Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)

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guess who's back,,, back again~

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i hope that all the bananas you eat have the perfect amount of ethylene in them

  • What if your brain is somehow smarter than yourself

    XG 3XG 33 órája
  • Has anybody thought how are you here in the world

    Caleb MartinezCaleb Martinez8 órája
  • [Adam] ( •~• ) 🍌

    Nasra HassanNasra Hassan12 órája
    • If u don't know who adam is, hes a youtuber named SomethingElseYT

      Nasra HassanNasra Hassan12 órája
  • Nobody: People in CC math problems: 3:30

    JacksonimationsJacksonimations12 órája
  • can i still get the poke doll

    Julian CudzinovicJulian Cudzinovic14 órája
  • you can cook bananas too my mom does

    abuka Majokabuka Majok14 órája

    rainbow turtlerainbow turtle15 órája
  • the guys who had all the bananas has 30 pet monkeys.

    Waner_ CatWaner_ Cat16 órája
  • If there was a banana monster I'll bruss myself

    Jorge AgavoJorge Agavo17 órája
  • Your vids help my sadness lel

    Rosita EscobarRosita Escobar18 órája
  • Ha

    Lois BrockettLois Brockett20 órája
  • if you have too many bruised bananas heres a thing so green bananas arent sweet yellow ones are quite sweet with that same logic the more bruised they are the sweeter (to an extent) so you use those to make milkshakes or things

    Vicente RojasVicente Rojas22 órája
  • 3:03 That mouth that you did there was amazing

    Stephen GillespieStephen GillespieNapja
  • "And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i hope that all the bananas you eat have the perfect amount of ethylene in them" yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    khushal karnanikhushal karnaniNapja
  • So, I did something like the dog Jaiden thing, but it was a dragon bursting through the window to take me to... dragon land or something.

  • These videos make me feel better about my life, Love your vids!

    chris ramoschris ramosNapja
  • off-fish (me mate de risa XD)

  • When you saw that man buy a bunch of bananas, didn’t you say in your complaining about Arizona vid that these wild boars want bananas? So I’m guessing the man has the wild boar problem

    Meme _QueenMeme _QueenNapja
  • I watched this video on loop becasue im bored. Fish frick

  • just cut it off part lol

    AWeebu'sFandom XAWeebu'sFandom XNapja
  • 2:32 isn't that like second-grade-level knowledge?

  • Fishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Mrmeme ytMrmeme ytNapja
  • Fork threek

    Cj ReyesCj Reyes2 napja
  • where is fishney world?

    harvey balusharvey balus2 napja
    • @HironTurtle ok ty

      harvey balusharvey balusNapja
    • en el oceano pacifico (de nada uwu)

  • AD IN 5

    Sony MounaSony Mouna2 napja
  • You got me hooked at knifes hehehehe

    • cuando alguien que habla español te responde uwu

  • Jaiden: since you brought up the topic of bananas Me: ??

    christian kimchristian kim2 napja
  • Why are bugs always pregnant 👁👄👁 The answer is ... All Buds are getting lit

    Circus BabyCircus Baby2 napja
  • H- ... read more

    Circus BabyCircus Baby2 napja
  • I didn’t know you had a waluigi amiibo

    PloopusProductions 2008PloopusProductions 20082 napja
  • I wish I could say that you’re the best for every video, but my dad actually knows how technology works, so I can’t comment if there are bad words in the comments. Anyways, you’re the best!

    Lola SnowLola Snow2 napja
  • In relation to forks, I wish to tell you about skewers. Two-pronged forks are also a thing. However it ceases to be a fork without at least one other prong.

    Spades NeilSpades Neil2 napja
  • Knife= sharp 1-pronged fork Fork= dull 4-pronged knife Trident= BIG less dull 3-pronged knife

    Marleen Van de GraafMarleen Van de Graaf3 napja
  • Hi Jaiden! Your videos are awesome! I always luv them!

    CreeperGoesBoomCreeperGoesBoom3 napja
  • I like furrys TvT

    Gacha Fnaf GirlGacha Fnaf Girl3 napja
    • yo tambien :D

  • On roblox i be a cat girl alot bc why not but i get called a furry and i dont like it even tho i know a bit about furrys like some names

    Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
    • Protogen (uwu)

      Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
  • Wait

    Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
  • Thay are tasty

    Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
  • I like green bananas

    Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
  • ...

  • That guy with the bananas was probably from a math problem

    Oliverrr YesOliverrr Yes3 napja
  • Jaiden how you make HUworld

    Kaleb ColonKaleb Colon3 napja
  • Who acuasly likes the green bananas

    Woodrow TadlockWoodrow Tadlock3 napja
  • Hi Jaden!

    Kenneth ZabranskyKenneth Zabransky4 napja
  • whenever the lightest breeze comes by my hair gets in my eyes

    RouFlaDaiRouFlaDai4 napja
  • game on roblox like that called banana eats

    RouFlaDaiRouFlaDai4 napja
  • It's a melting pot of skips to random part of the video. *Melting dog brain.*

    LemonLemon4 napja
  • Jaiden is a furry *CONFIRMED*

    Hayden HayHayden Hay4 napja
  • 3:15 it's john from the nath problem😂

  • If you killed a clone of yourself, would it be murder or suicide?

    tsl3161991tsl31619914 napja
  • I dont eat bruised banana's either

    Kicking it with LondynKicking it with Londyn4 napja
  • Lol bananas

    Jive DinosaurJive Dinosaur4 napja
  • I have this thought that turn into satan and say isint great to be satan

    Carson KuhnCarson Kuhn4 napja
  • Three prong forks are just small dull tridents.

    Amir AbdurahmanAmir Abdurahman4 napja
  • I think the currents are just like traffic

    The Maya ShowThe Maya Show5 napja
  • Did u have ADHD

    Ran DeosRan Deos5 napja
  • Balderdash is a name of a Harry Potter password and my wooden carving of a kookaburra

    RavenclawRavenclaw5 napja
  • Are we just brains wearing meat suits? That’s strong

    Marble BubbleMarble Bubble5 napja
  • Unless Your a green banana *then I hate you* That got me Good Lmao

    Star z MagicStar z Magic5 napja
  • I have a question regarding the fountain of youth topic. What if someone who's inbred goes into the fountain of youth? Say this guy's name is Bob, and Bob's dad's mom is also Bob's mom. So bob keeps de-aging until he becomes his mom and his dad. And his dad keeps de-aging until he becomes his mom and dad. But the mom is older than him, so she's still there. Does that mean there will be two copies of the mom in the same place? New question, what would happen if Futurama's Phillip J Fry went in this fountain of youth. He's his own grandpa, would he just keep replicating ad infinitum?

    Math MachineMath Machine5 napja
  • Both the fountain of youth things were absolutely big brained

    Momba250Momba2505 napja
  • see you

    Pixie AnimatesPixie Animates5 napja
  • yep ok you

    Pixie AnimatesPixie Animates5 napja
  • 5:37 why is there only one pair of grandparents

    Buddy BotBuddy Bot5 napja
  • Jaiden: are we all just brains wearing flesh suits? VeRiZoN 5g Is ReAlLy CoOl

    Minceraft GameplayMinceraft Gameplay5 napja
  • The tree pronged forks should be called “tHrEeK”

    'Nora' 'Ligonniere''Nora' 'Ligonniere'5 napja
  • I ate a banana and there was a bruise on it, for me it was actually more sweet than usual.

    FS-1041FS-10415 napja
  • the bruised part on the banana is just a lot of sugar in that one spot

    James FiskeJames Fiske5 napja
  • Jaiden, a fork evolves to a knife and then evolves into a sword.

    LugiagaurdienLugiagaurdien5 napja
  • Do you play Bedrock/Xbox/PS/Mobile/Pocket Edition MINECRAFT

    TerboFrog296 KittyTerboFrog296 Kitty6 napja
  • oooh teriyaki lol 7:26

    KazZKazZ6 napja
  • The banana was sooo cute!

    skyenrae mskyenrae m6 napja
  • when i was in fourth grade i day dreamed about turning into an Alian, like from Alien Aliens and Alien III

    quack420quack4206 napja
  • 3:18 Jaiden found the man from the math problems

    Devjeet MishraDevjeet Mishra6 napja
  • Beat the girl who brought all the bananas was going to have a banana party

    APotatoGuy LikesDogsAPotatoGuy LikesDogs6 napja
  • My random thougth : if we humans cant see air but can see water, does that mean fish can see air but cant see water?

    kayru wijayakayru wijaya6 napja
  • Fish Commmet

    Errored 404Errored 4046 napja
  • yellow boomerangs :)

    夜の雨NightRÅIn夜の雨NightRÅIn6 napja
  • I mean what is in the scrip

    Cringe ToobCringe Toob6 napja
  • same i dont eat brused bananas

    Dominic Tai HillDominic Tai Hill6 napja
  • What? I’m confused and fascinated? Well... Welcome to Random thoughts 2!

    BoxCutter On XboxBoxCutter On Xbox6 napja

    Lunar SkiesLunar Skies6 napja
  • Im 10 ive really bin watching your videos and its making me laugh 💕

    ItsVisousPuppy PuppyItsVisousPuppy Puppy6 napja
  • can it be 3 years lol

    Alfie EarthyAlfie Earthy6 napja
  • little did we know that the banana metaphor was Jaden was a banana going for an unachievable ripeness

    Mr evil pancake WaffleMr evil pancake Waffle6 napja
  • That means since green is made of yellow and bananas are yellow then that means brown is in yellow since banana bruises are brown

    JustinTime1213JustinTime12136 napja
  • Fish-banana 👍•_•)👍

    Joaquín Alexander Garrido MaureiraJoaquín Alexander Garrido Maureira6 napja
  • I would pay to watch a sit com about those two fish at 4:00

    HELLO -heloHELLO -helo7 napja
  • I know this is a little late but act like it’s not you should give it to me because I like apples 🍎

    Siah JacksonSiah Jackson7 napja
  • It would make sense if they were buying potatoes.

    SanjuNairSanjuNair7 napja
  • Thanks a lot jaiden now every time I look at something I wonder how I can classify it as a fork. An example is shell pasta you know the one. Now I call it a small one pronged non-metal gapless dull curved handleless fork.

    Hermitcraft ChannelsHermitcraft Channels7 napja
  • this is one of my random thoughts but if atoms never touch other atoms and every thing is made of atoms then no body ever touches any thing and we are all also floating

    Cooper KrobCooper Krob7 napja
  • “Fish Frick” Hehe Jaiden: This is stupid Me: I say stupider things on an hourly basis

    Claire Palm TreeClaire Palm Tree7 napja
  • Jaiden said she hates green bananas so does Jaiden hate green area 51 aliens

    Allison ConnellAllison Connell7 napja
  • You know, this video DID change my view of you. I like you even more, we think the same way.

    Jeff BrenholdtJeff Brenholdt7 napja
  • Hey I'm a green banana and my friend is a mushy banana and you're just making fun of us 😐😑 😉

    Ashry E.Ashry E.7 napja
  • my random thoughts what if boats forgot how to swim why did I say "how dare you!" last night two times, walked up to the door, and walked back to my bed- am I possessed?!? are we all secretly possessed by the spirits of our past life what if the world goes off course why isn't the milky way made out of dairy product why is there a mosquito in my bathroom ITS ALMOST WINTER is god real am I real is this world real or is the earth really just a dome of virtual reality … how about yours?

    Gladiator 8Gladiator 87 napja
  • Are we brains wearing human meat suits Ad: yes it is

    Reid's World NReid's World N7 napja
  • 3:23 so many bananers!!!

    MinecraftProMinecraftPro7 napja
  • i use brown bananers for bananer bread

    MinecraftProMinecraftPro7 napja