I Hate Reading

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does this make me dumb :(

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  • ok reading is like riding a bike YOU DON'T FORGET IT

    Jarek PiJarek Pi7 perccel
  • Jaiden: people always talk about how good books are while she’s in a library

    Shadowz AShadowz A15 perccel
  • at 1:42 minutes in the video uhhhh yeah i've read a 300-and_something paged book in 2 hours

    Torin DuckworthTorin Duckworth53 perccel

    Rebecka HarrisRebecka HarrisÓrája
  • The world is my campus’s and my hate toasted

    Chris PenaChris PenaÓrája
  • i love reading personally, even if i have to be forced to. so u guys who read this comment should read. famous titles are better. like harry potter. its my favourite. its really fun to read. trust me. try it.:>

  • well my mom prohibited me from reading novels or comics, it's always about reading textbooks and go to cram school, it was depressing cuz most people i know only read textbooks when they're tying to do homeworks... well i think my mom let me read novels offcially when i enter highschool, but she still frown at the idea. Funnily enough my mom's strict 'real-needed only' education got me hooked in novels and online comics... I hog as much as I can now, albeit sneakily, to make up for lost times 😹

    Tasya NabilaTasya Nabila6 órája
  • I was similer

  • 1:50 *i swear i can't be the only one relating to this ;-;*

    Spino ConstrictoraSpino Constrictora17 órája
  • If a Animal crossing book comes out then i will read it. But other than that, i will only read books for the sole porpose of not failing my grade ;-;

    Amaya popeAmaya pope18 órája
    • oh and you had some NOICE Posters growing up

      Amaya popeAmaya pope18 órája
  • Hey Jaiden, You’re not the only one who hates reading. I also hate reading without pictures. So don’t worry about it.

    Hayden SharpeHayden Sharpe19 órája
  • My Teacher Told Me When She Taught A High School Class The Scarlet Letter In 3 Days

    LuckyMelon18LuckyMelon1820 órája
  • i LIKE dragons JADEN!

    Jack ChomchunJack Chomchun20 órája
  • 1:12 sorry i almost said the f word there

    N KobyN Koby21 órája
  • E

    J YaaaJ Yaaa21 órája
  • Why did I see sub to pewdiepie?

    Waylon WaltersWaylon WaltersNapja
  • 0:57 Me: Chilling then sees this WARRRIOR CATS ARE THE BESSSSSSST

    Warrior CatterWarrior CatterNapja
  • I think my parenting path would be this. If you're ahead in school, you can chose Any hobby you would like. If you're behind and have homework, no good... Then they're reading on their own terms

    Mr. BoomguyMr. BoomguyNapja
  • Tittle: I hate reading Me: interesting

  • I like school, b/c i like to hangout with my friends, but i also dont really like reading... unless its a comic ;)

  • another colab with james and adam?

  • WHY WARRIORS? I am right now on the second series (you probably know what it is) book four.

    Robert HutchisonRobert HutchisonNapja
  • Basically my reading experience: Comic: good Any other book: bad Forced reading: Badder Books over the summer: NO.

    Dry RamenDry RamenNapja
  • i only read a book if i like the first few pages or the title page. like i just got TheOdd1sout books today. why?? i dunno because of the title. horrible history vile Victorians?? i dunno the first few pages were cool. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sohalia DuvashiSohalia DuvashiNapja
  • Yes, I read (manga) (-w-;)

  • I love books 😡

    Natalia ANatalia ANapja
  • Well, when I was sick about 2 weeks ago... I would read about 10 hours a day. Heh...

    C- BearC- BearNapja
  • yes

    Golden wind 10g PowerGolden wind 10g PowerNapja
  • OwO i amm heree!

  • The thumbnail: Why I don’t like reading. The title: I HATE READINGGGG

    Flora Winx ClubFlora Winx ClubNapja
  • Bean

    AwesomeJohn 9876AwesomeJohn 9876Napja
  • Why school was introduced Horace Mann Credit for our modern version of the school system usually goes to Horace Mann. When he became Secretary of Education in Massachusetts in 1837, he set forth his vision for a system of professional teachers who would teach students an organized curriculum of basic content.

    Allen VanAllen VanNapja
  • 'I only have two interests nowadays: Languages and furries.' Absolute banter to hide that in a wall of text in a video about hating reading

    Big Hat BondquoBig Hat BondquoNapja
  • Try...a manga...

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha2 napja
  • Animal Farm gave a whole new meaning to Communist Pigs

    Dax GrahamDax Graham2 napja
  • As someone who reads instead of being all calm and nice I scream about them because “hOLY CRAP SHES DYING NO WHY ARE YOU AUGH JESSICA SCREW YOU”

    Erin ChantalErin Chantal2 napja
  • @jaidenanimations you should try a book called rangers apprentice I’m only on the second of like 12 books but I really enjoy it. It’s about a kid who’s father died in war when he was young (medieval times) and he went to like a masters ceremony where you get apprenticed and he become the rangers apprentice even though he really wanted to be a warrior(I won’t spoil anymore but please check it out it is great)

    TheGoodGamerTheGoodGamer2 napja
  • 0:50 Cute brain

    LO LLO L2 napja
  • what is your fovarite thing

  • *remembers the time I had to read a book standing up because I was to angry at what was happening in the book to read it sitting down* yes. Relaxation. Totally. Chill.

    Jay SionJay Sion2 napja
  • 5:09 Have I found an reference?

    NoiNoi2 napja
  • I used to just sleep through English class it was so boring. Surprised my teacher when I still got a C 😂😂

    Elle CalladineElle Calladine2 napja
  • Schools should die and I hate English class

    Carmen TCarmen T2 napja
  • Schools are so desperate to make us suffer. That they made a app that is a school app. W H Y? W H Y! W H Y ?!?

    Sara NSara N2 napja
  • same,

    mr. squidmr. squid2 napja
  • no

    Ananth KalalaeAnanth Kalalae2 napja
  • 0:56 Holy shit, Warriors, that brings back memories

    Gordon DennyGordon Denny2 napja
  • i had to double take and rewind the video when it said "julliet is lesbian?!"

    DiimxnDiimxn2 napja
  • ( Notices slide at 3:26 ) You are a woman of culture I see.

    O-Ren IshiiO-Ren Ishii2 napja
  • no you are smart

    luis vanegasluis vanegas2 napja
  • Hahaha 300 pages at 5th grade? I can read up to 10 pages at age 69 btw ik I’m a little late but a book suggestion is Harry potter

    Cool BearCool Bear2 napja
  • My favorite song is...... N O M U S I C

    Waner_ CatWaner_ Cat2 napja
  • 1:12 I see what you did there Jaiden. I see you. "GO SUB TO PEWDIEPIE" Mhm I see you....

    TotallyNotAshTotallyNotAsh2 napja
  • I need to know this backround music

    N4CON4CO2 napja
  • My mom made this mistake by forcing me to read books in my least favorite version, Spanish i was a machine too so my parents tried to stop me, i read the entire wings of fire series, the 1st prophecy in warrior cats and after that i had to get more books or i'll explode( she also forced me to read english books to increase my vocabulary i think)

    baz boobaz boo3 napja
  • Yaaas! I likes reading, but then when teachers make you stop reading at a certain point, only to make you take notes, it drains the fun outta it. I like reading on my own! (Book/Series Suggestions: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle The Kingdom Keepers [My all time favorite series ever. Highly recommended for everyone, including Disney fans] The Warriors Series [Also very good] And Percy Jackson!)

    Rayanna GrangerRayanna Granger3 napja
  • This is a very popular opinion in my opinion

    Spencer MckennaSpencer Mckenna3 napja
  • that intro... i tell people how i was going to buy a Keurig and then won one in a raffle. i also have a collection of plants and love reading

    luke harnishluke harnish3 napja
  • I wonder if she'd get through the first "Game of Thrones" book.

    Spino LukeSpino Luke3 napja
  • me as a kid: READ. I MUST READ. me now: yeah, i'll just listen to 1/4 of the audiobook and then back to YT hehe but as everyone else is also saying, if you're forced to do something, you typically don't want to do it / do a crappy job. but the system don't care.

    William CuiWilliam Cui3 napja
  • Pugs pugs PUG! Yes pugs pugs are so cute

  • Me: likes to read School: NO!

    sharika Sabsharika Sab3 napja
  • Our book 2:00

    Hebun BATUHebun BATU3 napja
  • AHH MY-M-MY EYES 1:05

    Hebun BATUHebun BATU3 napja
  • Jaiden: I was able to read a 300 page book in 2 days in 5th grade! My friends in 4th grade: buys a book at book fair at 10:00am* finishes book at 12:30pm* Me: but we were having class My friend: aboUt thAt-

    Marshmallow toastierMarshmallow toastier3 napja
  • Same i also have a cat allergies a really bad one so i don't have a pet ︶︿︶

    Sharif Al khaleedSharif Al khaleed3 napja
  • 5:10 is that a JoJo reference?

    Good VibezGood Vibez3 napja
  • Tell me about it jaiden

    Min Thwin KhentMin Thwin Khent3 napja
  • me in 7 minutes lmao

    ꧁Christopher꧂꧁Christopher꧂3 napja
  • Everyone wants schools to die. Teacher:SOMEBODY CALL THE COPS THESE KIDS ARE CRAZY!! me: Rest In Peace Dear Teacher

    Ellarose WangEllarose Wang3 napja
  • That feeling of loneliness,depression amd that time is going slow is so true when listening to music

    Noob Sensei 69Noob Sensei 693 napja
  • 1:13 I found a word that said SUBSCRIBE TOMPEWDIEPIE

    Pogs totsPogs tots3 napja
  • :3 hi Jaiden I'm bored *slams head on desk repeatedly*

    Ultra The protogenUltra The protogen3 napja
  • 4:24 Is that he man 😂🤣🤣

    Alfonso LiminAlfonso Limin3 napja
  • Jaiden: At home I hope Me:*is at legoland hotel*

    DEE187UDEE187U3 napja
  • Yes

    Christine LeaboChristine Leabo3 napja
  • I hate to read too

    TealFoxxTealFoxx3 napja
  • Books we’re forced to read in school always suck I’ve only ever liked one

    DannyDanny3 napja
  • All i'm doing is looking for a single comment that talks about the huge wall of text at 1:05

    Sony MounaSony Mouna3 napja
    • Haha yeah

      MarshalMarshal3 napja
  • i hate reading

    Seen WorldsSeen Worlds3 napja
  • Nhfgf

    Daniel FrutosDaniel Frutos3 napja
  • Jaiden "Every one thinks shools should die--..." me: *being the nerd I am n loves school* "WHAT did you just say?"

    GamerGwynGamerGwyn4 napja
  • I LOVE TO READ but I don't judge you, though. ALL of my friends hate reading too.

    GamerGwynGamerGwyn4 napja
  • jaiden: I hate reading james: Aadio buuks!

    master shooter64master shooter644 napja
  • Jaiden: Ryukahr Me, a long-time subscriber to Ryukahr: SHE SAID THE WORD, SHE SAID IT

    Cavan LynchCavan Lynch4 napja
  • I love geronimo stilton books too

    Dallas BrasseauxDallas Brasseaux4 napja
  • Jaiden: I could read 300 pages in one day Me: *laughs* I can double that, maybe even triple that XD

    Lisa KiminLisa Kimin4 napja
  • I love reading....I’ve been so excited to get the books I order!

    Landrie McLeodLandrie McLeod4 napja
    • I’m getting them on my birthday tomorrow!

      Landrie McLeodLandrie McLeod4 napja
  • Comic books are the best

    fikret şüküroğlufikret şüküroğlu4 napja
  • I completely agree with you Jaiden readind is SUPER BORİNG

    fikret şüküroğlufikret şüküroğlu4 napja
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics - Griffiths & Schroeter

    Wentao GaoWentao Gao4 napja
  • Jaiden I'm also a fan of geronimo stilton and that's how I got almost the entire kingdom of fantasy collection

    Daniel LuDaniel Lu4 napja
  • Fnaf the Silver eyes (Graphic Novel) Is my favorite, because... Its a graphic novel!!! Not just words and the pictures covers 90% of the book. And its like a comic. ._.? Yeah... I will buy the The twisted ones GRAPHIC NOVEL (obviously) next year Christmas

    Ralph Andrei BelandoRalph Andrei Belando4 napja
  • Who else loved english class. not me.

    Nadgie CabisuelasNadgie Cabisuelas4 napja
  • Lol I read the 1 2 3 and 4 Harry Potter books when I was 7-8

  • *Jaiden:* Screw you secret country! *Everyone who reads wings of fire:* Its *called* the lost continent.

    Sylvia BenderSylvia Bender4 napja
  • Ah yes, it is ! Time to stare at words and drink my fancy hot salad water!

    your FBI agentyour FBI agent4 napja
  • How is staring at a bunch of words help my brain.

    Nina IsmailNina Ismail4 napja
  • I agree with you that school kind of ruins the fun of reading. When I was in school, we would only get credit for reading books within our reading level. This was a problem for me because I actually read at a college level in fifth grade. Trust me, it's not easy to get excited about reading Les Miserables and War And Peace at age 10.

    tsl3161991tsl31619914 napja
  • Jaiden: Reading is for chumps Also Jaiden: If you like reading that's great!

    Colin FixColin Fix4 napja