The best pokemon game you never played

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lol pokemon amirite

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Music: Pokemon Ranger soundtrack

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hey

  • You became a meme 4:55

    A very small YouTuberA very small YouTuber42 perccel
  • [Reads Title] *Oh Really?*

    ConnerShadowsConnerShadows44 perccel
  • I love these games so much actually.

  • 1:03 eat my games

    RyanSon NguyenRyanSon NguyenÓrája
  • I got a Pokémon go ad before watching this

    Sophia RodgersSophia Rodgers2 órája
  • Touch the bidoof jaden

    Respew GamesRespew Games4 órája
  • Ok sure, Pokemon ranger is great, but who here remembers the pokepark games?

    Nightmare EyesNightmare Eyes4 órája
  • 4:54 THE BEST PART

    lelylely4 órája
  • This is my favorite clip 4:55

    DJdudeDJdude4 órája
  • Do you like Pokémon cards

    A_RomanA_Roman5 órája
  • This video gave me big nostalgia feels

    DjamboDjambo5 órája
  • That is funny well I like their shows

    Jacob MontenegroJacob Montenegro6 órája
  • Jaiden: *Mentions Very Shady Guy and Terribly Shifty Guy* Pretty Sneaky Guy and Seriously Sketchy Guy: Am I a joke to you?

    Circle is my Favorite ColorCircle is my Favorite Color7 órája
  • Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch!

    Logan ShortLogan Short7 órája
  • When you realise an animation dances better then you:

    • Svannah Kumar •• Svannah Kumar •8 órája
  • Jaiden:Dancing while defeating a ratata and yeets it Blaster: Yeet to the celling and goes to Japan 🗾 Time when it happened: 5:00

    Jixen 1111 TOPJixen 1111 TOP10 órája
  • I just realize that white chalk is used to make black lines

    Japheth BerlandinoJapheth Berlandino10 órája
  • Jokes on you I played this game on my 3ds

    Alive ButUnwellAlive ButUnwell12 órája
  • I think this is Gen 1-4 based game

    NTKPlayzYT - MultiGamingNTKPlayzYT - MultiGaming12 órája
  • hello

    Fire,and,Ice,GamingFire,and,Ice,Gaming12 órája
  • *Touch the Bidoof*

    LeftAloneLeftAlone12 órája
  • I am so glad that I have 100% completed every Pokémon ranger game all because I wanted Darkrai and Manaphy back with during Soulsilver.. ah those were the days.

    GlowGlow12 órája
  • i loved pokemon ranger on my DS. that shit was my jam.

    The Fourth Dimensional GamingThe Fourth Dimensional Gaming13 órája
  • Jayden really reminds me of my cousin

    That One GuyThat One Guy13 órája
  • When I beat ranger and got the egg and the maniphy was shiny

    HypnotikHypnotik13 órája
  • TyranitarTube sent me :)

    KaptainKarmaKaptainKarma13 órája
  • Yo I loveddd Pokémon Ranger, I had that when I was a kid too on the DS. Great game from what I remember

    Fulcrums HeroFulcrums Hero13 órája
  • Me after watching this for the 7th time: decides to comment *Touch The Bidoof*

    Just A FlygonJust A Flygon14 órája
  • So in the first part of the game your a Pokémon ghost-buster?

    Trey WellsTrey Wells14 órája
  • crys i love pokemon sun and moon

    Just MelonJust Melon15 órája
  • Pokémon ultragun

    ??????????????16 órája
  • I always thought team dim sum was team DIM SUM . It always made me hungry

    RozeTigeressRozeTigeress18 órája
  • And now the most terrifying thing in the game: Those f*****g gligars

    Rookiek13Rookiek1318 órája
  • 5:25 people in among us when the round starts

    ćłóúđćłóúđ18 órája
  • touch the bidoof

    Spinel CoreSpinel Core19 órája
  • Touch 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗜𝗗𝗢𝗢𝗙

    Sol_the_cat 7Sol_the_cat 719 órája
  • Wata foca no hablo ingles

    Diana Carolina MartínezDiana Carolina Martínez19 órája
  • Sad pikachu make me sad

    random kid :Drandom kid :D19 órája
  • Jaiden if your a real Pokémon fan do you have Pokémon go

    M2 MikeM2 Mike20 órája
  • "it's no shrek 2"

    Banana BobBanana Bob22 órája
  • I love your videos

    Eric WolpertEric Wolpert22 órája
  • Your.a great ranger Jaiden

    Eric WolpertEric Wolpert22 órája
  • I'm more of a Mario person

    Mario MariscalMario Mariscal22 órája
  • 4:52 yes

    goldstar 11goldstar 1123 órája

    WurlzzWurlzz23 órája
  • I don't have friends like you or pc to make Animation to join cafe chaos I want to one of the card

    ROXS THE FoxROXS THE Fox23 órája
  • This video made me love Pokémon

    Lionhart GamingLionhart Gaming23 órája
  • I played this.

    Andros YangAndros Yang23 órája
  • Deaths are rising due to the cold season and covid 19 spreading The President of the United States of America: 4:55

    LaurenForRealzLaurenForRealz23 órája
  • I wanna see her play Guardian Signs. If you thought SoA was crazy. You. Havn’t. Seen. Shit.

  • Duuuuudddeeee pokemon ranger is so fucking good wish they remake it some day!!

    Labib Zuhyar HossainLabib Zuhyar HossainNapja
  • Jaden dancing 2 12:49

    honey bearhoney bearNapja
  • Jaden dancing 4:54

    honey bearhoney bearNapja
  • Pokemon moon,Y and shield are the best not in the trash

    Feeling SundewFeeling SundewNapja
  • "The best game you never played" The people who played it: 👁👄👁

    ꧁knife Kirby꧂꧁knife Kirby꧂Napja
  • Jaiden: or the weird geometric one Me who has the geometric one: 👁👄👁

    Lily RoiderLily RoiderNapja
  • Brother where are my *Ɩơơŋʂ?*

    Rubbermal The Rubberhose MalbearRubbermal The Rubberhose MalbearNapja
  • *u l t r a g u n*

    Rubbermal The Rubberhose MalbearRubbermal The Rubberhose MalbearNapja
  • I like Pokémon to! I just can’t get a Pokémon game

    Miss randomMiss randomNapja
  • 4:54 (jaiden dancing timestamp)

  • I have play this too it’s still in my DS case hehe!

    ダト Febrian-Viterダト Febrian-ViterNapja
  • 4:55

    Alex AnderAlex AnderNapja
  • 4:55 me when I beat every game that Jaiden Plays

    Rah Adhi DamarsatryoRah Adhi DamarsatryoNapja
  • I played this so MANY years ago

    Tequismells BoiTequismells BoiNapja
  • *pyrocinical reference*

  • I played the first game

    Too HealthyToo HealthyNapja
  • if anybody is wondering (probably nobody) 01101111 01101110 01101100 01111001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100 01110011 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00001010 (i may have made any of these wrong) means "only nerds can read this"

    Gwyneth PepitoGwyneth PepitoNapja
  • still can’t get over the fact that jaiden liked shield but hated moon

  • yay I am a hero time to take a nap [me] same

    JJ OJJ ONapja
  • 13:56 I really wanna make a "24:02" joke here but I'm not sure how many people would actually get the reference.... ( It's a Destiny joke about Datto )

  • hello me again i commented on the latest uploaded video and i want to try and draw your character if you could just make one video of all your favorite drawings so i could try them please

    UwUwU_ _UwUwUUwUwU_ _UwUwUNapja
  • Let me guess... you've never seen pokemon clover?

    Man Child GamingMan Child GamingNapja
  • the binary in 5:18 says only nerds can read this with the actual binary being 01101111 01101110 01101100 01111001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100 01110011 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00001010

    davidea ealanddavidea ealandNapja
  • Wait Isaac is 6.7 feet tall Nope 5.3 feet

    Tiny DogTiny DogNapja
  • Jaiden: *talks about pokemon* Me: Pokemon Gotta catch em all!

    scheley cerdeniascheley cerdeniaNapja
  • 4:54

  • Are you a furry?

    Jackson ColbyJackson ColbyNapja
    • No

      CEO of sarcasmCEO of sarcasm13 órája
  • i played pokemon ranger when it came out and i totally destroyed my ds's touch pad trying to capture that DANG FLYGON. I GOT LOCKED UNABLE TO BEAT IT BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE A STRONG ENOUGH ELECTRIC TYPE!

    Amanda ReynoldsAmanda ReynoldsNapja
  • 6:01 hol up is that a giant z crystal over der

    SCP 049SCP 049Napja
  • I was dancing to the Pokémon music when you played it

    Ellie McDuffieEllie McDuffieNapja
  • B I D O O F

    Abril ZunigaAbril ZunigaNapja
  • 0:04 - 0:20 replace Pokémon with Halo and that is me

    The Master ChiefThe Master ChiefNapja

    just a avocadojust a avocadoNapja
  • Jaiden: " I had to leave a lot of" Me: "no you signed it up pretty well. Only missed a few things."

    E-brake heroE-brake heroNapja
  • Hastings is best girl. Change my mind

    E-brake heroE-brake heroNapja
  • You think pokemon ranger is underrated imagine being pokemon conquest. That game was so good but it seems like no one's ever heard of it.

    E-brake heroE-brake heroNapja
  • Jaden you play Minecraft I play Minecraft

    Kalla AraujoKalla AraujoNapja
  • 2:35

    Skelly the Gacha skeletonSkelly the Gacha skeletonNapja
  • Plot Twist: The smell researcher is the one who put that book about the gems, and gave it to Jaiden to help her on her journey.

  • *_-Hello-_*

  • Who else bought the game just to get Darkrai ?

    Flo FloFlo FloNapja
  • 4:55 me when school’s over 7:38 me when i lose a game

    Lemøn drøp the wolfLemøn drøp the wolfNapja
  • You ain't a real OG unless you Poke'snap 😎

    Drew KayfabeDrew KayfabeNapja
  • *Touch the BIDOOF*

    Hanaa AbdelaalHanaa AbdelaalNapja
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wyatt AngevineWyatt AngevineNapja

    W̺͆i̺͆t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆r̺͆r̺͆o̺͆s̺͆e̺͆l̺͆p̺͆s̺͆W̺͆i̺͆t̺͆h̺͆e̺͆r̺͆r̺͆o̺͆s̺͆e̺͆l̺͆p̺͆s̺͆2 napja
  • Imagine someone holding you at gun point and saying: "Thouch the Bidoof"

    Roko RokoRoko Roko2 napja
  • I love ari

    Izzeddin ShegowIzzeddin Shegow2 napja
  • 9:56 shark boy, lava girl, and the other kid.

    RKRK2 napja
  • PLOT TWIST: Jaiden's Dancing is just a diversion so her classmates can kick the din sum guys butt 4:51

    Bertha ThomasBertha Thomas2 napja