I Hate High Heels

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yO to all the "tallness-1up-ers" in the comments goin 'EhGHuuMMM you're 5'7"? phtt that's not tall at all i'm 7'3" thank u' chill out for a sec and realize the average japanese woman (which i am) is 5'2" so THERE this has been a public service announcement to the annoyingly judgemental thx and have a nice day
Haven't you ever tried to walk in high heels? Yes, guys, I'm talking to you, too. Well I have, and let me tell you... You've gotta have MAD SKILLS to master the art of walking in those demons.

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D For that, you get a a free ice pack for all the future injuries you will get when you try on heels!

  • i saw hate michal reeves. dislexia is cool.

    notreadyplayer2notreadyplayer28 órája
  • 2020 anybody?

    Felber _GamingFelber _GamingNapja
  • Tip, there are sneakers that are designed to be worn with things like dresses ect

    g l i t c hg l i t c hNapja
  • Why not where flats then? I mean I with ya there heels kill my feet, so I usually where flats instead

    Captain EllieCaptain EllieNapja
  • When u alrdy watch all Jaiden Animations vid exept for...the old ones. A fan gotta do what a fan gotta do.

    Drug MonkeyDrug Monkey2 napja
  • high heels were made for mans

    Nie WiemNie Wiem2 napja
  • Most jewish men are about 5'7. I am almost 6'1. I tower over my peers, many of them who fail to breach 5'5. I am a god amongst tiny hairy men. Then all the gentiles come in and make me look like a dwarf, goddamnit.

    Jagrfmiirg Gâr-GanoxïkJagrfmiirg Gâr-Ganoxïk3 napja
  • You fall when the high heel is 3 inches huh? For me its like less than an inch! 🤣🤣🤣

    Ana MadrizAna Madriz4 napja
  • I read the bio and was like ummm 5’7 isn’t tall the freak

    Trish CaoTrish Cao4 napja
  • Dude i hate the noise that high heels just the TAP TAP TAP TAP

  • Im a boy

    monkey businessmonkey business6 napja
  • I don’t like I heels I like gaming

    AbeenacatAbeenacat6 napja
  • Me watching this in 2020 😂

    Zoey crurZoey crur6 napja
  • I love high heels even tho i am so tall well i still do ok

    Insia HInsia H7 napja
  • :D

    music Studiomusic Studio7 napja
  • Me, looking at the video before i even click it: "Same."

    Boredom Takes Us AllBoredom Takes Us All8 napja

    -Eliza_Schuyler--Eliza_Schuyler-8 napja
  • 2:02- but what about your safety............

    LoserMCLoserMC9 napja
  • I can walk in high heels (I'm a 2meter male...)

    DeroDero10 napja
  • Wow she changed soo much

    Jose NavarreteJose Navarrete10 napja
  • High heels are trolls

    Amanda BoshoffAmanda Boshoff10 napja
  • I just feel bad really for being so late in seeing this channel...😑😑😑I wish we could meet in the future...we're almost have the same..😀love you girl😉😉😉

    cha cuecha cue10 napja
  • Puase the vid then press this 0:50

    J Yapado droidJ Yapado droid10 napja
  • Who dusn't hate high heels P.S. I love your videos

    Corgi CornCorgi Corn11 napja
  • Pasta.

    SomeBaconOnTheSideSomeBaconOnTheSide11 napja
  • 5 foot 7 is not tall jaiden USE YOUR BRAIN

    AI systemAI system11 napja
  • Ccfgfyffcx🚔🚔🚐🚛🚡🌸🌛😨🥵😠😠😰🤔😐🥴😬😑😴🤢👿😈👿👹👹👹👺

    Titan BellTitan Bell12 napja
  • 2020 anyone?

    Cheesecake 48Cheesecake 4812 napja
  • H: highly I: inconvenient G: girl H: helpful on Opposite Day H: horrible E: elevated E: extremely uncomfortable L: let’s you do nothing but fall S: shoes

    Beanie Boo KaleidoscopeBeanie Boo Kaleidoscope12 napja
  • Bruh I can definitely relate!

    Lexie Mason A Hunger games VictorLexie Mason A Hunger games Victor14 napja
  • Girls just need a oversized hoodie, vans, and glasses and they are cute, nothing else Boobs and butt don’t matter

    Eloc IndustriesEloc Industries15 napja
  • Recommended here we go

    dark gohandark gohan15 napja
  • Hmm you're like my sister.😂

    LastLast16 napja
  • I Hate High Heels lol true storey

    ಥ‿ಥಥ‿ಥ16 napja
  • I'm 10 and I could walk good in heels since I was like 4. Yay

    amazingangellxlamazingangellxl16 napja
  • t

    Theodd1 OutTheodd1 Out17 napja
  • heels are okay but i think wedges are better for walking around because they have more support

    lola heartlola heart17 napja
  • why do high heels exist

    Shawn ParedesShawn Paredes18 napja
  • i am 5'2" even if im 13 and i tried heels before even though i am a guy (because im cocky and i laugh at my sister's coordination and the shoes) and im annoyed where it got me and im worse than my sister at those heels also the heels are not like tall 3 inches

    Shawn ParedesShawn Paredes18 napja
  • I am very tall already and I have NEVER learnt how to walk in heels It's super embarassing when I go outside with just 2 inch heels and start falling all over the place And that people is why I only have boots, shoes and bellies in my collection

    DestinyDestiny19 napja
  • I wonder if she had ever expected to reach 8.93 million subscribers

    SwordsBattleSwordsBattle19 napja
  • i love how you do the dance in the last

    lama Bandhanlama Bandhan20 napja
  • Tall?? Hahaha

    F.A.ShadowF.A.Shadow20 napja
  • I'm 9 and 4 foot

    Nothing001Nothing00120 napja
  • I can run in heels that are too big for me

    Coda_does_stuffCoda_does_stuff20 napja
  • Man,so heel-arious!

    The Great MilkasThe Great Milkas21 napja
  • Did anyone else get this in recommendation 6 years later or just me

    Mika BeeMika Bee21 napja
  • There are high heel that look like converse

    Hannah’s WorldHannah’s World21 napja
  • I like how she’s taller than her mom

    Big LambeauBig Lambeau22 napja
  • So this is 1st stage

    Big LambeauBig Lambeau22 napja
  • You are not supposed to were high heels at dances in the first place

    Javier HernandezJavier Hernandez22 napja
  • Wow this is an old video

    ayden lacayoayden lacayo22 napja

    InPrndyInPrndy23 napja
  • I hate heels too!

    vivi Aivivi Ai23 napja
  • bro, *flat shoes* *you know the type*

    BanannaBananna23 napja

    kenny wukenny wu23 napja
  • EhGHumMMM ur 5’7 pfft that’s not that tall I’m 7’3 thank u

    PenguPengu23 napja
  • Beauty of my homecoming and other dances, you can take off your shoes and just run around in socks!!

    Planted SproutPlanted Sprout24 napja
  • tree >:(

    Lixna QuakesLixna Quakes24 napja
  • I wouldn't be caught dead in heels or most feminine shoes, for that matter. Heels and other feminine shoes look pretty, but I find them too uncomfortable. The only high heels I ever remember wearing were a pair of boots with wide heels that were probably shorter than six inches, and I did wear flats for a portion of my teen years. Even those shoes felt rather uncomfortable, even though they looked nice. I don't plan on attending anything formal again in the near future, but in case if I do, I will attempt to get away with wearing sneakers. Because those are the shoes I look best in and actually feel good in. Heels might make me look taller, but they're too impractical and only give me fake height.

    cartoonygothicacartoonygothica24 napja
  • Why is jaidens mom here (and her clone)

    W4ffle_ColeW4ffle_Cole24 napja
  • Her voice is sooooo different from now

    Lucky BotLucky Bot25 napja
  • i do not like the old art style ;-:

    •Lulu The Fox• but among us•Lulu The Fox• but among us25 napja
  • It's awesome to see how much she's grown over the years and see her more confident in herself

    Angel gamiAngel gami25 napja
    • Yeah

      Ibroz 213Ibroz 21325 napja
  • Um......I'm a kid and I don't mind heels UwU

    raja ram mohan vurlaraja ram mohan vurla25 napja

    Ariana JohnsonAriana Johnson26 napja
  • You're 5'7"!? Lucky ._. 5'11.5" I bash my head off EVERYTHING! *AND I STILL HAVE 6 YEARS TO GROW!* also I wore a dress on Halloween as a joke HOW?! HOW DOES ANYONE WEAR THOSE CLOTH DEMONS

    The Wind Waking HeroThe Wind Waking Hero27 napja
  • E

    Filo ArrowFilo Arrow27 napja
  • I'm currently binging jaiden

    Elijah OwsleyElijah Owsley27 napja
  • I can walk on heels like no one business. It because I used to wear my mom's high heels and ran around the house in them 😂

    Emily MoralesEmily Morales27 napja
  • basically me in a nutshell

    ItsMangleItsMangle27 napja

    mustafa anwarmustafa anwar29 napja
  • binge-watching Jaiden rn... anyone else? n-no? umm... ok..

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • When you're so freaking desperate for more Jaiden you watch this....

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • I think I’m the only one in the comments who doesn’t hate high heels. I love all heels. I even love platform sneakers because it feels more like high heels. 😂😂

    Tracy MartelTracy Martel29 napja
  • This is why I get heels that have a platform so I don't depend on tiny sticks :D

    Chiyoko ChanChiyoko Chan29 napja
  • I wore flip flops on my prom.

    RoughGuyRoughGuy29 napja
  • Watching in 2020 this is way different

    Cat NationCat NationHónapja
  • Jaiden my little sister is 6 and she can walk in high heels my mum has high heel boots like but she can walk in them.

    Gillian WrightGillian WrightHónapja
  • Jaiden my little sister is6

    Gillian WrightGillian WrightHónapja
  • I am a guy, I tried on heels because they seemed to be difficult to walk in. So, it was partly to understand what women go through to wear it, and partly because I took that as a challenge and.. One that I had to win. It took me a bit to get my cordination, but i tried walking down stairs with it.. I tried walking up a slope and down a slope with it. I can't do it elogantly, that is for sure.. But at least I can do it so I don't have to break my neck, or ankle..

    Shane LawrenceShane LawrenceHónapja
  • Heels were originally made for men. Butchers used to wear them so that they wouldn't get blood on the bottoms of their trousers. Just FYI.

  • I feel you...I'm the same height and my balance isn't great just in general. So I just wear flats, or at most a shoe with a short, wide heel (like a clog) if I want to wear a nice shoe. More recently I bought a pair of sandals from Torrid that are "flatforms" - basically like platform sandals, but flats instead of heels. They still give me some height though. I haven't been able to wear them much though, cause I have to walk 30 minutes to get to the closest bus stop, and I found out (from experience) those shoes are not meant for a lot of intense walking. I'm also remembering my first Homecoming, which I went to with a couple friends. They wore heels, I wore flats. By the end of the night (after Homecoming itself and an afterparty we went to), their feet were killing them, but I was fine. I feel a bit smug about that. ;)

  • I like heels ;-; I like the ones that look like tenna shoes but there also wedges

    •Coco Cookie••Coco Cookie•Hónapja
  • Funny how your going practise makes perfect in the present. but didnt have this same mentality back then

    Ronny RDRRonny RDRHónapja
  • Holy crap this is so different...not in a bad way tho

    Dmitri KauffmanDmitri KauffmanHónapja
  • What about wedges

    Sadie’s A StarSadie’s A StarHónapja
  • Im from the future

    Tan JianwenTan JianwenHónapja
  • i love this music why isn't it aired any more

    kid bloggerkid bloggerHónapja
  • Why am I here in 2020-

    • BlueFox•• BlueFox•Hónapja
  • I am gonna tell you a thing. In my opinion, high heels are ugly, stupid and for the users legs. They also unpractical. - A random guy in youtube ( Me ) Just you to know, nobody asked and my opinions are usually unpopular. I dont if anybody even cares. Thanks for clicking "read more" tho.

  • Basically you have to tip toe practice.

    My UsernameMy UsernameHónapja
  • Im really good with heels but i love wedges much more

    •Error Angel••Error Angel•Hónapja
  • Same I can't do more than like 2 inches

    sillybug 231sillybug 231Hónapja
  • Your not the only one

    LindseyAngel 18LindseyAngel 18Hónapja
  • Jaiden: a newborn giraffe trying to roller skate Me: a newborn horse trying to stand for the first times Who did it better?

    Tai ChiTai ChiHónapja
  • This was in my recommendations.... after 6 years :)

    The UwU QueenThe UwU QueenHónapja
  • I’m 5’2 and 14 years old I feel as if I have to wear heels as all my friends are all like 5’9 (my best friend is exactly this tall) but I have had to learn

    Nicole13_ xoxoNicole13_ xoxoHónapja
  • This is so old-

    •E Aッ••E Aッ•Hónapja
  • HA you should try wearing Patrick’s heels for a day