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Welcome to my HUworld animations channel! :D
More uploads coming and stuff... Yeah. Haha I don't know what else to write. Subscribe if you like what you see ;D
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Heh heh... I didn't know people actually read descriptions. For you, you get a gold star :3

  • oh god don't watch this anymore its so cringe

    Jaiden AnimationsJaiden Animations4 évvel
    • Oh okay

      Gastón AnimationsGastón Animations8 napja
    • Im still going to listen to it so don't tell me what to do

      charles whitecharles whiteHónapja
    • Im

      charles whitecharles whiteHónapja
    • It’s okay though owo

      Julienne SalesJulienne Sales5 hónapja
    • Hehehehe YEET

      Nyxy 101Nyxy 101Évvel
  • Jaiden says "don't watch video" so why didn't delete this video

    Steve MikeSteve MikeÓrája
  • Wow you just popped up on my recommendation thx youtube

    Allen James CarbungcoAllen James Carbungco4 órája
  • oh god...

    Carlosgamer_therealCarlosgamer_thereal7 órája
  • Now I know how Jaden animation just born

    Val EspinozaVal Espinoza7 órája
  • 2020...

    Not CoolNot Cool10 órája
  • No te entiendo y no lo haré, algoritmo, pero gracias

    AlmalsesangelAlmalsesangel11 órája
  • Whos watching in 2020?

    Doge GamingDoge Gaming12 órája
  • Can I share this with all my contacts?

    Narwhal GuyNarwhal Guy15 órája
  • Jaden when she said NOT TO WATCH IT:no no no! me:*CLICK* Me:AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHHAHHAHAH

    myfavyoutubers and ma fnaf character is :lilamyfavyoutubers and ma fnaf character is :lila16 órája
  • No offense but this is trash compared with your new videos

    Antonio RuedaAntonio Rueda16 órája
  • A month later James started and then they became the holy duo of animation

    Taj JamesTaj James16 órája
  • She looks so different now( her character design)

    GD NerdGD Nerd18 órája
  • Ok but to late

    Candice TCandice T18 órája
  • This is cringe, were allowed to dislike since even jaiden hates it

    Lukas HoferLukas Hofer19 órája
  • Wow she’s progressed a lot since she first started

    EliRobloxWarrior XDEliRobloxWarrior XD21 órája
  • why is this in my recommended after nearly 6 1/2 years i-

    The Sophie and Emmy ShowThe Sophie and Emmy Show21 órája
  • Don’t lie, *youtube recommended this*

    Jay MaldonadoJay Maldonado21 órája
  • Then: hey guys Now: REEEEEEE

    Carl the T-800Carl the T-80021 órája
  • Wow so cringe lol

    Ian WilliamsIan Williams22 órája
  • Jaiden : Hey James : So

    ÆÑÃÑ XÆÑÃÑ X22 órája
  • Oh my god This is so old!! This is the first time I’ve watched ur first video 😂

    Mace DaggerMace Dagger23 órája
  • Sorry jaiden. It's the recommended algorithm's fault.

    Kopit StudiosKopit Studios23 órája
  • from here came a legend of animations

    Gerrard AvilaGerrard AvilaNapja
  • How- How old were you when you made this-

    oO:_Bubble Tea_:OooO:_Bubble Tea_:OoNapja

    Mischa BartlettMischa BartlettNapja
  • Hello internet

  • This is better than my animations

    Ruxan ChanRuxan ChanNapja
    • Also good job

      Ruxan ChanRuxan ChanNapja
  • She was 15 in this vid

  • Who else got this recommended 6 years later.

  • *the start of it all*

    Learning with Olly BUSTERLearning with Olly BUSTERNapja
  • I like how the thumbnail say Welcome to Jaden animation Jaden animation Jaden animation

    Renzo MendozaRenzo MendozaNapja
  • Such cringe. Much dead

    Chikin_ NugittChikin_ NugittNapja
  • To Bad i watched it it's 2020 wow

    Valentina LopezValentina LopezNapja
  • Lol whos watching thia in 2020

    Tina HarrisTina HarrisNapja
  • 0:06 yaaay

  • 😖😖😖😖 That was... I don't even know how to describe it. And that voice... what were you using?

    Nando The MadNando The MadNapja
  • i-why

    April FoltzApril FoltzNapja
  • cute

    Osbaldo MendozaOsbaldo MendozaNapja
  • Thank you for my gold star 😲⭐

    Miranda PandaMiranda PandaNapja
  • This is the better intro.

    Sam EreroSam Erero2 napja
  • Wow

    nour haggarnour haggar2 napja
  • j

    stu pidstu pid2 napja
    • Wow

      nour haggarnour haggar2 napja
  • BrUh

    Ivan VloggyIvan Vloggy2 napja
  • h

    SaladCatSaladCat2 napja
  • Please do a remake!!! I would die for one!!!

    Cyan Knight was hereCyan Knight was here2 napja
  • Lol

    Fun TvE BaSelFun TvE BaSel2 napja
  • The animations for the most part , it's still the same lol

    BirdBoardBirdBoard2 napja
  • I’m watching this to make her cringe now

    Leon YoumLeon Youm2 napja
  • Mehh.....

    Timothy James DongonTimothy James Dongon2 napja
  • So much damage

    FrostbiteCoveFrostbiteCove2 napja
  • aaawwwwww look at the babyyyyyy

    rosy boirosy boi2 napja
  • Anyone else looking for a comment from when this came out?

    Isabelle DeWitt-GonzalezIsabelle DeWitt-Gonzalez2 napja
  • This is like the sound quality of an iPhone headset on the table recording

    DerpyNerdyDerpyNerdy2 napja
  • Aah cringe

    Ykilo MarquezYkilo Marquez2 napja
  • Jaiden: oh god don't watch this anymore its so cringe Me: watches anyway Jaiden: nuuuuuuuuu

    Mythic MarshadowMythic Marshadow2 napja
  • I'm watching it.....

    gmlgolden: Brawl Starsgmlgolden: Brawl Stars2 napja
  • I love this

    herogamer307herogamer3072 napja
  • Anyone watching this in 2020 ?

    Ninja SquidNinja Squid2 napja
  • :)

    Josue GuerraJosue Guerra2 napja
  • I’m really feeling this background music rn 🔥

    Triøz ッTriøz ッ2 napja
  • Who else got this recommended in 2020

    WilliousWillious2 napja
  • This was recommended 6 years later

    Khero YambaoKhero Yambao2 napja
  • Why do I get this recommended TODAY

    AshFoxAshFox3 napja
  • Her animations look. A bit like adventure time

    Barkha ::Barkha ::3 napja
  • to late now

    SuperMario WilliamSuperMario William3 napja

    Michael DagleyMichael Dagley3 napja
    • I already made 5000 accounts in one minute with a bot. I'm going to view bot this video to her most popular page.

      TocoToucanTocoToucan2 napja
  • 2014: wait animator 2020: let's go watch animator

    ZeoGamingZeoGaming3 napja
  • Yeet

    An Old Dynasty Rises ඞAn Old Dynasty Rises ඞ3 napja
  • Ohhh..god...

    TClicker_VN [Nation]TClicker_VN [Nation]3 napja
  • I just had to scroll to your first video :>

    Da RaptorDa Raptor3 napja
  • L O L

    Katie SmithKatie Smith3 napja
  • L O !L

    Katie SmithKatie Smith3 napja
  • POV: you scrolled down t see her first video

    ZAMBIE750 ZAMZAMBIE750 ZAM3 napja
  • top quality animation this is from the gods

    lander pine palmairalander pine palmaira3 napja
  • We were happy and we didn't noticed it. Thanks for making my day better, Jaiden

    CrimsonCobaltStudiosCrimsonCobaltStudios3 napja

    jindtasu playsjindtasu plays3 napja
  • The start of a youtuber :v

    Karolay DepollKarolay Depoll3 napja
  • Hi! this got recommended to me 6 years later.

    A - AnimationsA - Animations3 napja
    • Same dude

      Din0Din03 napja
  • I love how the name JaidenAnimations was mentioned 3 times in the thumbnail

    El AdminEl Admin3 napja
  • But i did :)

    Undertale gamerUndertale gamer3 napja
  • ‘I recorded this audio on a toaster!’

    Drome GMDDrome GMD3 napja
  • Man, I sure hope this channel buds out to somthing bigger! Looks pretty cool 😎

    Michael ToddMichael Todd3 napja
  • Who is in 2020

    Chad BoykoChad Boyko3 napja
  • her hair is so different

    AARON playsAARON plays3 napja
  • Omg i just saw this wqs made six years ago u grew alot

    Astsrim PieAstsrim Pie3 napja
  • Lol found this in recriminations in 2020

    Puppet DuedPuppet Dued3 napja
    • Same

      I-MacI-Mac3 napja
  • Hello. I was just wondering what do you recommend for a first time animator? My daughter watches your videos all the time. She tries to draw on her chromebook but it’s really hard for her and she doesn’t have a pen.

    Francisca HuizarFrancisca Huizar3 napja
  • This video was uploaded on July 23, 2014. I’m watching this November 21st, 2020. THIS VIDEO IS SERIOUSLY 6 YEARS OLD! This was a different era of HUworld history and I love it very much.

    Nathanishungry AnimationsNathanishungry Animations3 napja
  • We had no idea what we had coming Jaiden

    Phoenix 083Phoenix 0834 napja

    ケーシーケーシー4 napja
  • Your old vid or first vid is kinda cringe tho liek you said in the remake

    yourboimom flipaclipyourboimom flipaclip4 napja
  • Good job gj

    AR HarianandaAR Hariananda4 napja
  • Hm u said this was cringe huh? I luv cringey stuff

    Jaden Jedidiah DarmawidjajaJaden Jedidiah Darmawidjaja4 napja
  • Animation? Welp it's going to be a long way

    hayden sad pithayden sad pit4 napja
  • "That's one minute, see you tomorrow!" Reply me who does this at the end of their videos.

    Raushan KhatoonRaushan Khatoon4 napja
  • She said this was horrible but it's better than 2020

    Prince HaxarPrince Haxar4 napja
  • 2014 ay wacth this with my other acc now im still wacthing

    xXYTSnake_VoidXxxXYTSnake_VoidXx4 napja
  • To late I just watched it

    Arielle HopkinsonArielle Hopkinson4 napja
    • And yes the whole thing

      Arielle HopkinsonArielle Hopkinson4 napja
  • Omg

    the two sisters foreverthe two sisters forever4 napja