My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout

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the camp operetta is real
Original Camp Operetta video:

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  • Camp operareta should have a documentary

    Trey WellsTrey Wells14 órája
  • Jaiden+James: I hope our viewers don’t see us making fun of kids... 7.3 Million views later... Jaiden+James: Oh, umm

    Kitty CatKitty Cat17 órája
  • I'll be honest this play is cringy even for me so howmuch is it for jaiden

    Daniel LuDaniel Lu2 napja
  • What the Shrek

    tobygaming 5tobygaming 52 napja
  • 7:10 I was like that when i was a kid, And I still talk like that today.

    Nintend zoidNintend zoid3 napja
  • the cast be like oooo food to hot

    youraccxount1 1youraccxount1 13 napja
  • 3:08 jaiden blink

    Zeddiac眠れぬZeddiac眠れぬ3 napja
  • I thought Jaiden in the play was a crayon :D

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha4 napja
  • The fact that they are looking down and not at the video

    Pokepoke18Pokepoke184 napja
  • Get marieeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!°°°°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diverser264Diverser2645 napja
    • If you dont know james has a gf

      cyclo the storm guycyclo the storm guy3 napja
    • Stop

      YoBoi ERRORYoBoi ERROR5 napja
  • 5:15 song name?

    Muziki AzaralMuziki Azaral6 napja
  • 3:21 bongo warthog

    Matthew TobinMatthew Tobin6 napja
  • the first play s about a worhog who everyone thought he was useless the he thought to go see the animals with stripes pocadots and stuff like that ;-; the he went there but animals were like hahaha what are you a elephant wannabe then he was sad and went to the wise gusell and then he got bongos and actcidenntly made the animals ugly i forgot the rest of the story ok -.-'

    sicelly97sicelly976 napja
  • James as a teacher Kid: i hava problem a-and then I need halp and- James: ARTICULATE

    Hello ThereHello There6 napja
  • I feel the crushing feeling of your shame

    Gavin ToroGavin Toro6 napja
  • This two need to have a reaction channel

    Guillem Caldart DeuGuillem Caldart Deu6 napja
  • Look at the starfish its literally Patrick I didn't know Patrick was in the Rainbow fish

    Angeles OjedaAngeles Ojeda6 napja
  • james: do you think any one will watch this reaction video? jaiden: i hope not the fans and community: I don't care (gets 7.354.955 views)

    • cringe

      Infinite07Infinite077 napja
  • I know the rainbow fish!

    lmklandlmkland7 napja
  • Amazing :-D _if u make fun of the :-D then i swear to god-_

    Le gremlin BoiLe gremlin Boi7 napja
  • The book is called the Jungle bongos book

    KatiemationKatiemation7 napja
  • bruh people that dislike, why dont u just not watch the video if ur just gunna dislike huh?

    Yuehan PengYuehan Peng7 napja
    • are you dumb

      Infinite07Infinite077 napja
  • CAMP OPERETTA I remember that video

    grace potapenkograce potapenko8 napja
  • 6:40 OOOOOOOO

    Suyati NingsihSuyati Ningsih8 napja
  • A patrick. An ariel. And a rainbow fish. *THE ULTIMATE COLABORATION WE NEVER KNEW WE NEEDED*

    Jianne ParallagJianne Parallag8 napja
  • Based on the snippets I saw/could understand, they were preforming the story from a book called Jungle Drums by Graeme Base - a story where a warthog is jealous of all the animals with spots/stripes, and plays magical drums which takes away the colour from all the jungle animals. You're welcome Jaiden, since you mentioned you couldn't remember the book name in your Camp Operetta video lol

    Quinn PerryQuinn Perry8 napja
  • The first play is Jungle Drums. I looked it up just because I was genuinely terrified this was just a creepy idea from children to sing about someone being ugly and making a cult circle to sacrifice a kid!😬👹

    Lauren RiversLauren Rivers8 napja
  • i think the book that jaiden can't remember is jungle drums.

    Joohyun ShinJoohyun Shin9 napja
  • Rainbow fish is a weird book... Its like me giving my hair to people

    MikiHamasakiらやれMikiHamasakiらやれ9 napja
  • 👐 magic bongos 👐

    -Eliza_Schuyler--Eliza_Schuyler-9 napja
  • 32

    The Random ShowThe Random Show9 napja

    GD HexxonGD Hexxon10 napja
    • i dont even know what cringe means :|

      GD HexxonGD Hexxon7 napja
    • cringe

      Infinite07Infinite077 napja
  • James’s reaction when the one girl “fainted” 3:29

    Charlotte SayerCharlotte Sayer10 napja
  • 5:28 - 5:31 you could just extend this to like 10 minuts and put jo jo's theme in there, and make her play the jo jo's theme on the piano XD

    Silver SpiritSilver Spirit10 napja
  • Did Jaiden legitimately say “sharing makes you ugly. on with the show!” because that’s a mood right there

    Glitch StudiosGlitch Studios10 napja
  • *quotes the video*

    CerealCat449CerealCat44910 napja
  • You where probably singing ha ha heyna Idk how to spell it

    Sleepy SamSleepy Sam11 napja
  • Jaiden ur genuinely so pretty

    EwitskyleEwitskyle11 napja
  • at 41 seconds you guys were singing funga alafia

    Derpotron5000Derpotron500012 napja
  • Why does your mask in says hi guys yeah it's so Jaden I need to tell I'm your biggest fan:)

    stardrop moonstardrop moon12 napja
  • *🅰️*

    Richard EspinozaRichard Espinoza12 napja
  • I had to watch twice, one for watching cute baby Jaiden and another just to watch animated Jaiden and James being awesome on the corner ❤️

    Caio KellermannCaio Kellermann12 napja

    BadWolfWithCheeseBadWolfWithCheese12 napja
  • I got an idea. One kid suggests: MAKE THE WHOLE CAST SAY THE F WORD!!!!!!!!

    becky caibecky cai13 napja

    BreadBread13 napja
  • 0:40 *nervously laughs*

    Ah, Yes.Ah, Yes.13 napja
  • So happy I’m almost done with school 5 more years :

    WackyツWackyツ13 napja
  • 5:28 since you were the best piano player are you Monika from DDLC?

    BumblebeeBumblebee14 napja
  • The odds1sout yay!!

    God UtahraptorGod Utahraptor14 napja
  • 6:10. it is Wednesday my dudes. ooooohhhhhhhhhhhaaaaahhh

    Ethan McClureEthan McClure14 napja
  • im still in elementry school and that part makes sense 7:11

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson14 napja
    • not telling my age

      Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson14 napja
  • Oof ;-;

    christina martinezchristina martinez14 napja
  • 4:03 The kkk patrick! From the previous "watching my childhood videos with the oddonesout" video, when there was the whole halloween part. And.. yeah XP Edit: 6:06 righttttttttt they did say it, right.

    Bard of VoidBard of Void14 napja
  • -_-

    Eyal CohenEyal Cohen15 napja
  • ....

    Eyal CohenEyal Cohen15 napja
  • oh

    Eyal CohenEyal Cohen15 napja
  • I challange you to a piano duel and I’m the best of the class and I pick YOUVE GOT A FRIEND IN ME

    Charles CarmichaelCharles Carmichael16 napja
    • You sound quite full of yourself

      •The Shrimp Imp••The Shrimp Imp•15 napja
    • But true at the same time

      Charles CarmichaelCharles Carmichael16 napja
    • This is a joke

      Charles CarmichaelCharles Carmichael16 napja
    • Thunder clap

      Charles CarmichaelCharles Carmichael16 napja
  • Ha ha ha ha hahaha hahaha hahaha

    Ryan AleeRyan Alee16 napja
  • So you mined a play of the book Rainbow Fish

    Martha SantanaMartha Santana16 napja
  • At the beginning of the video it looks like the children were sacrificing Aanother child

    Gabriel AlejandroGabriel Alejandro16 napja
  • Jaiden i am the first person to say congratulations on 9 milllion keep up the good work

    Aj the LegendAj the Legend16 napja
  • Jaiden: I called her ugly Jaidens animation: smiles and goes into auquard pose

    Samman 126Samman 12616 napja
  • The book is called bongo trouble

    Pokémon MasterPokémon Master16 napja
  • and this is the final video of jaiden doing captions people

    iKate_GaxhaiKate_Gaxha17 napja
  • wait.. patrick?!

    DibbzeeDibbzee17 napja
  • *ranndom intense manical laughter*

    DibbzeeDibbzee17 napja
  • Plot twist........they hate each other

    Azz TazzticAzz Tazztic17 napja
  • This is good

    Nicholas CelliNicholas Celli17 napja
  • If the rainbow fish were humans.... *Would they ask for the person's skin?*

    ThedragontamerThedragontamer17 napja
  • both of these are better than les mis lol

    brotaku draws a thingsbrotaku draws a things18 napja
  • do a CELESTY

    Oh HiOh Hi18 napja
  • Only people from 2020 an know what the rainbow fish book is, can like

    MiffyMiffy18 napja
  • Jaiden looks adorable!

    Juan SanchezJuan Sanchez18 napja
  • Can we just recognize how those two plays are the opposite? One is an animal who is ugly and makes everyone else ugly. The other one is one animal is beautiful and makes everyone else beautiful. CoInCiDeNcE

    Sarah ConnallySarah Connally18 napja
  • Child Jaiden: You are ugly Jaiden now: **Watches video** **Pride**

    The Everything ChannelThe Everything Channel18 napja
  • What I think she said at one point : "It's about Frosted Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Flakes." What she aCtUaLlY said : No one knows

    Płumpy PøtatoPłumpy Pøtato19 napja
  • Jaiden 2020 be like: What am I doing now I AMMA PUSH THE AIR *PUSH* *PUSH**PLUSH

    Cherie SuCherie Su20 napja
  • I'm not even in this play and I'm cringing XD

    TricksterTrickster20 napja
  • me: fLiRt jAiDeN fLiRt

    𝚒𝚝𝚡𝚡 𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚒𝚝𝚡𝚡 𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚒21 napja
  • Oh my God Jaden is this the thing you told us about

    Nathan BrightNathan Bright21 napja
  • I can't watch it anymore

    Ryder VlogsRyder Vlogs22 napja
  • The warthog book is called Jungle Drums!!!! I remember reading it in, like, third grade

    super deep humansuper deep human22 napja
  • Definitely not me going ritual dancing to the song of two grown up talking and little kid doing play and pretending I’m the in the play as jaiden

    gachalillyandfriends !gachalillyandfriends !22 napja
  • The adventures of: marshmallow man and stick woman

    RedKnightRedKnight23 napja
  • I remember a song in my 2nd grade play and it is still in my head

    Person Man 2404Person Man 240423 napja
  • ''Doin a.. ritualistic sacrafice.'' Me: I N t e R e S T I n G

    Emma GrenzEmma Grenz23 napja
  • LEARN TO ARTICULATE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kid KriticKid Kritic23 napja
  • I ship Jaiden and the Odds1out.

    TahmiTahmi24 napja
  • my body was crumbling to death beacause of Jaiden's hand gestures

    Julienne MaratoJulienne Marato24 napja
  • Tuned meetings

    Super Mario LoganSuper Mario Logan24 napja
  • Red's rage

    Super Mario LoganSuper Mario Logan24 napja
  • No way I had the same Jeep of Barbie with my sis

    Angel ZunigaAngel Zuniga24 napja
  • Jaden and James, the best duo HUworld has ever seen

    jj Espinozajj Espinoza25 napja
  • 3:55 GIVE IT UP WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND CHEETAH ( and others ) (them) NEVEER

    nevitsDJ22nevitsDJ2225 napja
  • Is anyone giving notice or talk about that Jaden in the second play had her costume backwards

    Cobos King and wolfCobos King and wolf27 napja
  • *haha you are ugly*

    veronica gamboaveronica gamboa28 napja
  • I dont say that BRUH im 11 and i DO NOT talk like that lmao

    Friend me: MaddieWoman9999Friend me: MaddieWoman999928 napja
  • Patrick is in there?!?!

  • Wait wat i thought camp geronimo

    gamer dudegamer dude29 napja
  • I want her to make more of these so she has to watch them again cause she has to animate through it >:3