I'm too Awkward for My Own Good

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the cringe is strong, here
Thanks to Ami & BlackSen for the voices!
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  • Yooo did you finally stop cringing about it? It's been 4 years lmao

    BudderpigeonGamingBudderpigeonGaming5 órája
  • Random dude : HI THERE! Me : I'm not socially awkward Random dude : OMG SAME *w a i t* [this actually happened once]

    Jaden Francis Z MORALESJaden Francis Z MORALES10 órája
  • Wait, pasta WITH sauce??? What happened with pasta with no sauce???

    LeftIsRight GamingLeftIsRight Gaming18 órája
    • Patha wif no sauce

      And PeggyAnd Peggy10 órája
  • Has she stopped cringing its been 4 years

    ChipppeiChipppei20 órája
  • Jaiden is a little silly but she is creative .Are you older than seven?

    Doodoo HeadDoodoo Head22 órája
  • lol jaiden look i'm a weirdo too.

    lxx sghlxx sghNapja
  • 3:18 My mind is an enigma

  • It's 2020 we need part 2

  • Hun you're worth millions of dollars


    PhantomGamer 1.0PhantomGamer 1.0Napja
  • 3:49 hehe pastha wit no sauth

  • Was there Nourriture super chic que Jaiden ne peut pas se permettre at the restaurant? (I copy and pasted that from google translate)

    Piper McLeanPiper McLeanNapja
  • One time a guy was fixing the elevator in my building, I saw the door going to hit him, I held the door. I didn't know what to say or to do so I stood there for a good 15 minutes before putting my bike too hold the door and going out of the building to get a rock to hold the elevator door before finally getting to my apartment... Sooo yeah I can say I am socially awkward but only with strangers.

    Epixation 169Epixation 1692 napja
  • Me: Have a great day! My friend: You too! Me again: Cringes for the rest of my life*

    Liam GamesLiam Games2 napja
  • 🎵Lost-in your thoughts-all alone🎵

    Midnight MoonstoneMidnight Moonstone2 napja
  • Person (with his friends) : Googles pastor yoda instead of master yoda Person's google history later: Pastor yoda, How to materialize to oxygen

    Jalapeño and Banana ProductionsJalapeño and Banana Productions3 napja
  • I try to be friends or just kind to shy and awkward people I meet cause I’m a very big talker, like I could have a 3 hour conversation with myself.... and once they get to know me they will start to come out of there shell. Perfect

    Forever n RandomwaysForever n Randomways3 napja
  • Aight so who here 4 years later

    Domenic Lopez ZapataDomenic Lopez Zapata3 napja
  • 5:40 I want to hear more about how Jaden can’t function normally in society VOTE! Yes. No.

    Birthday215lol OfficialBirthday215lol Official4 napja
  • 2:08 oh my gosh you have turned into frisk-

    Carmen_who_is_very_uncool :pCarmen_who_is_very_uncool :p5 napja
  • Jaidens mind: Prepares order Jaiden: Pathta wiff no sause

    SomethingCoolSomethingCool5 napja
  • What about now? Still, cringing about it? 😂😅

    NeoliceMarie AtilloNeoliceMarie Atillo6 napja
  • I kinda HATE small talk with a passion... Its just so awkward, and I can't see a point to it, and my brain over complicates things so it takes longer to respond than it should... *EXAMPLES* yay... Person: Hi Me: Hi... Person: ... Me: ... Person: So how's your day going? My thoughts: HAHAHAHA! I'm going insane, and nobody notices, but not really going insane. Me to Person: I'm good.

    Maggie IzayaMaggie Izaya6 napja
  • 🍩

    Keilah Valenzuela GarciaKeilah Valenzuela Garcia6 napja
  • Back here 4 years later I guess they forgot that Jaiden is awkward

    Watergoblin Is susWatergoblin Is sus6 napja
  • Jaiden must be cringing real hard seeing this,🤣

    karly Aftonkarly Afton7 napja
  • you ever have that moment when someone says “happy birthday!” and you’re like.. “you too!” just me...? okay.

    unicornzzzunicornzzz7 napja
    • Totally. One time someone sneezed and I said "Merry Christmas." It was in July.😂

      Lyric [Redacted]Lyric [Redacted]6 napja
  • Pfft I had this rlly awkward time at church cos I was daydreaming during our "break" and turns out I was staring at a guy for so long he felt so awkward he looked away and I didn't realise it until he got up and left the room. The next day he asked me what that was about. Heh I should mention I had a crush on this guy a while before this and I think he knew :]... Anyway I told him I was staring into space then he seemed kinda disappointed kinda relieved idk what's up with that guys are weird I told my friend they called me a dense mf cos I'm dumb and I never saw him after that :)

    Remix KittyRemix Kitty7 napja
  • Wow, your vocal cords must have been really good when you made this video.

    Dani HMQDani HMQ7 napja
  • This is probably very late, but I would love a part two....So I can...cringe at how awkward you are? Idk. It's fun listening to your stories. And I really relate to the part with the waiter. I wouldn't have corrected him either.

    Gideon BGideon B8 napja
  • Congrats no more cringe

    the introvertthe introvert9 napja
  • Once when I was in elementary I was having a heated conversation about Star Wars with a friend. If anyone remembers middle school there were jobs like line leader and door holder. I was door holder. As we were lining up, one of the lunch ladies asked who had what job, and in the heat of the moment, I told her “I’M DARTH VADER.” I still have random moments where this memory comes back and slaps me in the face.

    Bella_ also_hereBella_ also_here9 napja
  • 5:04 You smile because you want a good tip? Well, I do too. :)

    Raccoon ManRaccoon Man9 napja
  • 3:50 Jaiden: pasta with tomato sauce Me: pazta uiz nou zauz xd

    gemma fernandezgemma fernandez9 napja
  • There has been so much awkward silence between me and my best friend that we stopped sitting by each other.. so i got a replacement!.. :p im totally happy and not weird or anything..

    Elvin DavisElvin Davis9 napja
  • 4 years ago How much her drawing style has changed

    Avanie VipinMiniAvanie VipinMini10 napja
  • Some girl asked me at school recently, she asked me if I liked anyone, and with limited time to think and feeling pressured and suprised someone noticed I existed, and I spat out one word, "no" then rushed off. I spent the rest of the day wondering why she asked me. Another one was when I waved at my friend, because she was waving at me, and a guy waved back at me, thinking I was waving at him, and I mean, I didn't want to be rude, so I awkwardly waved back. And yeah, I've read the comments, we can be awkward together. (Even though I'm late.)

    Bĕıñğ Wěįřđ Īş ŇøŕmåłBĕıñğ Wěįřđ Īş Ňøŕmåł10 napja
  • I'm like that too🙂🤗😇

    Kasey MorenoKasey Moreno11 napja
  • the macdonalds worker: enjoy your meal! my response: hello! still cringe and crying till today

    artversartvers11 napja
  • same

    FiZzY WiZzY LeMoN SqUeEzYFiZzY WiZzY LeMoN SqUeEzY11 napja
  • The real question is… Is she still cringing?

    //-Just A Weirdo _On The Street-\\//-Just A Weirdo _On The Street-\\12 napja
  • Huh people are cringing about saying "you too" Well I never said that *cause I don't talk much* Huh surely there is someone like me

    Kartik MishraKartik Mishra12 napja
  • The cringe is over

    Gex _Gex _12 napja
  • LOL 4:34

    J Yapado droidJ Yapado droid12 napja
  • I watched this 6 years after

    Maya TranMaya Tran12 napja
  • The world needs more people like the uploader who knows how to draw and animate ;)

    Shawn LiShawn Li12 napja
  • One time I was learning Japanese phrases and one day I tried to tell my piano teacher (who knew Japanese) "Happy New Years" but since I had memorized multiple phrases that day when I tried to remember it, I remembered "I love you" instead. I still cringe to this day

    a persona person12 napja
  • "Do..do you like weather?" -damn it

    DannyDanny13 napja
  • Hahahaha

    Gabriel PHGabriel PH14 napja
  • I remember she said in a vid that her mom thought her eye contact that why she stare at ppl 😂

    michelle heusnermichelle heusner14 napja
  • its been four years now, i wonder if she’s still cringing about it (0:20)

    prettypieceofgarbageprettypieceofgarbage14 napja
  • my cousin: happy birthday! me: you too- oh wait that was a year ago and its still embarrasing (;o_o)

    MarshMarsh14 napja
  • do a part 2. Please it would be nice

    Warwick SmithWarwick Smith14 napja
  • Whoa, currently this video has LESS views than CURRENT jaidens subscribers!

    Gacha Verse ArtsGacha Verse Arts14 napja
  • The small talk one for me is so relatable, I can’t count how many times I have done that and ruined the conversation

    Thai FoodThai Food15 napja
  • I'm in the process of watching Evey vid one your Chanel and I love it content🥰

    Ender PheonixEnder Pheonix15 napja
  • Jaiden: -I want pasta penne Waiter: -I'll get you everything but that Jaiden: -Understandable, have a nice day

    Nacho RNacho R15 napja
  • Welp- its been 4 years so... She's over it? XD

    Willow SundewWillow Sundew15 napja
  • It's been 4 years

    Pavan kalyan NanduriPavan kalyan Nanduri16 napja
  • I’m the girl Jaiden was talking to in the first story, I’m 1.7 m and in year 6 so people often assume I’m older than I really am. I don’t get offended in the slightest, so don’t worry, former Jaiden, she probably thought it was a compliment :)

    Alice McIntyreAlice McIntyre16 napja
  • It's been 4 years wonder if she still cringing like sir brain said

    SxC DRSxC DR16 napja
  • Just putting it out there, tall girls are cool. -Me, a short guy who is a fan of tall girls

    Duncan Van OoyenDuncan Van Ooyen16 napja
  • Me calling for a pizza I:calm down, you can, it's not that hard Me: I call Restaurant person: what you're going to want Me: pizza peperone me sauce chesee

    David Baracaldo CDavid Baracaldo C16 napja
  • 0:24 Jaiden is free!!!!!!

    David Baracaldo CDavid Baracaldo C16 napja
  • She stopped cringing about it.

    Gloworm FanaticGloworm Fanatic16 napja
  • I am a weirdo too!everyday I create awkward moments that become stories I cringe about later on in life 😖

    monica1031fulmonica1031ful18 napja
    • Same , i talked to someone online bc I wanted a friend , now he thinks I'm crazy 😢, I'm so nervous rn😢😢

      roo myroo my17 napja
  • your stuff is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll!!!!!

    Megan BetzMegan Betz19 napja
  • I had a girl threaten to beat that crap out of me because is looked at her weird. I was sick that day and was just sitting staring into nothing I didn't even know she walked in

    Jessica MilburnJessica Milburn20 napja
  • Pathstha with no thauce

    Cintia RobinsonCintia Robinson20 napja
  • "And cringe about it for the next 4 years" It's 2020 now Jaiden, u done cringing?

    Photon IcePhoton Ice20 napja
  • Honestly, I question if that waiter just upped the bill with that order, and you agreed to it. lol I have low expectations for humanity in general, it helps be not so socially awkward, just socially shunned. lol... hahaha... ha.... got to laugh to keep from crying.. it's fine, everything is fine!

    Evelyn McKnightEvelyn McKnight20 napja
  • That was the funniest outro ending I've ever heard 🤣

    Random RimRockRandom RimRock21 napja
  • That staring one reminds me of what I did. So I zoned out and when when I came back I was staring at a girl this was in middle School it was really akword

    Alex AvendanoAlex Avendano21 napja
  • “She probably thought I was a flustered lesbian or something” Me lol

    EileenEileen21 napja
  • I do the whole process of reading my order in my head repeatedly too, being a vegan/vegetarian, I take it a bit to far sometimes tho. It’s mixed because I feel awkward editing the order and get anxiety thinking the waiter thinks I’m some freak for taking out fish or cheese which they might think is the best part. I find out my family wants to go somewhere a week or so in advance then spend days analyzing the whole menu, looking at what’s in the recipe description, how much it is, if it comes with sides or not.

    i Islandi Island21 napja
  • At the restaurant you should have ordered pasta with no sauce aka pathta with no sauth 2:01 is nice I like that she said that being lesbian isn’t a bad thing

    Sarah KearnsSarah Kearns22 napja
  • Ok Jaiden probably I‘m a bit too late to get attention for this post but I write it anyway cause some others were maybe thinking the same. After I watched your videos about your „social failures“ and also the flirting video (especially the part where you talked about the awkward atmosphere of your date) I‘m pretty sure that maybe you are not the best at social interacting but the people in your stories aren‘t the biggest communication gods either. I would call myself an extrovert and normally an empathetic extrovert adapts the situation for you introverts so that you have less pressure to carry a conversation and behave less awkward. If you find yourself in these kind of situations often with people you would describe as good at communicating they are simply often kind of a dick cause your thoughts in these situations are more „normal“ than you think and they also realize that and they are just as guilty for letting things go cringy as you. So don‘t be too hard on yourself. In some way all people are kind of awkward.

    Gino RubnerGino Rubner22 napja
  • Me in school once Teacher: Does anyone know the answer?? Me: *raises hand* Teacher: *goes through several people before me* My POV: I will just imagine things to do after school Teacher: *points to me* My brain: Dangit I forgot my answer why was my hand even still up!!!?!??!?

    Itz Deer_dazeItz Deer_daze22 napja
  • Hi Jaiden, I'd be happy for a part 2 (I know this is very late XD)

    Sebastian HoganSebastian Hogan23 napja
  • I RBF zoned out so hard at a girl in the cafeteria once, that she went to the principal and complained that I was mean-mugging her & she was scared. I was like "I have no idea who you even are!!!"

    Julianna H ꨄJulianna H ꨄ24 napja
  • One time I was in class and I was just staring And this girl says Robin why are you staring at me I had to explain I was just day dreaming/dozing off And happen to look in that direction People laughed Lol

    Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja
  • Okay it's been 4 years she'll stop cringing about it

    Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja
  • Once I wasn’t paying attention and said a weird thing about my neighbor with her right there. I still cringe every time I walk by her house. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything really strange or bad or anything. It was fine. She probably forgot about it. Hopefully.)

    Interstellar KittenInterstellar Kitten24 napja
    • What was it?

      Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja
  • 4 years later

    N031GAm3r11 GamingN031GAm3r11 Gaming24 napja
  • so one time this happened: Me: spacing out* person: Have a good day at school! Me: *caught off guard* Uh- I- Yep! My mind: OMG YOU WERE SO RUDE YOU NEED TO SAY SOMETHING TO MAKE UP FOR IT Me: Uh- You too! I mean uh- sorry um- Then the bus came and I still cringe to this day

    Steve DeVizorSteve DeVizor25 napja
    • Lol wth

      Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja

    •Bubbly Lemonade••Bubbly Lemonade•25 napja
  • There was a time where I went to a store and there was a bowl of candy at the checkout area and I asked the lady if it was real....I meant to say can I have one

    Amani SalamahAmani Salamah25 napja

      yes im a directioneryes im a directioner24 napja
    • @Robin's Hood YT well I guess...the candy was good!!

      Amani SalamahAmani Salamah24 napja
    • @Amani Salamah 🤣 Was it worth it

      Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja
    • @Robin's Hood YT lol yeah

      Amani SalamahAmani Salamah24 napja
    • Did you get the candy

      Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja
  • Person: Thank you My dad: Thank you My dad: Happy Birthday ...It was not that person's birthday

    Student FroilaAngeline CallejoStudent FroilaAngeline Callejo26 napja
  • me: says a weird joke to my friends also me: starts laughing at my own joke that really doesn't make sense my friends: YEAH (we really need to take her to the hospital)

    Amina NAmina N26 napja
    • I don't get why people say: You laugh at your own joke? I said it because I thought it was funny For my self enjoyment

      Robin's Hood YTRobin's Hood YT24 napja
  • I am terrible at telling whether people are trying to give me a high five/fist bump or waving or whatever. I can remember three times where I potentially got it mixed up and they still haunt me after months or even years. I also relate to the staring at someone on accident and then they wave-that happened just this Sunday!

    Rian WeisenbergerRian Weisenberger26 napja
    • 🤚👊

      yes im a directioneryes im a directioner24 napja
  • Me: Hi! Your Kate and I am- Wait- Wait! I mean Im Kate! and- n-nvm... *first time ive ever talked to someone first* oh gawd im so cringey XD

    TheCreatorKateTheCreatorKate26 napja
  • I FELT THIS 1:46

    Crystel PastelCrystel Pastel26 napja
  • part 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sapphire SpringsSapphire Springs26 napja
  • 4 years later, still cringing?

    NexusNexus26 napja
  • Crush: nice weather Me:thanks Me 5 years later:

    the gaming bagelthe gaming bagel26 napja
  • It has been 4 years now she won’t cringe anymore

    Thomas SmithThomas Smith26 napja
  • 2020 for part 2? Anyone?

    Code Variant LucierCode Variant Lucier26 napja
  • I just noticed she didnt asked to like and subscribe and just for that im gonna like and subscribe

    IceVeinsIceVeins27 napja
  • jaiden one time I was at a rester on and I asked for something he said ok went 100000000 hours later he come with the wrong food I just leave and tip 50 dollars

    Gacha tuber Natalia PettisGacha tuber Natalia Pettis27 napja
  • Reminds me of that one scene in detective pikachu where [insert protagonist name] described out loud the stuff he put in his nose and carried on trying to explain himself to people who were giving him looks

    Ranibow SprimkleRanibow Sprimkle27 napja