The History of my Hair

2019.dec. 8.
20 775 513 Megtekintés

So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never have a coconut haircut

  • yay gd music

    TypicalTypical18 perccel
  • I have cats and twice have had a cat hair become embedded in a foot callous. The one in my toe I was able to just pull out. But the one I got in the ball of my foot broke off and I had to wait for it to work it's way out. It was surprisingly painful and kept feeling like being stabbed with a needle.

    Fiona LeonardFiona Leonard51 perce
  • Ryuko check

  • jaiden is lucky she got a hairdresser parent in quarintine

    youraccxount1 1youraccxount1 14 órája
  • Actually i have been pierced by hair strands very scarilly often. Also out of curiosity I pierced myself with a hair strand once and it hurt like a needle. dont recommend it

    Chris DudeDurianChris DudeDurian7 órája

    Suki!Suki!8 órája
  • I was eating ice cream outside and my hair kept getting into my mouth and my ice cream I said GO DIE HAIR ( btw this account is my old yt channel I’m 12 now )

    Xxkat Rainbow gamerXxXxkat Rainbow gamerXx9 órája
  • 3:41

    Lemøn drøp the wolfLemøn drøp the wolf9 órája
  • Do a face reveal

    Lampost DuderLampost Duder10 órája
  • I recently found a hair thick enough to pierce the sole of my foot. That was a weird experience to say the least

    Dutch Van der LindeDutch Van der Linde10 órája
  • I know this is 11 months old, but yeah. I've had hair pierce my skin before. It just was never at a shallow enough angle to come out again.

    Samus419Samus41911 órája
  • Jaiden: Wanna hear something gross? Me who watches Liveleaks for fun: 😀 After hearing about it: Oh. Okay. Call me back when 2g1c 2021 comes.

    George AduseiGeorge Adusei11 órája
  • Lol this is so hilarious! 🤣😂

    PinkGummy Bear The GUM SUM squadPinkGummy Bear The GUM SUM squad11 órája
  • I been pierce by a strand of my beard hair

    ElectricSkullElectricSkull13 órája
  • 6:18 Rip Ari

    Birthday215lol OfficialBirthday215lol Official13 órája

    Mr. Froggy PlaysMr. Froggy Plays13 órája
  • i have been stabbed by a hair because it pierced the blanket and stabbed me in the elbow lol

    Michael Angelo RingorMichael Angelo Ringor13 órája
  • with the hair pierced through you- that happened to me once. except with cat whiskers. It hurt. barely touching the tip of a sheded cat whisker can hurt.

    Samantha GoltrySamantha Goltry13 órája
  • I have

  • I do and i dont stain

    Kristina GraserKristina Graser14 órája
  • I just found one of your hairs in my room wtf

    PyrocrystPyrocryst14 órája
  • one time i felt a tickly thing on my face, and for some reason i had a really long thick eyelash, so i picked it off,i can comfirm i have been peirced by that eyelash. i thought it was so cool, and didnt pick it out for 10 minutes until it fell out and i was bummed. i forgot about it the next day

    Micaela OConnorMicaela OConnor15 órája
  • Same girl my hair is a mess

    Shateese ThomasShateese Thomas16 órája
  • i have had my OWN hair get ALL THE WAY THUE my FINGER

    Cheryl LambertCheryl Lambert16 órája
  • Lol I’m in the coconut phase rn XD

    I N D YI N D Y16 órája
  • My hair is like jaidens pretty much how she described hers that’s how mine is

    cayla ninocayla nino16 órája
  • If you wear red hair, your hair will turn blonde some where later.

    The SealThe Seal17 órája
  • Thats why im never dyeing my hair. Ever.

    Jiaye MyersJiaye Myers17 órája
  • F*ck!

    Liam's ToysreviewLiam's Toysreview17 órája
  • 5:45 yes one of my family members hair price in to my feet

    Benjamin ZhangBenjamin Zhang18 órája
  • My mum's a hair dresser yay

    Helen and oliver AuldHelen and oliver Auld18 órája
  • I feel for jaiden about the thick hair cuz mine is like that

    Avynn LonginottiAvynn Longinotti18 órája
  • So that’s why there is always hair in my food

    Robloxshawny PlaysRobloxshawny Plays18 órája
  • i was recomened to you from my friend :) i already love it and subbed :)(:

    Moon Dancer27Moon Dancer2718 órája
  • ..when I used to have long hair at 5 I dyed it purple..I washed it out like 2 days later then grew it out and put pink streaks in it..I CUT IT now I'm a boy..and I have pastel pink hair..:3

    some-cosplay-channel 9some-cosplay-channel 918 órája
  • Burn it down

    Captain CrosbyCaptain Crosby18 órája
  • I always hate history But this ..... this is art

    Amy DawsonAmy Dawson19 órája
  • I actually found a Jaiden hair right next to me

    Countries AnimationsCountries Animations19 órája
  • I have thick hair to Jaden

    Briggs KlobesBriggs Klobes20 órája
    • Yfhr7db rgb dubdhe

      Briggs KlobesBriggs Klobes20 órája
  • Thats why james said that your mom gave him his new haircut.......

    mr. funnymr. funny20 órája
  • The person i went to i gat blue so after awial it gat green but still blue so it was good until i cut it out

    Alex RamirezAlex Ramirez21 órája
  • Me just wondering how she knew about snom at this time Edit: seriously, the snom was on her parents tv

    stixshiftstixshift22 órája
  • I’ve been pierced by a hairstraw but idk if it was my moms or mine, or Jaidens because it was brown.

    Unixørn SkyeeUnixørn Skyee22 órája
  • i find hair at our house i mean apartment is that your hair probably not cause i live in bangladesh

    MehrabMehrab22 órája
  • On halloween I dyed my hair blue cuz I was sonic

    jason scottjason scott23 órája
  • That happend to my friend she got hair on her foot

    Cxmilia BxtchCxmilia BxtchNapja
  • How did i get 4 jaiden hairs in lithuania?

    Chilled ButterflyChilled ButterflyNapja
  • I’m kinda bored so I watch you and don’t care no more lol

    Annie GomezAnnie GomezNapja
  • Wait u live in Phoenix when my parents where so was my dog that u could build 10 dogs out of his hair just jaiden hair!!??!!??!}!

    Yoyosalamander And mander musicYoyosalamander And mander musicNapja
  • 3:36 badboyhalo

    Kevin van OoijenKevin van OoijenNapja
  • hey i loved your channel i am a new subscriber

    Ash-chan riyalAsh-chan riyalNapja
  • 5:09 that looks like Sabine wrens hair from Star Wars rebels on the dope hair panel

  • Jaiden has the lit hair!

    Wolfgang MasterWolfgang MasterNapja
  • I have Also me and on my friend love you videos jaden and It's so impossible to try your person Please like this comment

    Indira KlattIndira KlattNapja
  • Jaiden:I was cursed with not giving a fridge. Me:that is a mood.

    janet ramirezjanet ramirezNapja
  • My hair used to be like that but it wasn’t thick but I did have a lot of it.

    janet ramirezjanet ramirezNapja
  • 3:37 : fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp I'm sorry Jaiden I had to make this joke

    Peach SodaPeach SodaNapja
  • I very rarely got gray hair at a young age (it's something that nobody asked me but it doesn't matter)

    Danielss 7274Danielss 7274Napja
  • I am 7363826373638362826273638262836382728161716283734995505938382728372872826383737474646464646464636464646467885354 kilometers away from a Jaiden hair

    •weird_meme boi••weird_meme boi•Napja
  • Ill paint the scene. You're walking down a long and lonely pathway. You had a really bad day. The lunch you made specially for you spilled on the floor. You had to work overtime. You're having a fight with your spouse over nothing really. You feel horrible. You take a sit in the park to feed the bids as it brings you joy and as you sit there a gentle breeze hits you dashing your breadcrumbs. You feel bad for all of a second when suddenly a JAIDEN HAIR DESCENDS UPON YOU BLESSING YOUR DAY You went on the make up with your spouse, got that promotion, became the boss and gained the super power of talking to birds. Anyways thats my screenplay idea

    TheLonely KloudTheLonely KloudNapja
  • "Literally no one can draw my hair" r34 artists: Observe.

    • no no NO don't just don't say that

      Just a dumb Hero mainJust a dumb Hero main13 órája
    • Jaiden can even draw it in reverse! (That mirror should've been R to L ...just like letters are reversed).

      Mark FosterMark Foster19 órája
  • My hair accident made me bleed

    Doge The dogDoge The dogNapja
  • 2:42 draw the eyes like that all the time Jaiden and you will get 100M subs in 4 seconds

    FoxyBoxy The Neon Kitsune AnimatesFoxyBoxy The Neon Kitsune AnimatesNapja
  • I have two birds to and I like you work keep going you are so good at making me laugh

    Sarah BrannonSarah BrannonNapja
  • Jaiden- The pro of having a hair styler parent is free hairstyles! Me- The con is that you you don't trust professionals to do it later on -_- (sub to jaiden)

    Henry ArguellesHenry ArguellesNapja
  • ur moms hair in ur leg thingy happend to meh 100 times 0-0

    strawberry aka Anastacia47strawberry aka Anastacia47Napja
  • as someone with a pound of hair on my head, i can say... i agree that thick hair is hard to deal with. at least ill never go bald tho...

    The CatThe CatNapja
  • Hair did perse through my skin

    Tavane BrooksTavane BrooksNapja

    SWAGMASTER smal boiSWAGMASTER smal boiNapja
  • i don't have to worry about hairdressers and prices and stuff cuz I'm a cutting and colouring my own hair gang member 😎.

    Emma AEmma ANapja
  • As a boy who used to have long hair, I can relate to a lot of this. (I just got it cut recently and regretted it, so I'm growing it back out again)

    [Ramses • XVI][Ramses • XVI]Napja

  • So that all the hair i have in my house.

    Filmz IndustriesFilmz IndustriesNapja
  • Just found this channel the other day really love the content youre a gem

    the coonthe coonNapja
  • 1:55

  • Jaiden and LaurenZside thats all im gonna say

    Sasha buzuSasha buzu2 napja
  • I have dummy thick hair to and I can’t get an under cut and in az it’s fricking hot 2-47 so I got bangs and I’m not aloud to get an undercut 😢

    Spooky Gacha GirlSpooky Gacha Girl2 napja
  • 5:33 the almighty snom!

    Devon De raafDevon De raaf2 napja
  • Wtf the red streaks in the hair for jaiden makes her look like ryuko from kill a kill

    JkpancakeJkpancake2 napja
  • True Story: I found a jaiden hair in the Philippines

    Nate MancitaNate Mancita2 napja
  • I had a hair pierce me also it’s weird

    Ryan ChanRyan Chan2 napja
  • I have and it pierced me twice

    Nina IsmailNina Ismail2 napja
  • Yo I just got an undercut too!

    stephanie noirestephanie noire2 napja
  • I like wigs better but Your hair looks great though.

    Shewolf Alpha4444Shewolf Alpha44442 napja
  • My hair stands straight up because it is how my hair grows natural just straight up and people ask me"How do you keep your hair straight" and i always say Be born and hope your baby self picked the short standing straight hair option

    Sheila ApalisokSheila Apalisok2 napja
  • Huh, now I know why there's hair randomly in my backyard across the country from california.

    Chris LaVertuChris LaVertu2 napja
  • Dyed my hair pink today, No regrets

    Susan’s ArtimationsSusan’s Artimations2 napja
  • I like to purple and pink hair style then Jaden got I like it😉

    cupcake Queencupcake Queen2 napja
  • Ive had my are get pierced by a hair i think i just shedded a bit of hair and some how it pierced

    CB AnimationzzCB Animationzz2 napja
  • My mom is a hairdresser so I always also had no haircuts but sometimes I would still go to the store hairdresser.

    Danika Does ThingsDanika Does Things2 napja
  • snom 101 tv

    puni puni supportpuni puni support2 napja
  • 3:37 *Ugh, fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp*

    PGgamerPGgamer2 napja
    • I saw the thumbnail and I knew in my heart of hearts this would be a new comment.

      DreeG 18DreeG 182 napja
  • Even like the other dogs

    NalaZTV GlennNalaZTV Glenn2 napja
  • Mean 🐩 dog

    NalaZTV GlennNalaZTV Glenn2 napja
  • Hey Jaden play animal Crossing you could see Isabella the fluffy Muffley Dawg

    NalaZTV GlennNalaZTV Glenn2 napja
  • Fro coco

    Baymax 3.0Baymax 3.02 napja
  • A cute coconut

    Baymax 3.0Baymax 3.02 napja
  • I've had every color of the rainbow at least once

    bnha cosplaybnha cosplay2 napja
  • Ez claps

    Yare yare DazeYare yare Daze2 napja
  • People try to make jaidens hair Me:laughs in FlipaClip ( because I draw it )

    Ankitgaming The Best animaterAnkitgaming The Best animater2 napja