If you don't like reading, I've got the book for you

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maybe reading isn't too bad when PET is here

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D just sayin... you can find the book on amazon if you're curious (not sponsored)

  • Didn't watch a movie

  • I don't like reading either because u could just stop wasting time start this search on google

    radial gamerradial gamer3 órája
  • When I was little I would read a ton of different super long books that I had no idea what was happening but I enjoyed it anyway But now I only read graphic novels And that’s it

    FLaSHy_ pAiNTFLaSHy_ pAiNT4 órája
  • I thought this was about harry potter

    MagicDonut56MagicDonut565 órája
  • what about ari's birthday ??????

    Jan EngelbrechtJan Engelbrecht7 órája
  • 4:27 wait... THAT'S A RARE BOOK-

    Emerick MontiganEmerick Montigan8 órája
  • I love reading books as long as they are books my self likes cuz there are certain kind of books I like

    Itzskywolfyt UwUItzskywolfyt UwU8 órája
  • epic tf2 reference "Nope"

    PlaceHolderPlaceHolder11 órája
  • I literally used to watch this 4:47

    Francisco DiazFrancisco Diaz13 órája
  • "Is this a joke?" "I'm not sure yet."

    61861816 órája
  • I only read The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Diary of A Wimpy Kid

    Kyle RamkissoonKyle Ramkissoon16 órája
  • Nice amount of views

    LuminalOwlLuminalOwl22 órája
  • Engineer jaiden 0:29

    Nancy SoteloNancy SoteloNapja
  • 💔

    John ArchuletaJohn ArchuletaNapja
  • 🖤💜

    John ArchuletaJohn ArchuletaNapja
  • Jaiden did you forgot aris birdays

    Mariyani StewardMariyani StewardNapja
  • when pet was kicked... me IS THAT... A JOJO REFERENCE??!

    • danny noooooooo

  • I would only read naruto and other anime books

    Tear DropTear DropNapja
  • Jaiden liking manga me:... i like manwha

  • Me: Who loves books watching this and reading books with over 1000 pages I love reading I'm just watching for content.

    Ketrina HtdhjKetrina HtdhjNapja
  • 1:06 why does he look like a mash between Johnny Depp and Waluigi

    Evan TysonEvan TysonNapja
  • i like cartoons Even thow i'm probably too old for that and also people make fun of me becuz of that T^T and to that a say leave me alown XD

    2 stupid to understand2 stupid to understandNapja
  • 6,969689 views KAPPA

    Arctic IntruderArctic IntruderNapja
  • OI jaiden what about diary of a wimpy kid!

    The cleetus from Animal crossingThe cleetus from Animal crossingNapja
  • six grade jaiden: PET six grade me: PeRcY jACksOn

    • Sixth grade me was Naruto

      4dm1ral Fart4dm1ral Fart14 órája
  • My favorite book is the dairy of a wimpy kid

  • I have 3 manga books. I searched up this book on Amazon and it looks like a good book.

    NachoNacho2 napja
  • I thought it said peta

    Kevin BladesKevin Blades2 napja
  • You really can’t get me to like a book, I hate reading

    Spencer MckennaSpencer Mckenna2 napja
  • Well, ima lion king fanatic

    Waner_ CatWaner_ Cat2 napja
  • how dare you throw harry potter. I can't believe I lived for ten years without it.

    • Oh my god, there are too much words, omg i only watch the movies and like they are boring

      Waner_ CatWaner_ Cat2 napja
  • One of my favorite books is the wild robot the first one the second one is also good but the robot almost died and I really like the characters in but the first one is longer and better in my opinion

    • Oh wow! I read that when i was in 3rd grade!

      Waner_ CatWaner_ Cat2 napja
  • Jaiden: "i was really big on imagination and stuff as a kid, so anything that played around with enhancing reality in fun and creative ways was right up my alley" me: as i too was like once. *ONCE.*

    William CuiWilliam Cui2 napja
  • I only read . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mangas

    Carrie SCarrie S2 napja
  • I remember being interrogated by a teacher who didn't believe I read this book.. The book wasn't Chapters & Chapters of story it was Arthur from PBS kids in book form I Aced that interrogation though

    Good VibezGood Vibez3 napja
  • So we just gonna ignore she called Harry Potter a revolting piece of literature?

    Eva TanalepyEva Tanalepy3 napja
    • Yes

      Waner_ CatWaner_ Cat2 napja
  • u said among us

    Mario RamirezMario Ramirez3 napja
  • I read at least 3 books a month What am I doing here

    RamenTheDerpRamenTheDerp3 napja
  • Isn’t ari 4? 🤔

    Jim PipkinsJim Pipkins3 napja
  • At school I am making a new pet comic

    TheUser812TheUser8123 napja
  • I don't mind reading,my favourites are probably the Harry Potter and the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid franchise. Oh,and this other book that I really liked called "The Call Of The Wild". I like reading Manga's too.

    Natsuki PlayzNatsuki Playz3 napja
  • After 5 years jaiden finally covers this book, after giving us a taste of what it was in here 100k special: looking through old art

    SolBrolSolBrol4 napja
  • Percy Jackson/ any Rick riordan books they are amazing even if a bit of a meme I even read them ages before I even had the reading level to fairly do so

    Nathan.wNathan.w4 napja
  • So basically they kept on adding characters to keep the protagonist company? Now that sounds like a harem

    GKH PlayzGKH Playz4 napja
  • Well if you like read other books just leave it to pet!

    Nazari JanyukNazari Janyuk4 napja
  • you should read this book called "The Wild Robot

    Gio CruzGio Cruz4 napja
  • s hair : 3Ids Grooming Baby Jadand Wa

    Andrei KrapivnitskiAndrei Krapivnitski4 napja
  • Pet is trash...but Harry Potter is not.

    francis alappatfrancis alappat4 napja
  • I don’t like Harry Potter he bad bad

    Oscar SwiesOscar Swies4 napja
  • The only books I read are Harry Potter and I’ve read the whole series twice ........ READ IT YOU WONT REGRET IT!

    The egg ManThe egg Man4 napja

      GamerGirlsRule1771GamerGirlsRule17712 napja
  • I've, seen I haaate! Reading

    Mikail YesMikail Yes4 napja
  • ehmmm why does 4:24 remind me so much of the "hmm rabbet" meme of legoshi from Beastars XD

    IntellIntell4 napja

    Jake PetersonJake Peterson5 napja
  • 0:24 I lost it after jaiden made the engie nope reference, my God I miss that meme

    Blooper BloupsBlooper Bloups5 napja
  • That books reminds me of “robot boy” that used to air on Cartoon Network. Man I loved that show.

    Kaptn KeyKaptn Key5 napja
  • Is anyone under the age of 10 and watches her?

    DrFetus DevanDrFetus Devan5 napja
  • plastic bottles are literally made of PET plastic holy frick

    Gus RizzutoGus Rizzuto5 napja
  • my faviorite book is the nowhere emporium

    The Rat princeThe Rat prince5 napja
  • Lol when Jaiden said "manga", at first I thought she said Among Us.

    Yun JiangYun Jiang5 napja
  • A harem with bottle robots.

    CursedCursed5 napja
  • still don’t like reading or watching tv call me strange if you want

    TheWeirdo486TheWeirdo4865 napja
  • I’m 8

    Emilia Sanabria RaeleEmilia Sanabria Raele5 napja
  • 4:26 my brother is reading Fahrenheit 451

    Random Person • 12 years agoRandom Person • 12 years ago5 napja
  • Pet type - 99? IS AWSOMEEEEEE

    Deniz ErmişDeniz Ermiş6 napja
  • I’m not sure if you still like reading these kind of books but I have good one that is sort of like this and it’s a manga called “Rainbow and black” it’s really funny and cute 🥰😊

    Diana GarciaDiana Garcia6 napja
  • Actually I like reading so I will give it a try!

    youtube user 1234youtube user 12346 napja
  • That live stream was the reason i got into animal crossing THANKKKK YOUUU!

    -TheDinoNuggie--TheDinoNuggie-6 napja
  • the wings of fire books are definitely some good books the graphic novels are the best though!

  • I just noticed the giant ari on the end card and all i have to say is *HOLY CRAP!!!*

    Kaka Carrot CakeKaka Carrot Cake6 napja
  • That was my favorite book when I was in 5th grade.

    Angelica EscobedoAngelica Escobedo6 napja
  • As a person who loves manga and "regular books" (no book is regular, all books are unique), all I can say is... GO READ A BOOK JAIDEN! I promise you will find another you like.

    Aaron TowneAaron Towne6 napja
  • Hi jayden, my name is eden and I really want to be an animator thanks to your videos!!!

    Eden ArbourEden Arbour6 napja
  • Go read Toaru Majutsu no Index

    PopularPossum 456PopularPossum 4566 napja
  • Well, I've always been a bookworm, and I'm actually a huge potterhead (I was a little offended when she called HP a worthless piece of literature or whatever) but I did enjoy comic books when I was smaller and I don't like to judge people who don't like reading because to each his own, so cool!

  • Reading is reading is what my mom always said (and what I say too). I learned how to read by reading Baby Blues newspaper comic collections. Comics and manga are reading.

    phanfingerphanfinger6 napja
  • Holy shit I was not ready for Milk Jug Pet to burst through the wall XD

    Tyler DayTyler Day7 napja
  • Bruh has anybody saw this??!! WTTFF HAHA @

    Grkiek GrkGrkiek Grk7 napja
  • do you play roleplay games? like dnd and pathfinder?

    DeroDero7 napja
  • Was that a Saint Oniisan reference? Lmao

    Dissonant ValuesDissonant Values7 napja
  • Hey I LOVE HARRY POTTER 😡 but I like you more so yah 😊😊😊

    Kealani MerrittKealani Merritt7 napja
  • Uh lol

    kitty cat is back from the deadkitty cat is back from the dead7 napja
  • Yes don’t like read but do like Harry Potter

    Donovan CooperDonovan Cooper7 napja
  • If you dont like reading, then another book series that i love is dog man. its just really funny and a great read.

    Samuel SmithSamuel Smith7 napja
  • I tough ur gonna talk about Maximum Ride cause u talked about it when u were talkung about your obsession with animals

    Danijel SvagusaDanijel Svagusa7 napja
  • As you've not been uploading much, I have a suggestion, making Meniu Gaming's Roblox avatar and ask to play with him, he'll be really surprised, as he's a big fan of you and Roblox. (he told me this) [fact he told me: he recently got banned from Discord, and can't give his number out, so only Roblox is his way to communicate.]

    Ja JakisJa Jakis7 napja
  • 0:42, why is Adult Jaiden brushing young Jaiden's hair so cute and wholesome

    Callum RanganCallum Rangan7 napja

    Mariana TrenchMariana Trench7 napja
  • LOL but i think you should read harry potter before saying anything about it cuz it has so so much more details than the movie so i do recommend reading the books

    kage todorokikage todoroki8 napja
  • 3:06 that pet looks like someone from Ben10

    Rexy rexRexy rex8 napja
  • “ It’s not a high reading level, don’t judge me. “ Me: “ -I read books about cats that fight each other, live in groups, and have a love life.- “

    《Jinx 》《Jinx 》8 napja
    • @\Marge Miley\ *Y e s .*

      《Jinx 》《Jinx 》5 napja
    • *warrior cats?*

      \Marge Miley\\Marge Miley\6 napja
  • Jaiden : Harry Potter is garbage The Fandom : Allow us to introduce ourselves

    Jaden Francis Z MORALESJaden Francis Z MORALES8 napja
    • BUT I have been to harry potter World and love the franchise

      wierd girlwierd girl4 napja
    • The get boring for me after some chapters

      wierd girlwierd girl4 napja
    • Ye but I always quite them for some reason

      wierd girlwierd girl4 napja
    • @wierd girl Have you read the books?

      Jaden Francis Z MORALESJaden Francis Z MORALES5 napja
    • I mean I like the movies

      wierd girlwierd girl5 napja
  • I would have to disagree with you I love reading

    Nick LeyvaNick Leyva8 napja
  • I like every kind of books even history

    Orgil MOrgil M8 napja
  • No one.... LITERALLY NO ONE NOT A SINGLE SOAL!.... Me being me in 5th grade reading the hunger games😳😳😳

    Birdie BarrowBirdie Barrow8 napja
  • R U A Wizard?

    Sod AlmightySod Almighty8 napja
  • E

    Underrated_FishyUnderrated_Fishy8 napja

    Santa Baby Yoda YTSanta Baby Yoda YT8 napja
  • Nope

    Mr MedicManMr MedicMan8 napja
  • oh crab that newer version of the pet robot is basically my oc

    NTSC270NTSC2708 napja
  • 6.9m views nice

    golden arkgolden ark8 napja