I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis

2018.ápr. 8.
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this is not what we wanted
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  • btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼

    Jaiden AnimationsJaiden Animations2 évvel
    • This is relatable because with my mom and my brother we were stuck in colorado and my mom was very mad because we got pulled up by a karen

      Javier PenaJavier PenaHónapja
    • ok

    • Dang

      Evan GeusebroekEvan Geusebroek2 hónapja
    • hats off for yur mom

      Percy WONGPercy WONG2 hónapja
    • Hi Jaiden I think you got so much trouble to get to Canada

  • You have been beaten for love of stuffed animals

    Cornett FamilyCornett Family15 perccel
  • i live in Canada and it,s normal

    SoulSoul3 órája
  • I can sneak into Canada

    blackhohl51blackhohl5110 órája
  • The whole time the brother was not talking ever

    Erdenetuya UlziibaatarErdenetuya Ulziibaatar11 órája
  • Canada is amazing- but the snow can go, i hate winter in Canada. I've only felt Winnipeg's winters and it isn't nice

    Cross! Sans! The OreoCross! Sans! The Oreo12 órája
  • I like Canada

    Devon NelsonDevon Nelson13 órája
  • is it funny that when she mentioned 95% of the video left i thought “hmm, funny how this video is 9 minutes and 50 seconds and she mentioned that”

    Sam KabelSam KabelNapja
  • I'm only 10 and have more than 5 stuffed animals XD

    Potato moonPotato moonNapja
  • LMAO at the 4th aneurysm and notification covered my screen and someone posted a video named isolation hit different

    funcil pizzabox 518funcil pizzabox 518Napja
  • Amm born in twenty ten

    red susred susNapja
  • pale animations :)

    Riley HoodRiley HoodNapja
  • Oh man. And I thought I was lucky for being born lol.

    Neo DongNeo DongNapja
  • 𝟶̲-𝟶̲

  • Canada's awesome

    Noah PlayzNoah PlayzNapja
  • We Are America's Hat!!! I couldn't stop laughing over that.

    Ketrina HtdhjKetrina HtdhjNapja
  • 0:05 what about itsfunneh? (not animator)

    Reynalda PelayoReynalda PelayoNapja
  • airplane: exists 2020: i'm gonna end this man's whole career

  • I live in canada the summer is too hot the winther is too cold ...

    R. C.R. C.2 napja
  • Jaiden: is expired as a kid. James: character is a marshmallow. Adam: has juice boxes with wine.

    Ketrina HtdhjKetrina Htdhj2 napja
  • *cough* I lived in Minnesota and love it, my grandpa, grandma, and grate grandma *cough*

    Eva BittmannEva Bittmann2 napja
  • *expired children*

    Birb Cop 5846Birb Cop 58462 napja
  • I’m so glad this bs happens less in Europe

    schwedi-boischwedi-boi2 napja
  • Never forgot Jaiden: weird meme Editor: UPDATE UR DRAWING Voice: like james charles

    Nathan KieNathan Kie2 napja
  • The video made me stressed I don't know why

    Adhyeta SharmaAdhyeta Sharma2 napja
  • Do you live in Phoenix me too

    SMLC Master MindSMLC Master Mind2 napja
  • "listening to a high school musical playlist" I felt that I felt that a lot

    TerumimiTerumimi2 napja
  • I live in Minnesota

    John LambeJohn Lambe2 napja
  • You are so lucky you should seriously buy a lottery ticket

    Samiksha SunilSamiksha Sunil2 napja
  • *When your name is Canada:* I-

    •Wendy Vibes••Wendy Vibes•2 napja
  • I live in michagan

    Confusion TNTConfusion TNT3 napja
  • Love how childish she is even tho she said she was 14 at that time.

    hayden sad pithayden sad pit3 napja
  • I live in Minneapolis

    SlumanSluman3 napja
  • I live pretty close to minneapolis!

    Jeff BrenholdtJeff Brenholdt3 napja
  • When I read the title as ’I tried to go to Canada but ended up in minecraft’

    Ketrina HtdhjKetrina Htdhj3 napja
  • *canadian alert*

    United StatesUnited States3 napja
  • Did you know that in the philippines if in America its 2 pm in the philippines its 2 am

    luis miguel celiacayluis miguel celiacay3 napja
  • In 2012 I was 1

    luis miguel celiacayluis miguel celiacay3 napja
  • Mmm Canada

    Klara MalatekKlara Malatek3 napja
  • I am Canadian

    SuperMMO ‘sSuperMMO ‘s3 napja
  • I live in Minnasota

    Claire Rihanek (Student)Claire Rihanek (Student)4 napja
  • yeah i live in minneapolis

    Determined CatmanDetermined Catman4 napja
  • 😂 you should name this video "expired children"

    Shit talkerShit talker4 napja
  • ever amangin jaiden mess up and insted frick says fu++

    Rarihwesakhe MitchellRarihwesakhe Mitchell4 napja
  • Canada pretty good but I freeze to death in winter🥶

    Kat LeeKat Lee4 napja
  • Mom: *inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale* Jainden: mom are u ok- Mom: *inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale fast*

    Itz Mine UpdateItz Mine Update4 napja
  • It’s cold in Canada

    Matthew GuerraMatthew Guerra4 napja
  • Good

    Odd ones & Weird onesOdd ones & Weird ones4 napja
  • Good

    Odd ones & Weird onesOdd ones & Weird ones4 napja
  • does anyone else notice the red line 2:00

    Good_Boil521Good_Boil5214 napja
  • My god thats fucking stupid.

    OP Itzhuffy UtubeOP Itzhuffy Utube4 napja
  • Can someone tell the reson for why they didn't ask for the consent for that time

    Javier HernandezJavier Hernandez4 napja
  • Hey I'm an animator (new) ................ probably......I never went to any other country except for the middle east and .........my own country(I don't own any country)

  • i live in arizona

    Olivia Santa CruzOlivia Santa Cruz5 napja
  • This youtuber makes me lought alot all the time she has amazing personality and just i love her

    Martynas DvylaitisMartynas Dvylaitis5 napja
  • when you said there are 95 percent of the video left there was actualy 87.80487 percent of the video left

    Mert AşıcıMert Aşıcı5 napja
  • 3:20 This was me every time I lose my favourite doll that was bought before I was born But I start crying too

    Evie Gacha gamesEvie Gacha games5 napja
  • We have the biggest mall in the world An indoor aquarium An indoor ice rink So many stores 3 frozen yogurt places A giant fountain Right next to (as of writing this) the tallest building in the world A ginormous food court

    yeeting with Alyyeeting with Aly5 napja
  • i committed 9 war crimes in canada

    ThePlaneWirzardedThePlaneWirzarded5 napja
  • Did you say this was in 2012? I was born in 2012.... Yay

    Keely Rhodes DanielsKeely Rhodes Daniels5 napja
  • Btw Edmonton mall is true, I went there for a summer vacation.

    DefinitelyDecentYTDefinitelyDecentYT5 napja
  • 3:16 I can relate, but I already got home when I realized.

    DefinitelyDecentYTDefinitelyDecentYT5 napja
  • Your raccons name is actully tito

    Hailey CostelloHailey Costello5 napja
  • I live in Northern America so when someone asks me if I live in Canada I just say yes and no 👍

    Ethan PondEthan Pond5 napja
  • i'm from cali so that whole living in a volcano line is an understatement at best lol

    Axel PyreAxel Pyre5 napja
  • not in canada

    Ryker SchaafsmaRyker Schaafsma5 napja
  • Luckily, Minneapolis isn’t the worst place to be stuck for a day

    Joey GustafsonJoey Gustafson5 napja
  • This reminds me of the amazing world of gumball

    Gamer Trio Niko,Šime i FićoGamer Trio Niko,Šime i Fićo5 napja
  • I’m an animator

    Miss randomMiss random5 napja
  • Im from Canada and never heard of this mall before

    Ibrahim KhanIbrahim Khan5 napja
    • The Edmonton one

      Ibrahim KhanIbrahim Khan5 napja
  • Your mom is taking panic attacks

    SalarSalar5 napja
  • Fun fact: I went to the mall of America in like 2011. I was too young to do any of the fun stuff and I want to go back. I’ve been asking my mom for the past few years and each time she said no.

    My123monMy123mon5 napja
  • :3 Editor note: :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

    Patrick _RBLXPatrick _RBLX6 napja
  • Should've trademarked that "Expired Children" "Boomers" are gone, we call adults "expired children" now, and old people "Overdue Adults"

    Ell LeighEll Leigh6 napja
    • Lol

      yeeting with Alyyeeting with Aly5 napja
  • Can we give a round of applause to Jayden's mum

    Manna AlemManna Alem6 napja
  • When i heard Raool i was like wow causee i had a plushey fox which my dog killed :/

    Cisow HashimCisow Hashim6 napja
  • Passport expired, no entry to Arstotzka!

    phantom gamingphantom gaming6 napja
  • wait a minute...

    ItsXplayzItsXplayz6 napja
  • Wow Canadians are actually nice

    Leonardo ChavezLeonardo Chavez6 napja
  • The face of jaidens mom hahahahahah 6:27

    moon void.moon void.6 napja
  • You're mom is awesome. :)

    Theo WintersTheo Winters6 napja
  • Polis ? COW POLIS

    natasya YTnatasya YT6 napja
  • $,#&$^#&=÷&*^#^=*♤|□▪♤□○[

    Dom DomDom Dom6 napja
  • I live in Minneapolis. It’s nice here in the summer but, not the winter

    Steven RobertsSteven Roberts6 napja
  • There all coll

    Ezekiel baboolallEzekiel baboolall6 napja
  • You can only get so naked in the extreme HEAT I mean okay ginger pale I will move to Canada to see that and.......JUST KIDDING HAHAHAHA I AM NEVER MOVING TO CANADA CUS OF THERE EARTHQUAKES HAHAHAHA I am scared of earthquakes btw

    Emma juneEmma june6 napja
  • Lololololololol Expired children lololololololol

  • I feel jaiden

    Charlotte RetrieverCharlotte Retriever6 napja
  • im in mn

    Tank TowTank Tow6 napja
  • You can tell my grandma she lives in Canada

    Funny cats HelloFunny cats Hello6 napja
  • My dad whishes to live in Canada

    17th Immortal17th Immortal7 napja
    • I do live in 🇨🇦

      Dawn GDawn G6 napja
  • Canada is a great place to live. I am planning on moving to the states. not for any specific reason besides an easier way to make it to VidCon. but yea

    KableKable7 napja
  • Hall of America is also a good place to play pokemon go 😏

    ᴇ͢Xø Zodiacᴇ͢Xø Zodiac7 napja
  • dude, I WAS BORN IN JULY 2012 :0

    Cari GamesCari Games7 napja
  • Death road to canada extreme mode

    imuniz3635imuniz36357 napja
  • July 2012???~~? that when i was born

    •ScakGaming••ScakGaming•7 napja
  • Minnesota is a smaller Canada you could've just stayed.

    Brody PennBrody Penn7 napja
  • Jainden what place are you in am at the filipinos

    Angelo AsuncionAngelo Asuncion7 napja
  • And hot

    Roblox kidRoblox kid7 napja
  • Well Canada is good

    Roblox kidRoblox kid7 napja