I'm Totally a Skating Pro

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The sarcasm is strong in the title of this animation. #2Pro5Me Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed and share it with your friends who may also be skating pros! Then we can all be pro skaters together and wear beanies.
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Music: Little Fingers by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a free autograph from me when I go full pro in the skating industry ᕙ(◕‿↼‶)ᕗ

  • The heck stop month

    Isaiah RayburnIsaiah Rayburn14 órája
  • Tony hawk

    Josh HowarthJosh Howarth3 napja
  • Jaiden being scared me going down tbe things rail on a skateboard

    Dragon ClanDragon Clan3 napja
  • Is anyone waiting for Episode 3?

    Brii Studios UwUBrii Studios UwU3 napja
  • Jaiden: blocks a high-speed bathroom stall door with quick reflexes like a boss. Also Jaiden: panics as board slowly rolls off of rug.

    Lara SabrinaLara Sabrina4 napja
  • Scar killed Mufasa for the soul stone. I watch too much Marvel.

    brian hernandezbrian hernandez4 napja
  • I just realised this video is five years old. :)

    Diamond PumpkinDiamond Pumpkin4 napja
  • I can teach u😄

    Powfu ._LpsPowfu ._Lps4 napja
  • How did that happen lol epic story dem

    BananaBanana5 napja
  • pretty sure this happens to everyone who tries a skateboard

    HammTari ProductionsHammTari Productions6 napja

    sophia oppelsophia oppel7 napja
  • 1:48 ima use this for an example when there is an obvious way out for my sisters. Sister: AHHHH IM DYING Me: “Just jump off,Just jump off. Just a joke o-o

    Alyssa ChanceAlyssa Chance7 napja
  • LOL I thing you got better in 2017-2020

    Slimy_ PlayzzSlimy_ Playzz7 napja
  • you know if you step on one side of the board it stops.

    big boibig boi8 napja
  • that used to happen to me when i first started skating ;w;

    XxSageUwUxXXxSageUwUxX9 napja
  • thiasdsaf vidoe is not even abaourg scating

    Shade_Shade_10 napja
  • ah.

    Albdino14Albdino1411 napja
  • her voice :O

    LeviLevi12 napja
  • by "local mall skate shop" you mean Zumiez right?

    Jordi ZarateJordi Zarate12 napja
  • just step off the rug

    RobloxPlayer2187RobloxPlayer218712 napja
  • Lol

    GalaxyMinerGalaxyMiner12 napja
  • So did you learn or

    G PG P12 napja
  • lmao

    ClearIceClearIce13 napja
  • nice mic quality

    baconoofbaconoof13 napja
  • *w i l d a b e a s t s*

    BeedopBeedop14 napja
  • How have I not seen this yet

    Wrecker101Wrecker10115 napja
  • jaiden💜👍

    Ismael Rodriguez CarrizalesIsmael Rodriguez Carrizales15 napja
  • Funny story: I was in a balance board in a skate park and the owner came to me and said “you should try skateboarding” I said “ok” Then he taught me how to skateboard and I’m a pro to this day... That’s literally what just happened

    STH exeSTH exe16 napja
  • *Recommended*

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya16 napja
  • Anyone else notice that at 1:26 it says in closed captioning O_O. Also it says RugScar when scar talks

    Quinn LapthornQuinn Lapthorn17 napja
  • If she is panicking and then turns slo-mo then she must have great reflexes

    Shawn ParedesShawn Paredes19 napja
  • My panicking is way better because i am predicting that something's bad going to happen

    Shawn ParedesShawn Paredes19 napja
  • who's here in 2020

    Anh Hoang 575Anh Hoang 57520 napja
  • Pasta with no sauce

    Minecraftster9000 I’m backMinecraftster9000 I’m back20 napja
  • 1:36 wildabeasts 2:59 more wildabeasts

    Little_anime_girl_uwuLittle_anime_girl_uwu23 napja

    Younjoo LeeYounjoo Lee24 napja
  • Well my experiance was slightly better, but expectations of my friends were an little high since i rolled down the Skateboard ramp on my first day... I fell down of course, but they were suprised i even had the guts to do that. All things considered, not a bad memory, i just never bought a skateboard for myself but i dont hate them. I would probably even use it sometimes if i had one.

    Tobias PauseTobias Pause24 napja
  • Ik this was made years ago and no one might not see it but I learned how to use a skateboard after 2 days-

    The Flock MembersThe Flock Members25 napja
  • Wow how convenient I skated yesterday and had to go to the hospital DONT ASK Y

    Jhuan MirandaJhuan Miranda25 napja
  • 2:56

    Weegee 256Weegee 25626 napja
  • I wonder if Jaiden ever learned how to skateboard after all that?

    Sonia RossSonia Ross26 napja
  • Me n my bro are planning to do dat when I am at his school.-.

    Jodi SalvadorJodi Salvador26 napja
  • Watching in 2020 makes me cringe over the references to the size of the store. Yay for 2020.

    ObiwanNekodyObiwanNekody27 napja
  • I'm desperate for content ok?

    Sara StoriesSara Stories28 napja
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater needs a Jaiden Dlc

    Dani KisikanDani Kisikan28 napja
  • Awww, Jaiden's old videos. :3

    Mindy LingardMindy Lingard28 napja
  • Everyone who knows how to skate: ._. -_-

    iiM incorrextiiM incorrext28 napja
  • Holy crap... Jaiden was so different back in those days...

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • When you're so desperate for more Jaiden goodness you watch her old videos...

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • When you're so desperate for more Jaiden goodness you watch her old videos...

    Max Fast - Brawl StarsMax Fast - Brawl Stars29 napja
  • I laughed at the thumbnail and title alone :)

    Nerd kidNerd kid29 napja
  • Jaiden: *Panik mode activate* Jaiden: *Basic motor skills deactivate*

    Elliott HillElliott Hill29 napja
  • jaiden I founnd the secret message can i tell???

    eEeEeeEE EeeEeeEeeEe loleEeEeeEE EeeEeeEeeEe lol29 napja
  • ok

    Prajwal kumarPrajwal kumarHónapja
  • me who knows how to skateboard but don't know how to turn or kickflip: elmo doesn't exist, gladly

    L1saL33 M3t3L1saL33 M3t3Hónapja
  • dum ass

    oona bnyahudaoona bnyahudaHónapja
  • Jesus your mic

    Inky Cakes2020Inky Cakes2020Hónapja
  • I love your animations keep like this

    Antonio ZayasAntonio ZayasHónapja
  • I decided to start skateboarding... Now I'm having second thoughts

    Hinata ShoyoHinata ShoyoHónapja
  • ☺️🤪😉😕🥳😚☺️🤨☹️😄🤨😉😩😱😕🤭😬😡🤐☹️😡😲🤔😏🤬😕🤭😙🥳😙🙁😏🤨🤨🤨😯😥👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹😡😒🤭😕😒🤭😒😕😒😕😱😒😒🙄😒🙄🥺😒🤭🥺😱😒😒😩🙄🤔🤭🥺🤭🤬🤭☹️🙄😩🤭😯😒🤔😩😒🙄😱😩🙄😒😒😩🤔😒😯😒🙄🥺🙄😱🥺😒😨😱🥺🥺😒🙄😒😱🙄😱😒😱😕😡🧐🤭🧐🧐🙄😒😕😬🙄😱😒🙄😕😱😩😱😱😩😒😩😬😕😩😒😬😒🙄😕😱🙄😏🙄😱😏🙄😱😩🥶🤨🙄🤨🙄😱😱😒🙄😒😱😒😩😩🙄😱😕😱😒😒😱🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Dee LovendaleDee LovendaleHónapja
  • October 2020😂

    K HK HHónapja
  • jaden *sees a wilde beest* jadens brain: waring this may cause intnce flashbacks

    Bernard JeanmarieBernard JeanmarieHónapja
  • I think jaiden should do a new video with this style on animation

    Michael DeemerMichael DeemerHónapja
  • man how thing here were different P.S future me say this again in the replys

    Sean ChasseSean ChasseHónapja
    • speaking of which im sry i have to wow that was rly cool wow that was rly cool wow that was really cool wow really that cool cool wow that really wow that was rly cool

      Sean ChasseSean ChasseHónapja
  • Just know as someone who works in a skate store nobody cares that much just buy a board

    Boo HooBoo HooHónapja
  • Word of the day: wilderbeasts

    Neverendinglemur MereNeverendinglemur MereHónapja
  • Hi

    Alicia ChestnutAlicia ChestnutHónapja
  • One time I made a table fall then everyone looked at me i turned red :I

    Nora OceguedaNora OceguedaHónapja
  • *walks into class holding a bike*

  • I can give you some skate lessons if you like

    Godz GotaGodz GotaHónapja
  • How was mufasa of the female gender? He was clearly a guy

    Mr. AshtasticMr. AshtasticHónapja
  • I love skateboarding

    Mr. AshtasticMr. AshtasticHónapja
  • *poser*

    Drewry BillmanDrewry BillmanHónapja
  • Wasn’t mufasa a guy? Like what

  • you don't even know what pro is mate

  • When I started this video, I got an ad about what pro means.

    Rainbow DragonRainbow DragonHónapja
  • Bruh. Just try try try it’s taken me 2 years

  • I know how to skateboard it took me a three days just try Jaiden

    Layla JuarezLayla JuarezHónapja
  • . *wildbeast*

  • Scooters are like scate board bikes that are the best of both worlds

    Linus AagaardLinus AagaardHónapja
  • Ari hawk Pro skater

  • Ur Not A Skateboarding Pro Idiot CLICKBAIT

    I need money for a computerI need money for a computerHónapja
    • She was just joking, kid.

      Gxlaxy CatGxlaxy CatHónapja
  • "i can never go to that store again" its not that deep lmao

    Alina SugubeataAlina SugubeataHónapja
  • Did you step of of the board WITH YOUR FRONT FOOT 🤦🏻

    Dakoda MorganDakoda MorganHónapja
  • Honestly i've seen and been around this channel for a while and i've never seen this vid

    Gaming GalacticGaming GalacticHónapja
    • same bro

      toiki i guesstoiki i guessHónapja
  • unicycling is a cooler hobby

    325 BPM325 BPMHónapja
  • Wildebeests.

    Ian FloodIan FloodHónapja
  • I can imagine that part when Jaiden is on the skateboard while the drowning music from sonic the hedgehog is playing

    Kyle Matus-CruzKyle Matus-CruzHónapja
  • Wildabeasts.

    Erin CashinErin CashinHónapja
  • I’m sorry for everyone out here but I’ve never watched the lion king so when some one makes a joke about it I don’t know what it means

    Jewelyen TuttleJewelyen TuttleHónapja
  • Why didn't she just step off

    Lolo LeleiLolo LeleiHónapja
  • I went to that same store XD

  • I got a skateboarding square space ad on this video

    Sentient GlitchSentient GlitchHónapja
  • 1st time i see jaiden with a different drawing style from 2016 - 2018 or 2019 - 2020

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerHónapja
    • Lol

      Mudita :pMudita :pHónapja
  • Jaiden: "we were practically breathing down each others necks." Me: COVID!!!!!!!!

  • Im a skater

    NateDog AWSOMENateDog AWSOMEHónapja
  • Her art style looked so different

    BlaZe ClipZ - Gaming ClipsBlaZe ClipZ - Gaming ClipsHónapja
  • I don’t remember this video../

  • 2020

    Fernando OrtizFernando OrtizHónapja
  • Not even mee

    baby cat gamingbaby cat gamingHónapja