My School Stories

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school is important.... for getting crazy stories out of to share with people on the internet
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D you get a tooth envelope that DOESN'T have a gross tooth in it

  • People in my school: oh cool you can draw, cool. My mom: tells literally EVERYONE SHE KNOWS and they all come over to ask me to DRAW THEM Me who is usually really good at talking: ah um maybe tomorrow

    Alan MayfieldAlan Mayfield3 órája
  • Amber heard should fear jaiden's art teacher....

    Vagisha YadavVagisha Yadav3 órája
  • My school story: one time we were playing Among Us IRL at recess and the imposter killed me then I just heard a “CLEAR” from one of the kids and I felt a push on my stomach I opened my eyes to see a kid pushing down on my stomach to make me alive again (I wasn’t really dead) but it was very uncomfortable and I felt like I was gonna puke out my intestines and die but thankfully I lived

    Quinn BrescolQuinn Brescol3 órája
  • You know what I'm the anime nerd😑

    tickol kicktickol kick5 órája
  • I kinda thought that at 4.49 he was gonna say "I've got a jar of dirt!!!"

    Candice ShaoCandice Shao6 órája
  • The one kid who fell jumping over the net in tennis a few days ago...

    nicole chownicole chow13 órája
  • What??

    Kristan LaceyKristan Lacey14 órája
  • 1:29-1:32 me XD

    Katie Playz_YTKatie Playz_YT14 órája
  • Well this is my new favorite channel

    Madeleine CorlissMadeleine Corliss15 órája
  • Now we got a tooth treasure chest. Like little plastic chests in a bunch of colors to put your tooth in.

    Kaiya CorlissKaiya Corliss16 órája
  • My elements school used mini treasure boxes... I lost all my teeth in elementary. (My school district is K-5)

    Kitty CatKitty Cat16 órája
  • School Still do that if I just popped out my tooth and they give me the thing

    Ronald ChirinosRonald Chirinos16 órája
  • 😧😧😧😧👿👿

    Derek MillerDerek Miller17 órája
    • You are the best comment ever

      Derek MillerDerek Miller17 órája
    • It’s the best

      Derek MillerDerek Miller17 órája
  • No offense

    Cinamatic playzCinamatic playz18 órája
  • They do still use them

    Kellan CourtneyKellan Courtney18 órája
  • Anime nereds and called weebs

    Ezekiel RamonEzekiel Ramon19 órája
  • call him crazy if u dont know how to describe here weird/crazy/stupid.......dOnE

    josielton portelajosielton portela21 órája
    • its true oK

      josielton portelajosielton portela21 órája
  • I’m in middle school and for right the last day at school before thanksgiving break my art teacher let us make hand turkeys he also lets a bunch of the older kids walk into class like nothing when their supposed to be in another class

    Tania K. CamargoTania K. Camargo21 órája
  • my school put teeth in little bags and made them into necklaces so the rest of the day you were just wearing a bloody tooth

    Arctic fox GamerArctic fox Gamer21 órája
  • "But that was not the end of Mr. Caption Jack Sparrow" I saw that joke :>

    тне снееse маитне снееse маи22 órája
  • I love your vids😍

    H JohnsonH JohnsonNapja
  • I'm the kid everyone knows but still ignores.

    Ketrina HtdhjKetrina HtdhjNapja
  • I'm also quiet at school. Execpt for that one time (yesterday) i was spitting facts you for 40 seconds straight in english. Btw, i animate too and i would apreciate it if we could do a collab...

  • My teacher is sort of like your art teacher. she plays pirates of the Carribean.

    Phoebe SparksPhoebe SparksNapja
  • Please do a video for the ex-wife teacher or whatever the heck she is I'm curious af


  • I love your storytelling voice

    Girlynewb 2000Girlynewb 2000Napja
  • " Oh mom you got some mail " " oh? what is it? " oh its not much its just my freaking gross saliva gross baby tooth I ripped outta my head in the of school me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Renee PhillipsRenee PhillipsNapja
  • *"Don't make eye contact."* -School 101

  • yeah, i feel like that's gonna be most of us students rn when we're adults. we won't really remember what we learned in school, and if we do, vaguely (excluding whatever you learned in school that you use in whatever job(s) you work at.) but as for random memories as to interesting stuff that happened in school, hell, we'll all probably remember those relatively nice and clear for sure. even now i can still recall messing around my with a few of my gr 11 chem classmates while i've basically forgotten most of the material taught.

    William CuiWilliam CuiNapja
  • Hey Jaden can u draw a a kitten

    Amanda HerndonAmanda HerndonNapja
    • well of course she can draw a kitten

      Malik's WorldMalik's WorldNapja
  • I have a tooth drawer full of teeth I’ve lost. Seven in there so far. Some are falling apart.

  • I am the loudest person in the school but I am a nerd, Plus, I am writing this 1 minute before school

    Alexander PetersAlexander Peters2 napja
  • i have zoom

    Lio WinandoLio Winando2 napja
  • i know school is boring

    Lio WinandoLio Winando2 napja
  • In my school one of the teachers looks like Doctor Brown from Back to the Future.

    Szabolcs FaragóSzabolcs Faragó2 napja
  • Mean while at home right now teacher: You have to upload it Me: blah blah blah blah Really is anyone ready to be an adult

    Epic TrumpetEpic Trumpet2 napja
  • The moral of the story: DON’T JUMP OVER NETS

    LivLifeDrawingLivLifeDrawing2 napja
  • 6:09 my answer: *"is he ded?"*

    abluewolf Owoabluewolf Owo2 napja
  • I think they do still use envelopes

    Boba FettBoba Fett2 napja
  • Frickin kathy

    Andrew BaryAndrew Bary2 napja
  • Same actually we have treasure chests in our school

    RK - 03TO 863740 Red Willow PSRK - 03TO 863740 Red Willow PS2 napja
  • can you draw YOU things

    RouFlaDaiRouFlaDai2 napja
  • The blood pressure killed me

    Robert OblinskyRobert Oblinsky2 napja
    • do.. do you think you really can copy top comment and no one will notice

      Malik's WorldMalik's WorldNapja
  • "Friging Kathie"

    Diamond DaveyDiamond Davey2 napja
  • *me hears the art kid everyone knows thing* I've been there-

    Antonella CastroAntonella Castro2 napja
  • Alright, so I figured I might tell one of my own school stories: So back in eighth grade, my band teacher allowed us a ten minute window at the beginning of class and a ten minute window at the end of class to go to the bathroom (or the “facilities”, as he insisted we call it). Me and this other kid went at around the same time at the beginning, and shortly after I sat down in a stall to do my business, I began to hear sounds of commotion erupting outside. Specifically, the words “FIGHT!” and “WORLDSTAR!” were used quite a lot. Anyway, when the commotion died down, I got out of the stall, washed my hands and tried to walk out of the bathroom, but was stopped by a teacher. I turned and noticed that there were a ton of kids still inside the bathroom. We were soon rounded up and brought to the school police officer for interrogation. They searched all of our phones and found out some of the kids had filmed the fight and sent it to their friends. We also had to physically write our accounts of what had transpired. By the time they let me and the other kid leave, band class was almost over. TL;DR I wound up trapped in a bathroom stall during a fight and spend most of band class being interrogated and searched like a criminal.

    Elijah CookElijah Cook2 napja
    • LOL

      Rohan UchilRohan UchilNapja
  • They still do it exept with a necklace.

    Nina IsmailNina Ismail2 napja
  • I never really paid attention at school I would always draw and nobody ever really paid attention to me

    Suzan KeithSuzan Keith2 napja
  • My nose bleed in the middle of the class I saw it when the blood drip on my notebook

    BrandonBrandon3 napja
  • They still use that tooth holder

    Kindly KhanKindly Khan3 napja
  • I remember in 4th/5th grade I used to draw, and this tsunami of little kids would watch me and keep making comments and giving me constant requests... I think that's the main reason why I had a 1 year long art block...

    beanbean3 napja
  • Being the shy art kid goes one of three ways: Someone wants you to draw them on some occasions, only to be declined. A frickload of young kids surround you while you try desperately not to panic as they give you 1000 requests. And... *"Hey, if you don't know what to draw, you should draw yourself!"*

    beanbean3 napja
  • ._. My dad likes jack sparro

    zhose nicholzhose nichol3 napja
  • hey jaiden what do your face look like

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan3 napja
  • My school does these tooth cases as a necklace

    Alex FOrce ISSAAlex FOrce ISSA3 napja
  • my cats are dyed green because my 4 year old brother found the the food dye

    person yesperson yes3 napja
  • For my elementary school we used little treasure chests to hold our teeth. I have like 3 to this day.

    Brad MBrad M3 napja
  • If I ever made videos about MY school days... One time I wore the same pajamas as my science teacher.

    Jade HarringtonJade Harrington3 napja
  • School stinks

    Sarey MohamedSarey Mohamed3 napja
  • Old jaiden friends:2 New jaiden friends:1.000.000

    samura prosamura pro4 napja
  • 4:10 my face when i won a contest for my mom

    Rachel B.official.Rachel B.official.4 napja
  • I'm in year 7

    Becky WallaceBecky Wallace4 napja
  • what kind of kid am i in class the lonely one:(

    Aj lyle Eufemio GabalesAj lyle Eufemio Gabales4 napja
  • What kind of kid am i the lonely one in the school :(

    Aj lyle Eufemio GabalesAj lyle Eufemio Gabales4 napja
  • Well what kind of kid am i in school the lonely one:(

    Aj lyle Eufemio GabalesAj lyle Eufemio Gabales4 napja
  • Well what kind of kid am i in school the lonely one:(

    Aj lyle Eufemio GabalesAj lyle Eufemio Gabales4 napja
  • Well what kind of kid am i in school the lonely one:(

    Aj lyle Eufemio GabalesAj lyle Eufemio Gabales4 napja
  • 1:25 You mean weeb.

    Xnzyrp HXnzyrp H4 napja
  • lol not in my school if you can draw no cares

    Vinnie KleinerVinnie Kleiner4 napja
  • Im interested about Mr. Jack Sparrow and his ex...

    Afterlife AnimationsAfterlife Animations4 napja
  • You don't have to go to college

    Gael MelendezGael Melendez4 napja
  • The Pirate teachet is just the best teacher ever i mean he blasts music, does crazy things,ok yelling at students is rude and here in germany, I won't have ever a teacher like him

    Jemand namens Siedler SiedlungJemand namens Siedler Siedlung4 napja
  • “School is practically over “ Ok imma stop right there because that’s all I want to hear

    Renee PhillipsRenee Phillips4 napja
    • You copied “Joel Sinclair” he commented this comment 1 week ago,

      • Valerie •• Valerie •2 napja
  • I hope I don't become a teacher because I will be the Marvel version of Jaiden's art teacher

    Infinity 18Infinity 184 napja
  • That sounds like a crazy art teacher

    Abderi PerezAbderi Perez4 napja
  • IKR I am not that kid who just draws and minds my business and I am one of those kids who just Gets pissed when someone bullies me and gets revenge.

    Jaiden LynJaiden Lyn4 napja
  • Jaiden: fricken Kathy, Me: ......

    Wonderkathy 6Wonderkathy 64 napja
  • at my school we had these little treasure chest shaped plastic things for our teeth

    Cole LambingCole Lambing4 napja
  • i want that highschool art teacher.

    Epic Pilot107943Epic Pilot1079434 napja
  • Whenever one of our teeth fell out we got this little chest we could put it in I have 3 or 2 of them

    Black RoseBlack Rose5 napja
  • Bro you should draw trump and sans kissing that would be nice.

    Up in yo crib dawg 69Up in yo crib dawg 695 napja
  • ya

    The Weird OneThe Weird One5 napja
  • I wish i could be a quiet kid I dont trust anyone in my school except my bestie

    SpiderLily726SpiderLily7265 napja
  • I used to be a art kid (still is) all the classmates used to take my drawings so I sold em for money and earned a lot.

    Soviet union Division 1 SLSoviet union Division 1 SL5 napja
  • *Every youtuber who talked about scool* : i was the quiet kid Me whos the quiet kid : wait thoes that mean i will have a HUworld channel damn (im joking my social skills are - 100 unless we talk about games or something like that i dont know anything)

    ThekilerguyThekilerguy5 napja
  • Im the quiet school girl im loud at home

    Alix PurboAlix Purbo5 napja
  • my school gives bags

    Todd HendricksTodd Hendricks5 napja
  • My school still uses those small tooth envelopes

    Old ComputerOld Computer5 napja
  • Animate me and give a shout out to wade bleys

    Bleys WadeBleys Wade5 napja
  • How do you lose your front tooth

    Rag IngRag Ing5 napja
  • They still do the teeth envoalope thing lol I’m in 6th grade and they still do it

    Luke JorgensenLuke Jorgensen5 napja
  • just sayin yes they still do the tooth thing

    Riley GarberRiley Garber5 napja
  • At my school it was tradition to only pull teeth out during class so that we could leave for a few minutes so we could wash our mouth out at the water fountain

    Garrett ReynoldsGarrett Reynolds6 napja
  • that blood pressure is high and loud

    LucarioPlays7LucarioPlays76 napja
  • I reccomend the anime Handa-kun (from an anime nerd/otaku)

    Scopic GamingScopic Gaming6 napja
  • Miss School

    WoofyDoggieWoofyDoggie6 napja
  • We still do

    Nina IsmailNina Ismail6 napja
  • The anime nerd, yep.. THATS ME

    Lucia HankeLucia Hanke6 napja
  • I love drawing to😯

    Chris HollenbeckChris Hollenbeck6 napja