My Time at "Camp Operetta"

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What can I say other than that was one heck of a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever

  • Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

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    • Hey jaiden my name is Raool but its Raul cool right😎😎

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  • Что я здесь забыл?

    FRIZI23FRIZI235 órája
  • How about "Camp Geronimo" btw james went there

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  • There called boom wackers jaiden

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  • f

    Jannifar KhanoumJannifar Khanoum10 órája
  • Also don’t trust anyone with your pop-up books because they will tear them apart.

    Char AznableChar Aznable11 órája
  • -Cast- Tiger- Sally -Bear- Bob -Cheetah- Jaiden -Gator- Paula -Clown- John -Tree- Fluttershy -Wall- Wall -Small Bug- Jiminy -Presib(I don’t know the rest)- An orange

    Josiah VillarealJosiah Villareal12 órája
  • me looking for the girl without arm 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    ZettaiZettai12 órája
  • Wow let’s invent something called camp operetta, and make everyone say the F word

    Josiah VillarealJosiah Villareal12 órája
  • “What should the tiger say?” “The F word” So he said”Fuck”? Also the play part was cute!

    Anna KeeneAnna Keene13 órája
  • Lol

    Star KitStar Kit13 órája
  • I like how that guy just says "make him say the f word"

    X LX L17 órája
  • President 2: a wig 😂😂 I don’t know how I saw this

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  • the funniest part is when he saind the tiger should say the F word

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  • How does jaiden have 9,1 million subs and "only" 397.000 likes???

  • Im saying this to the rainbow fish in a heavy voice tone Keep crying baby! Whihc I ment on the rainbow fish And my god the rainbow firha has criplin dipression

    Andres SartiaguinAndres SartiaguinNapja
  • XD this part made me die of laughter “make him say the f word” for real i died here it was great XD

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  • raoole is so cute and ment raoole

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  • raool is so cute

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  • Seriously the rainbow fish is just uhhhhh

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  • I have read the rainbow fish before 😀

  • Me hatching his videos my mid: How it remember soo well, but me I can't remember only my age

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  • f

  • 6:38 to bad yoy didnt played Fantasie Impromptu since your like an asian like kinda guy

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  • i class readed the rainbow fish

    Zaxh PlaysZaxh Plays2 napja
  • i heard some storys like when i was year 1 to 3 also I'm pretty sure I did a play on the fish story (some keys wont work I dunno why)

    Star CookieStar Cookie2 napja
  • Nobody: Me: She is not like Rebecca yes she is different she is no LEACH

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  • OMG there is a reference to the ace attorney saga on the plushies from the library

    Karlos PajaringasKarlos Pajaringas2 napja
  • Jaiden: As the bookworm i am. Also Jaiden: Why i don’t like reading.

    Epik. Epik Epik E P I KEpik. Epik Epik E P I K2 napja
  • chungus

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  • zookeeper said to me: 0:58 me: 1:00

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  • Make him say the f word

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  • Chungus was in your play? *mind blown*

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  • (insert Giorno's theme at 6:38)

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  • I searched it in my youtube the camp opperata( ---------(Don't mind if wrong)😅 Did I just saw Fluttershy's name (I became crazy) Clown 2 PENNYWISE 😳

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  • I once went to a theater camp and I hated it because there was this kid that always made fun of me up to the point I can't do any thing about it then he punched me and every one was mad at him that was a good day.

    Grant CzarnyGrant Czarny3 napja
  • I remember this one time where I audition for a role in my school broadway since I’m such a- “ThEatrE kiD”- I sang ‘On my own’ (by le mis) and ACTUALLY forgot the line :- “And I know it's only in my mind That I'm talking to myself and not to him And although I know that he is blind Still I say, there's a way for us” and I was so embarrassed. A couple days later- *I got a callback-*

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  • jungle book i think

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  • 8:31.. Yare yare daze

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  • Show your face

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  • 1:03 Tiger - Sally Bear - Bob Cheetah - Jaiden Gator - Paula Clown - John Tree - Fluttershy Wall - Wall Small bug - Jiminy President- An Orange

    A piece of CakeA piece of Cake4 napja
  • (1:02) heh, I get that reference. sadly. *"I'd like to be a tree"*

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  • Bob Arin jiminy Suzy. idk if u got it.

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  • 7:39 why does she have only four fingers instead of five I am confused

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  • 6:41 That one kid (Snape dafuq meme)

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  • 1:01 IT'S FOOD!

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  • Did anyone see press f to pay respects

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  • What should the tiger say? Make him say the f word! Me:*fails try not to laugh*

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  • me remembering that rainbow fish story in my childhood: im still young.

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  • Do fnaf pls

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  • I love how fluttershys a tree

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  • Is no one going to notice the name flutter shy

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  • Jaiden as a kid : can we have a mouse? Jaidens mom: no Jaiden as a kid: ok ima buy a mouse plush with your money Jaidens mom: no! Jaidens Mom: Broke

    Paponi PundatoPaponi Pundato6 napja
  • By the way those “tubes” are boomwhakers I know because I’m in 5th grade and I still use them

    Marble BubbleMarble Bubble6 napja
  • "I didn't know I could actually have an opinion." Her face expression: .--.

    baby Todorokibaby Todoroki6 napja
  • 5:10 that’s me when the teacher asked me what books I like. Time stamps broke for me

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  • @_@

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  • @_@

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  • And I only 8 years old and love your video's!

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  • Jaiden I love you r video's!💠 So I just wanted to say that what if you would made a video ALL ABOUT BIRDS 🐦. So I just wanted to say that because I love birds.👧

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  • I read rainbow fish Yay twin readers

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  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha youuu are uugly such deep lyrics

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  • Assigned roles Tiger - Sally Bear - Bob Cheetah - Jaiden Gator - Paula Clown - John Tree - Fluttershy *“i’d like to be a tree tree tree tree!”* -Fluttershy

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  • Make more Russians subtitles please

  • Mak him say the f wordl

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  • in the and of the vido wiy did someone drord a piksre of you as a honk

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  • I had a similar play where I was with another guy dancing and in the middle of the recital My frickin socks fell And the main day where all the parents watch My props fell And it stayed there the whole time Yea I like public humiliation

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  • teacher: what should the tiger say? kid: make him say the F word.

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  • Camp oppereta: *UNDA DE SEA* Dream: *UNDA THE TREE* Me: *UNDA YOUR BED*

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    Gacha_ MemeGacha_ Meme7 napja

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  • 7:56 That's me! when my parents decided to make me bald like a bowling ball cuz my hair was to long just for a 5 year old boy

    Happy KokichiHappy Kokichi7 napja
    • Yes they bought me a whole ice cream but i was crying while i was crying and started choking

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  • there was penniwise as a role?

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  • I should be in math class right now

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  • Jaiden: "My parents are sending footage over so here's some of that!" HUworld: cuts to war thunder add Me: "I see the play had a lot to do with tanks"

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  • 7:19 photo of no no Germans.

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  • I think the coulerd plastic instrument is a boom wacker I’m doing them at school.

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  • Kids doing a play: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha٫ you are ugly"

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  • 1:03 if you pause it. Honestly the funniest cast list ever

    Luna does art OwOLuna does art OwO8 napja
  • I see how cool someone is when they LIKE TO BE IN SECOND PLACE now. Thanks, Jaiden 😎👍👍

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  • I did a Peter Pan play and I was skunk (one of the lost boys) and almost 3 years after the play I still remember like 4 or 5 of my lines (I only have like 10 lines since I was a side character)

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