    UV!Horrorhorrorkillerdustgorefellswapswap SansUV!Horrorhorrorkillerdustgorefellswapswap SansNapja
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    Alde vano vanoAlde vano vanoNapja
  • When I Tried Platinum, I Almost Cried My Lucario Almost Die I Thought I Was Gonna Lose My Favorite Pokemon🥺

    Yejidanasayo Rai ITZK KPOP UNBOXINGYejidanasayo Rai ITZK KPOP UNBOXINGNapja
  • I love how whisper dose a texest smash (from my hero academia)

  • Me after watching this: Hmmm, this looks fun, I'll try it out in Emerald with mudkip Me after being beaten by the professor's kid: that didn't count Me after losing half my team to the second gym: that didn't count Me after losing my second best pokemon to poison on the way back to the pokemon center: that didn't count. Also time to buy a few antidotes Me after losing my second best pokemon to poison again because I used up all my antidotes: that didn't count. Also time to buy ten times the antidotes that I bought last time Me after getting half my team swept by one of the guards to the 5th gym: didn't count Me after getting my entire team swept by another of the guards to the 5th gym: I give up...

    Sir Kill-a-LotSir Kill-a-LotNapja
  • If she just leveled up more she could have more pokemon in the end

    Karlo De MesaKarlo De MesaNapja
  • Wait....is dusclops already dead???

    Aldrin SadangAldrin SadangNapja
  • I know nothing , I mean NOTHING about pokemon nuzlocke , but this video is so addicting to watch .

    Artemis Hope MalfoyArtemis Hope MalfoyNapja