My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

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*continuous internal screaming*
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Music: In the shaddows by ionics (it had two d's in the title so that's how i'm spelling it too)

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"

  • bruh

    Mohammed Al mokbilyMohammed Al mokbilyPerce
  • Whoever pressed the dislike button is unbelievably stupid

  • During the project: Mom can you help me? Yay high grades

    Ralph Andrei BelandoRalph Andrei Belando5 órája
  • For real tho, what kind of job that requires you to work for 15 hours for 2 days straight?

    Joshua UtomoJoshua Utomo8 órája
  • Luckily my school always gives us the choice to do independent work

    YkomatYkomat9 órája
  • did you know school is pointless

    Hector Hernandez Alonso (Student)Hector Hernandez Alonso (Student)10 órája
  • Your group are is stupid dumb and no responsibility what the fugge!?!?!!

    Fat* NinjaFat* Ninja13 órája
  • Alright... if that’s what their actual schedule was... what workplace makes you work 15 hours?!?!

    Lunargal 624Lunargal 62414 órája
  • watched this first while i was in high school and its pretty okay, watching this again now that i'm entering university,and what can i say, i'm in this situation, sucks but thanks for making this videos

    kuronekokuroneko14 órája
  • to this day I still quote the line “how did you even pass grade preschool”

    Simplicity *Simplicity *16 órája
  • Ah yes. In the PM

    WaffleWaffle19 órája
  • I'm missing something YOUR BULLCRAP OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Liam's ToysreviewLiam's Toysreview19 órája
  • Emergency metting jaiden said she vented

    jesse Driscolljesse Driscoll20 órája
  • West in peace Jaden

    Melon LoverMelon Lover22 órája
  • When you see jaiden on the most annoying girl names Ik it is spelt jayden

    Yuv ChagantiYuv Chaganti23 órája
  • I looked up on safari most annoying name and the list came up as most hated baby names and number 1 was Jayden Huh

    Cupcake Kit CatCupcake Kit CatNapja
  • Jaiden: types most annoying girl names Me : wow what a savage

    Muth albe1Muth albe1Napja
  • I am giving a tip for all = never be the leader in a group project

    Yaswindev S. VijayanYaswindev S. VijayanNapja
  • I am 4 years late but when she looked up annoying girl names it said Jayden I know it is not spelled the same but still wanted to say it

    Samuel EstradaSamuel EstradaNapja
  • Me, when I watched this in High School: Wow, I hope that never happens to me Me, now a college student: Mood.


    Decko DrakoDecko DrakoNapja
  • As a school video editor student, I am approve this message. It is beauty hard to edit someone’s voice record.

    ΖΩΗ MrHubΖΩΗ MrHubNapja
  • I saw "JAYDEN" in the list

    Siddhanth YellankiSiddhanth YellankiNapja
  • I can totally relate Jaiden I mean it's kinda worst for me cause I'm 10 and have panic attacks so I can't be overworked and if I do I have to take a 20-second breather or else I can't focus soo... girl, can relate :)

  • i believe Jayden (which is close to Jaiden) was on the list of most annoying girl names :)

    Peter JenningsPeter JenningsNapja
  • I to hate group projects. I have 2 stories of group projects that made me disappointed in my partners. But you don’t need me to waste your time so yeah.

    Cossicrots 42Cossicrots 42Napja
  • And you told EVERYBODY on HUworld

    Kaito MomotaKaito MomotaNapja
  • "sorry i cant come on friday cuz i got something going on" Jaiden: The lion the witch and the audacity of this Bi-

    Antonella CastroAntonella CastroNapja
  • this happened to, but in high school, in Australia, and our topic was the hunger games and we were doing character conventions

  • hey everyone i know i suck but i don't know what sos stands for please tell me

    The Pixel GamerThe Pixel GamerNapja
  • Her group project is with Rhythmi and Keith

    Emily Hope MeechemEmily Hope MeechemNapja
  • This is the most annoying girl name is Jaden...

    David RDavid RNapja
  • When she searched up annoying girl names Jayden came up lol

    Seaby TwinsSeaby Twins2 napja
  • Who else want to become an animater cuz I am just starting

    Jay AnimationsJay Animations2 napja
  • is this a nightmare? its hard to imagine all that

    Seraphin OcampoSeraphin Ocampo2 napja
  • ngl, I had an experience like that...

    Bulbasaur PiplupBulbasaur Piplup2 napja
  • Im in grade 6 (12 years old) and precisely the same thing happened

    Sour KiwISour KiwI2 napja
  • I smashed out an 8000 word assignment practically on my own...

    TotallyJerdTotallyJerd2 napja
  • did u guys notice when she searched most annoying girl names it literallly says jayden

    Syed MikaeilSyed Mikaeil2 napja
  • This is pissing me off

    M Mears • 38 years agoM Mears • 38 years ago2 napja
  • Hey, i didn't know jaiden's name was is in the annoying girls' names lol

    My LordMy Lord2 napja
  • 0:54 Look at the names.... Jayden

    Andy SeasAndy Seas2 napja
  • Alright that should happen to me in the future

  • I learned this the hard way in high school, that’s why when there’s projects or works, I finished them early on

    DerpyNerdyDerpyNerdy2 napja
  • 0:54 *cough

    zemuobyzemuoby2 napja
  • I think that’s bad I did a group project for one of my classes that involves five people and did everything by myself because I went in a group by myself because I got put in a group with a bunch of girls who want to talk about a pop singer and I said no so I had to do the equivalent of work for five people by myself and then got transferred out of the class a week later because I did do group project by myself

    Logan KeckLogan Keck2 napja

    MOH -MOH -2 napja
  • Omg the exact same thing is happening to me rn.,., my group honestly SUCKS like I would’ve been done with this so much faster if I did it alone... my group has now left me and now I’m editing this podcast by myself even tho I was also the writer and editor of the script :)

    Yoonie MinYoonie Min2 napja
  • Wow Good VIDEO

    Liljana SekerinskaLiljana Sekerinska2 napja
  • 0:03 SUS

    The Goggles FamThe Goggles Fam2 napja
  • lmao, i just looked up most annoying names on google, and the fist result was jaiden! lmao in crying.

    musa adeelmusa adeel3 napja
  • And you still didn't show your face

    Savalam SheebaSavalam Sheeba3 napja
  • Jaiden you have 9m subs

    Savalam SheebaSavalam Sheeba3 napja
  • I feel that

    ji chanji chan3 napja
  • This seems hard...

    Awesome Anikin327Awesome Anikin3273 napja
  • Those 7k dislikes are from girls named Reneeesme and Bloodrayne

    Monsieur GooberMonsieur Goober3 napja
  • 0:53 No. 3 Jayden

    Gooey GoGooey Go3 napja
  • OMG, this had me stressed like I was in the group. I was seriously frustrated from the beginning.

    Natas NicoNatas Nico3 napja
  • I’ve played among us... It was called “Group Assignment” *There is one useless person Among us*

    Omega StarOmega Star3 napja
  • Pain and suffering: jaiden I was laughing

    戴彤恩戴彤恩3 napja
  • Can u send the vid the bitches u work with

    Demon BassDemon Bass3 napja
  • i am sorry for u

    ByNix0ByNix03 napja
  • i had 2 months to do a project and i had to do at least 15 chapters, didn't start until last day yet i managed to finish the whole project so i feel your pain bro

    n3d244n3d2443 napja
  • Due on my birthday

    Mr good man sonMr good man son3 napja
  • Wow just wow she didn’t even know to do facts

    Kim HolmesKim Holmes3 napja
  • 0:54 So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that I saw “Jayden” as an annoying girl name.... Good thing our Jaiden is spelled with an “i” and not a “y” Our Jaiden is not annoying, not in the slightest

    Toko FukawaToko Fukawa3 napja
  • Bro this happened to me: My teacher gave us a project to make brochure and she got me stuck with the BOY who DOESNT. pay attention and doesn't even know how to divide and were in 5th grade. we had to do 3 questions on one slides, 6 questions in total. so I did the first 3 questions and told him to do 3 sides on one slide and this mans did one questions PER slide and I got stuck doing to other three questions so I did the WHOLE thing and all I get from him is a "thank you"

    Natalie WeldonNatalie Weldon3 napja
  • Since when do you curse jaiden

    Omar GabrielOmar Gabriel3 napja
  • No one cares about anything-college

    Aubrey the DragonwolfAubrey the Dragonwolf3 napja
  • "How did you even pass grade preschool?"

    Lara SabrinaLara Sabrina3 napja
  • People will never understand how bad it is for having a groupmate like this, until they meet one themselves

    Giselle GanGiselle Gan4 napja
  • You are a meanie!

    Daniel AnimationsDaniel Animations4 napja
  • Nobody- Me- prepares to punch screen in anger

    Dude AnimationsDude Animations4 napja
  • I’m biolingo...i don’t know how to spell -_-

    LEMONationsLEMONations4 napja
  • She should have said Karen for the names

    Funny EzziFunny Ezzi4 napja

    Omar PerezOmar Perez4 napja
  • Wow....I'm gonna die

    Justin Colin ManansalaJustin Colin Manansala4 napja
  • I was making a comic about different animators and I couldn't draw jaiden so I put her on a video call

    Brynn OgleBrynn Ogle4 napja
  • Hi

    Mathi AguilarMathi Aguilar4 napja
  • Min 8:50 to min 9:01 good job jaiden

    Covadonga Bernaldo de QuirósCovadonga Bernaldo de Quirós4 napja
  • What you did in the end is probably something I'd do. I'm also usually not an angry person who also dislikes confrontations but if someone pisses me off. I passive aggressively ruin their current life.

    KomiyanKomiyan4 napja
  • I looked up most annoying boy names and the first result was Jayden.

    Myles FloresMyles Flores4 napja
  • I bilingual since 7 yrs old

    Sara MovahedazarSara Movahedazar4 napja
  • So...this is college....

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha4 napja
  • i kow how you feel iam crying right now

    Evalyn WatkinsEvalyn Watkins4 napja
  • HOLLY CRISPY CHICKEN 566K F IN LIKES!!!?!??!!??!!?!?!!?!!??

    arjo kluiterarjo kluiter4 napja
  • Literally me 2 minutes before the due date they ask can u let me in the group and i already switched teams cause no one was responding 7 people didnt respond

    Exia NiExia Ni5 napja
    • E

    • E

      -AquaBall--AquaBall-4 napja
  • I hate school projects I have 4 projects to make that needs to be submitted maybe in a few F****** days

    Selphie GuironSelphie Guiron5 napja
  • 0:54 I’m Mackenzie and jaydens up there?

    Mackenzie EvansMackenzie Evans5 napja
  • "How did you even pass grade preschool?"

    Michael ZhengMichael Zheng5 napja
    • Copy Cat

      -AquaBall--AquaBall-4 napja
  • 0.54 is that jayden

    Sarfraz NawazSarfraz Nawaz5 napja
  • Those girls are duuuumb

    Kirana TobyKirana Toby5 napja
  • Bruh im trilingual and two quarters.

    Mar ObrMar Obr5 napja
  • This is exactly why I always work alone

    Nerea NajeraNerea Najera5 napja
  • I had to watch this video for college lmfao

    SkywalkerSkywalker5 napja
  • -9:42 jaiden is the imposter

    Danish Gaming AcedemyDanish Gaming Acedemy5 napja
  • This is why I despise group projects. Back in college every time I had a group project I ended up having to do all the work.They would all be "busy" or ignore my emails until the last minute, they'd ignore my Git repository and insist on emailing code to each other, and they'd forget to include other people's changes with their changes so we'd just lose like half the project in the shuffle, and when they actually did get to work the day before the project was due, they'd sit there for an hour staring at their screen and then ask me the most basic questions about how to do any given thing. At this point it would slowly dawn on me that nobody else in the group actually knew how to program. Senior year software design courses and nobody else even understood the basics of how to use the language. No idea how they passed the previous three years. Completely useless. So at this point I had a choice. I could do the whole thing myself, and carry them with me, even though they really didn't deserve it, or I could just let them fail, causing me to fail as well. Usually I chose the former, even though I knew they'd pass the course entirely through my efforts. Then I realized that's probably how they passed the previous years. Oh well.

    DarthFennecDarthFennec5 napja
  • Esta increíble, es un poco desesperante pero es cool como siempre jaiden

  • I do English and spanish

    florencia herreraflorencia herrera5 napja
  • Lol group projects, they suck I currently am stuck in once

    FoxKid5674 the YoutuberFoxKid5674 the Youtuber5 napja
    • Lol same

      Not important Not importantNot important Not important5 napja