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2016.aug. 3.
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shoutout to james for helping me write the script lol double doggo teamwork!
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Music: doggo doesn't need no music

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D you have been blessed by doggo

  • I heart dogs, keep up the good work Jaiden.

    Panchatantra Tales With NeeravPanchatantra Tales With Neerav2 órája
  • Jaiden: i like dogs me: jaiden i don't like dogs

    Bambu Anakin PattisahusiwaBambu Anakin Pattisahusiwa9 órája
  • (: ^3^❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤^3^

    YuffaZaiah VlogsYuffaZaiah Vlogs9 órája
  • Yo

    Vivaan SrivastavaVivaan Srivastava12 órája
  • It 2020 odd so no dogs

    Kenneth MaxwellKenneth Maxwell12 órája
  • Yay!

    aghasyafijiwaseta ibnurdanaaghasyafijiwaseta ibnurdana13 órája
  • Ari is cute af shout out to everyone watching in 2020

    Collin MorrisCollin Morris14 órája
  • Jaiden I don’t like dogs Don’t hate me

    luke kangluke kang14 órája
  • Umm.... he’s a bird.

  • When the door almost fell on her I was like omg

    B R SwiftB R Swift14 órája
  • That’s a little dog aww

    Mia WolfchiefMia Wolfchief21 órája
  • Thats a weird freakin dog

    The inkling BoyThe inkling Boy22 órája

    Evey AltmanEvey Altman23 órája
  • Dam thats a very big dodg

    Jack WimmerJack Wimmer23 órája
  • He’s a parrot :/

    Makailah And stitchMakailah And stitchNapja
  • hmmmm looks more like a cat nvm its a dog, did you Ari is god? dog backward it god so ye hes god whoops more bad grammer

    Miss randomMiss randomNapja
  • aRi DoNt PlAy tOo MUch ViGeO gAmEs

    Salad EaterSalad EaterNapja
  • It's That A Dog You Got To Be Kidding Me 😂😂😂🤣

    Lexus PlayzLexus PlayzNapja
  • Cute dog

    Wayne DumaguinWayne DumaguinNapja
  • Wooooow you said everyone loves dogs and you think the opposite

    Eunhye KimEunhye KimNapja
  • The comment that TheOdd1ztout made some persons said they ship TheOdd1ztrout and Jaidie animates together. Like would they like it if they got shipped?

    Meme LolMeme LolNapja
  • whos gonna tell her O.O

    Ryelei WheelerRyelei WheelerNapja
  • mom reavel

    jason Marcianojason MarcianoNapja
  • That’s a bird ari

    Jonathan Vasquez-GuerraJonathan Vasquez-GuerraNapja
    • Omg I found that one person who doesn't get it

      Utkarsh SINGHUtkarsh SINGHNapja
  • I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kayden koonkayden koon2 napja
  • jaiden I don't like dogs Just kidding I love them

    Vlad NedelcuVlad Nedelcu2 napja
  • I like cat. Edid:hei I'm from the future!

  • I believe its called a grand opening. ^-^

    LoveTheLifeYouLivLoveTheLifeYouLiv2 napja

    Pooja MohantyPooja Mohanty2 napja
  • Congratulations :) Oh

    D. MacD. Mac2 napja
  • The case is metal, just light the box on fire and burn the box away. -5 brain

    Alexander RolfeAlexander Rolfe2 napja
  • I like dogs

    Helen PeaseHelen Pease2 napja
  • I don't need to know the video I'm already liking

    Alfie LomaxAlfie Lomax2 napja
  • what do your eyes look like and i meant your real face

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan2 napja
  • what do your room look like

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan2 napja
  • hey jaiden what do your mom look look like what do your dad look like

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan2 napja
  • this was published when the incredible hulk coaster reopened

    Gl1tchy Pumpk1nGl1tchy Pumpk1n2 napja
    • Ok?

      Arnav TibrewalaArnav Tibrewala2 napja
  • I can feel the dog lovers betrayal when Ari is revealed

    Infinity 18Infinity 183 napja
  • As soon as I heard Ari...

    Jimmy OrozcoJimmy Orozco3 napja
  • Is this April Fools or not?

    Elle MartinezElle Martinez3 napja
  • What a beautifull doggo uwu (also i have one, it bites and likesstatyininabranchinthemiddleoftherain

    Bibi YTBibi YT3 napja
  • It’s just ari

  • :/ it is a bird not a dog

    Carmen SpearsCarmen Spears3 napja

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
    • r/wooosh

      Daniel_Not_hereDaniel_Not_here3 napja
  • Are you serious?!?

    Spatch_PlayzYTSpatch_PlayzYT3 napja
  • It's a bird they don't us utensils cause they don't have hans

    Alicia BarnumAlicia Barnum3 napja
    • my man so dumb he doesnt know what a dog is

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
    • Can you even take a single joke?

      lmaolmao3 napja
  • Do a face reveal

    Debra HallmarkDebra Hallmark3 napja
  • I like doggos

    Ash pineAsh pine3 napja
  • Cutest dog I've ever seen

    Vdrpool 6969Vdrpool 69693 napja
  • Armin come on everyone likes dogs everybody loves dogs

    Latte wolf CoffeeLatte wolf Coffee3 napja
  • Nice house, and dog

    busifanten 001 busifantbusifanten 001 busifant3 napja
  • Me 2020: When Jaiden has a dog? 0:32 Me 2020: wait.... 1:15 Me: oh... yeah 5:51 👇ar👆👉t G☠️t ❄️a📫k💣👇 Jaiden, its rude to talk about someone who’s listening to you

    Traductor ETraductor E3 napja
  • "Mom you're a grandma now" mom: *say sike right now*

    EggyRepublicEggyRepublic3 napja
  • Thats not a dog that’s a parrot

    Kevin VanegascuadraKevin Vanegascuadra3 napja
    • wrong its a dog dumbass

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
    • R/whoosh

      lazzy gamer boilazzy gamer boi3 napja
  • Mom, you're a grandma now! *Run that by me again* look on her face

    Amani SalamahAmani Salamah3 napja
  • That is not a dog that is a Bird

    Celia RamírezCelia Ramírez3 napja
    • so many idiots. its a dog jeez

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
    • r/wooosh

      Daniel_Not_hereDaniel_Not_here3 napja
  • Ok. Is it just me or when Jaiden hammered on the wheels with the mallet, the song Eye of the Tiger or something popped in my head.

    Yessenia ReyesYessenia Reyes3 napja
  • /- Gacha Wolfie -\/- Gacha Wolfie -\3 napja
  • I have the same thing

    /- Gacha Wolfie -\/- Gacha Wolfie -\3 napja
  • I think this is considered a blog

    Jose A RomagozaJose A Romagoza4 napja
  • 😐😐😐😐😐😐ho koay

    Diego RamirezDiego Ramirez4 napja
  • its not a dog jaiden!

    dariush hafezalkotobdariush hafezalkotob4 napja
    • No Ari is not a dog but ok if you say so

      dariush hafezalkotobdariush hafezalkotob2 napja
    • Its a dog :/

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
  • Did anyone see Airi’s tongue sticking out???

    Daniel KangDaniel Kang4 napja
  • Ari The Bird Ari The Dog Wats the difference?

    《It's Joycelyn》《It's Joycelyn》4 napja
  • i don't like dogs and either do china

    •͓̽a͓̽n͓̽o͓̽•͓̽t͓̽h͓̽e͓̽r͓̽•͓̽d͓̽x͓̽m͓̽o͓̽n͓̽•͓̽•͓̽a͓̽n͓̽o͓̽•͓̽t͓̽h͓̽e͓̽r͓̽•͓̽d͓̽x͓̽m͓̽o͓̽n͓̽•͓̽4 napja
  • J-j-jaidan that’s a b-bird

    Shy DuncanShy Duncan4 napja
  • It's so funny how we thought it was actually going to be a dog. OwO

    Author- Chan& MoonStoneAuthor- Chan& MoonStone4 napja
  • it not a dog it a dedeer

    Lorena RosalesLorena Rosales4 napja
  • Hello ari

    eventlessteweventlesstew4 napja
  • That is not a dog that is a bird your crazy

    Rhys BaptisteRhys Baptiste4 napja

    spooky dootdootspooky dootdoot4 napja
  • WHAT! You have a tattoo

    BMX MasterBMX Master4 napja
  • Jaden I don't like dogs SIKE!!!

    Gebroun ChavisGebroun Chavis4 napja

    ThomasDoesThingsThomasDoesThings4 napja
  • This dog room is brought to you by the letter K

    Code of ClawCode of Claw4 napja
  • Hmm that’s not a dog

    God UtahraptorGod Utahraptor4 napja
  • 7:44 my favret

    ethan olsonethan olson4 napja
  • Jaiden: mom ur a grandma now Jaidens mom: 👁️👄👁️ what

    《ssea breeze》《ssea breeze》4 napja
  • Jaiden sucks at making stuff

    Analilia MironAnalilia Miron5 napja
  • 1:11 Jaiden Mom’s face xD

    MandoMongeMandoMonge5 napja
  • I got bite by a dog 90 time and the last dog bite me name strawberry it hurt it bite me 1 week ago

    Glen EugeneGlen Eugene5 napja
  • p u p p e r

    ScribbledCloudssScribbledCloudss5 napja
  • jiden i dont like dogs

    AchintiAchinti5 napja
  • Excuse me it's a bird

    Erwin AbubakarErwin Abubakar5 napja
    • no its a dog

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
  • I was like Ari was a parrot how did he. When I checked the date I was like oh that’s how

    Ryan ChatriRyan Chatri5 napja
  • I like cats better

    Tali listTali list5 napja
  • You and your mom is so pretty

    amazing nancy 57amazing nancy 575 napja
  • *Thats not an dog. thats an bearded dragon*

    Um Pinguim LokoUm Pinguim Loko5 napja
  • Sorry jaiden I know it’s hard at 3:03

    Psychokid - NotAnimationPsychokid - NotAnimation5 napja
  • me in 2020: 2 ari's? me later when i finish the vid: oh-

    X33XX33X5 napja
  • Jaiden, I don't like dogs

    LiviDaGeekLiviDaGeek5 napja
  • Aris not a dog

    Jacquelynn JefferyJacquelynn Jeffery5 napja
  • I live ari

    Jacquelynn JefferyJacquelynn Jeffery5 napja
  • i love you jaiden and theodd1sout

    AubreyAndWillow BurrellAubreyAndWillow Burrell6 napja
  • The moms what cracked me up.😂😂

  • That is not a dog

    Charles KinotiCharles Kinoti6 napja
    • are you blind? its a dog

      justin reinardjustin reinard2 napja
  • Me not listening to whatever jaidens doing Me oh we have the same clock

    Vyassagan ShankarVyassagan Shankar6 napja
  • me when he said that jaiden was going to have a child: WOIHOOHHO me when he said he was not a boy and was a dog: ._. well it doesn't matter

    Gerrard AvilaGerrard Avila6 napja
  • Me : Umm it's a Bird Not a Dog I am a dog myself I know how dogs look. EVerYone : This dog is a threat to us.

    Catchy GamingCatchy Gaming6 napja
  • Jaiden: The dog is in the cage What's in the cage: A bird What my eyes see: A bird What my brain tells me i see: A dog

    TrustedJoyTrustedJoy6 napja
  • Mom, you’re a grandma now Wut?!

    ShadowTheGamer - WeeklyShadowTheGamer - Weekly6 napja