Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long

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I was a gullible child, don't give me that look.

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Music: Crocodile Tears by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an acid spitting grasshopper to defend yourself from predators (the drug kind euheuheueh)

  • in three years, we can look back at this and be like: jaiden is a FRICKING PSYCHIC?

    ChevantlyChevantly15 perccel
  • So, I crossed my eyes a lot when i was 5 and..... They got stuck. Im now wearing glasses.

    Platinumx ChxrryPlatinumx Chxrry3 órája
  • 😈😮😠😬🙉💩👒🚬💊🚬💷💴💣🔪🔭🔮🔦🐂🐩🐩🐕🐢🐺📊📊🐻🐆🐗🐒🐵🐵🐫

    Rosemarie LayugRosemarie Layug6 órája
  • I USED to think Jaiden animation and Pokimane were the same person

    Dis Is JeffDis Is Jeff13 órája
  • She knew all along

    Kawaii KiwiKawaii Kiwi15 órája
  • i heard of the eye pointing to the back of head one nut it was just if u do it for 3 seconds it will be stuck forever

    Andrew BeresAndrew Beres16 órája
  • The opeing of this video translate beautifully to 2020

    SeveralEnd 8023SeveralEnd 802316 órája
  • What is aids tho?

    • HERO2YUH •• HERO2YUH •16 órája
  • Thought I never get glasses the day is coming at least I don’t need them to see close up

    Garrett ValleeGarrett Vallee16 órája
  • I wanted glasses when I was younger. I got them and I completely regret it.

    Layla MillerLayla Miller17 órája

    Ian FrazerIan Frazer17 órája

    Ian FrazerIan Frazer17 órája
  • *we had no idea what we had coming* And now it’s 2020

    Ed and robEd and rob19 órája
  • Jaiden: We didn't know what we had commin' Me watching in 2020: HAHAHA yeah.. yeah you THOUGHT! Haha...

    Gabby TabbyGabby Tabby19 órája
  • My mom wants glass she got

    avyukta duttaavyukta duttaNapja
  • This is 2020

    avyukta duttaavyukta duttaNapja
  • Jaiden... I know how you got them mixed up (Tetnis + Aids)... A tetnis shot is basically an AID as in first Aid, 2nd and 3rd and Aids is well the same spelling and the sounding is the same so when you say "careful youll get aids" you mean to say "careful you could get an Aid" Hope this helped

  • PLZ someone 2020? GOD DA.........

    Gum gumGum gumNapja
  • 2020 anyone? No Ok?

    Gum gumGum gumNapja
  • .

  • I know that fruit. 2:53

    lexie the wolf /lex wolflexie the wolf /lex wolfNapja
  • Jaiden: *sees a grasshopper in her shoe * The grasshopper: "i'm gonna end this man's whole career''

    Tulio TriviñoTulio TriviñoNapja
  • im waching this in 2020 and theair is a virus caled covid 19

  • I have glasses

    Brooke ViBrooke ViNapja
  • the “crossing eyes” thing is actually true it happened to my moms friend.

    JandO Really bad appJandO Really bad appNapja
  • 3 years later wow we had no idea what we had coming with covid

    The AceeThe AceeNapja
  • Алее где субтитры на русском языке

    gffb Showgffb ShowNapja
  • I looked up the aid thing it just said fever and weight loss so yea doesn’t sound inappropriate

    Teagan The Dash ManTeagan The Dash ManNapja
  • My parents also told me sitting to close to the TV damaged your eyes

    Summers gacha lifeSummers gacha lifeNapja
  • what

    Troll KillerTroll KillerNapja
  • and in 2020 theres a virus

    joan marie nuenayjoan marie nuenayNapja
  • i am from 2020

    joan marie nuenayjoan marie nuenayNapja
  • i am from the future

    joan marie nuenayjoan marie nuenayNapja
  • Jaiden acid ia not a drug, its a dangerous and a deadly chemical, you have that in a origin which it is in your stomach. And again, acid could also be terribly deadly. I heard a new report of a man pouring an orange liquid to a person that is sitting down, then it was acid all along. Heheh ir was so histaric. Its not its very dangerous and deadly, also having burns kn your body is very sad

    Andres SartiaguinAndres SartiaguinNapja

    Tamajaki たま邪気Tamajaki たま邪気Napja
  • I has glasses UnU

    kenny yoonkenny yoonNapja
  • I used to want glasses but guess what I have glasses

    Dave HammondDave HammondNapja
  • not really related but i didn’t know the difference between yes and no as a kid, not even metaphorically i just didn’t understand. one time in kindergarten i was being loud while we were watching something on the floor and the teacher asked me if i needed to go sit down at my desk and i sat there like _oh fuck what do i say_ i ended up saying yes

    cold toastcold toastNapja
  • I have glasses so thank you

    Donnamarie DeLucaDonnamarie DeLucaNapja
  • No what I wanted the same thing with glasses and unfortunately I got em 🙁 let's just say I have some regrets

    Christopher PortilloChristopher PortilloNapja
  • Me have the glasses

    Eating BreadsEating BreadsNapja
  • 0:30 oh god kids are- something

    Mooshy .Mooshy .Napja
  • Jaiden : we can look back at this in a year Me looking back at this in three years Welp-

    {} SuperNova {}{} SuperNova {}Napja
  • I used to believe that if I eat the black seeds in a watermelon a watermelon would grow in my stomach XD

    GalaxyElla 982GalaxyElla 9822 napja
  • Whats that guy watching there 👀 🤔 3:36

    idkanamesosorrywaitamistilltypingcancelthatplsNOWidkanamesosorrywaitamistilltypingcancelthatplsNOW2 napja
  • I have glasses

    Andrew RaymondAndrew Raymond2 napja
  • Lol I have glasses and it go honestly *IS* a very big hassle

    Tuwi the AmAzInGTuwi the AmAzInG2 napja
  • they don`t have shoes

    Denise PaderezDenise Paderez2 napja
  • My mom told me the crossed eye one, and the tv one.

    Cozy ChompersCozy Chompers2 napja
  • stupid things i used to believe when i was little: 1: eating carrots make your eyesight better 2: playing with electronics for too long will make you addicted to them 3: people have jobs that can get them 200,000 every day (my friend told me her mom earns 200,000 every day when her mom doesnt have a job, her dad does)

    Karma AmrKarma Amr2 napja
  • Yep

    Gabes gaming and vlogsGabes gaming and vlogs2 napja
  • We had no idea what we had coming

    Khalid MohammedKhalid Mohammed2 napja
  • Wait wait wait Jaiden eyeballs are not attached to your brain eyeballs have like a pipe line holding them slight outing soooooo don’t think u can do that

    karthikeya kumbhamkarthikeya kumbham2 napja
  • I m a kid and i know what aids

    Edwin SobinEdwin Sobin2 napja
  • "If you cross your eyes too much you'll be stuck like that" I've heard it once before iF yOu Do A wEiRd FaCe YoU'lL bE liKe ThAt fOrEvEr ThEy SaY *L I E S*

    •JP_ sparklecandy•JP_ sparklecandy2 napja
  • 4:10 Mmmm thanks. Damn

    Cus GamingCus Gaming2 napja
  • dang i remember when this vid came out and we REALLY didn't know what we had coming for the future 😭😭

    kire키리kire키리2 napja
  • People who don’t have glasses want them while people who do have glasses don’t want them... weird

    Melissa SohMelissa Soh2 napja
  • You could of bought reading flasses and poped out the lenses so you could have glasses either way

    Timmy Sapp04Timmy Sapp042 napja
  • 2:36 Eastern European gang here watching while eating pomegranate all day ? also: yeah its hard to clean pomegranate from clothing

    Azerbaijan Democratic RepublicAzerbaijan Democratic Republic2 napja
  • Raw lol ham ggģ

    Debalina DuttaDebalina Dutta2 napja
  • chid }"

    Ishu The Dwag ManIshu The Dwag Man2 napja
  • Jaiden: I really wanted glasses Me: (lip smack) your not the only one :3 :3 :3. :3

    plush bro 99plush bro 992 napja
  • I’m suppose to wear glasses but I don’t I can see perfect

    AzpectAzpect2 napja
  • Awww! I have glasses! ^w^ yay! :D

    Raven GachaRaven Gacha2 napja
  • I am using glasses and dont do it because even though using glasses look cool, they are terrifiying because u have make sure they are not broken, glass no crack, glass no dirty things, have to clean em up, make sure that the person who gave u the glasses make's it so that its perfect for you're eyes to see, and lots of more (except glass contacts) Like this comment if u agree with me peoples who use glasses 👇

    Bryan PlaysBryan Plays2 napja
  • Welp hope she Enjoyed being sane bc it got HARD

    Cookie WomanCookie Woman2 napja
  • If you search up aids and your young and you see a word that starts with a s and ends with a x don't search up what it is you'll be traumatized DO NOT DO IT-

    IntromakereditsIntromakeredits2 napja
  • when I was little I also wanted glasses and scream when my sister got one but i didn't

    Tiger lionTiger lion2 napja
  • I hate my glasses

    Zigo DiprofioZigo Diprofio2 napja
  • i also have good i sight

    rainbow turtlerainbow turtle2 napja
  • Actually standing close to a TV can damage your eyes if it is an old TV.

    TheNDarkendWolfTheNDarkendWolf2 napja
  • I really wanted glasses to

    Miss randomMiss random3 napja
  • Hey jaiden is it ok if you search up this theory “when you close your eyes your eyes go to your brain

    David NavarreteDavid Navarrete3 napja
  • "if you stand too close to the TV will hurt your eyes." wait... my parents tell me that!!

    Ayu Kurniasari HamzahAyu Kurniasari Hamzah3 napja
  • Actually sitting in front of screens that emit blue light for a long period of time they can cause eye strain which can cause headaches and migraines

    Thegamefinder _YTThegamefinder _YT3 napja
  • 0:07 covid-19 foreshadowing

    Lieutenant loloLieutenant lolo3 napja
  • This video was posted on my birthday

    Mobile GamingMobile Gaming3 napja
  • man we really did have no idea what we had coming

    Eclipsed _VisionEclipsed _Vision3 napja
  • we had no idea what we had coming

    Floof Poof's not KaedeFloof Poof's not Kaede3 napja
  • Stupid lies I used to believe: "Don't worry, son, this divorce will not affect our relationship with you, and we will keep this strictly between us." Growing up with my sociopath mum was fun.

    Renee PerkinsRenee Perkins3 napja
  • Guys, I think James from theodd1s out got tetris...

    The KydrogenThe Kydrogen3 napja
  • " kids dont need to know... i saw it when the x sign came

    Jefferson BrianJefferson Brian3 napja

    Calla CollingsCalla Collings3 napja
  • U should’ve said srry I haven’t posted a vid in a *year*!!!

    Squirrel !Squirrel !3 napja
  • Pomegranate is rare? I have a pomegranate in my neighbours and half in mine idk how it even got there

    Buffchickenbannanayeet BellBuffchickenbannanayeet Bell3 napja
  • i never knew about the tv thing

    ALICE ?!ALICE ?!3 napja
  • Jaiden: Careful you will get tetris Me: oh ok tetris kinda boring ngl

    NotFlamingoNotFlamingo3 napja
  • how about three years, jaiden.

    Philip Von KerczekPhilip Von Kerczek3 napja
  • “We had no idea what was coming.” Yeah we didn’t, we really didn’t.

    Antonella CastroAntonella Castro3 napja
  • 2:00 *_he will end all_*

    Orange GamesOrange Games3 napja
  • (I’m a kid) Uhhhh okay I’m asking my parents

    Tom AntonucciTom Antonucci3 napja
  • Imagine accidentally cutting yourself with a shovel and some kid walks up and says "you're gonna get AIDS!"

    SpikeTheLucarioSpikeTheLucario3 napja
  • I have glasses

    David NavarreteDavid Navarrete4 napja
    • I fill proud

      David NavarreteDavid Navarrete4 napja
  • 2:37 I used to eat them

    Serious5Gaming S5GSerious5Gaming S5G4 napja
  • Your eyes WILL get stuck like that (because you will get blind)

    Jacek BochJacek Boch4 napja
  • For the record I still don’t know what aids is and I would like to keep it that way

    Ender StormEnder Storm4 napja
  • there are also pink lemons grown in california

    Croix WintersCroix Winters4 napja
  • You mean 2 years in the future, right? Because the what happened was in 2020

    Camden PetersCamden Peters4 napja
  • “We had no idea what we had coming” 2021: *now allow me to introduce myself*

    Kaobi UgwuKaobi Ugwu4 napja