theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona

2016.jún. 7.
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James's (james'? jame's's? idk english is weird) channel:
His Arizona video:
ASMR video we parodied for like 3 seconds:
The egg cooking video:
wow thats a lot of links... and they're most likely just a waste of space because no one reads the descrption

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Music: Spacy Kevin by ionics
Krusty Krab music (The Tip Top Polka) by the Chelmsford Folk Band

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D why don't you click all 'dem links that were wonderfully copy and pasted by me, just for you :D that would be super dandy

  • When James said “yee” idk why but I laughed

    Lil DuckLil Duck45 perccel
  • arizona is awesome besides the fact the grass is never green

  • Man heat is the W O R S T I'm from Maryland and when I visited like Colorado I was so hot, at my house it was cold ;-; but I am resistant to that and when we got there it felt like it was 10 million degrees but it was fun until the worst hike in the world I can't remember which state it is ;-; but it scared my poor soul to death I am afraid of heights and this entire walk is heights :(

    Banana BunBanana Bun2 órája
  • Lololol

    Debalina DuttaDebalina Dutta3 órája
  • Plot twist: They're actually talking about Australia.

    Spaget 2009Spaget 20094 órája
  • Jaiden i think you can help reduce the temperature of the climate in Arizona by planting trees bc the pressence of trees affects the climates.

    Brendan BudimanBrendan Budiman7 órája
  • I live in maldives and its the same here

    Mad ManiacMad Maniac7 órája
  • I live in cali but for one day our ac stopped working and i have a gaming chair where i normally sit at and i was shirtless and everytime i got up to go get water i could feel my sweaty back getting pried apart from my chair it was weird and i dont know your arizona heat situation but from what i hear its worse than here

    FishlessGillsAnimationsFishlessGillsAnimations11 órája
  • Them: Arizona is sucks Me: Laughs in Florida

    MassmoodツMassmoodツ12 órája
  • Jaiden and odds1out are couples 😏😏😏

    june likejunejune likejune12 órája
  • Jaiden and James: We need a place in the car to keep mitts Glove box: exists

    lawson jeffreyalawson jeffreya12 órája
  • Same

    I am CoolI am Cool14 órája
  • Living in the south where there are days that are 95+ with almost 100% humidity and the mosquitoes and gnats are out to get you if you even dare step outside, I can relate on the staying inside part. But there are also at least a lot more things to do in the south than in Arizona

    Straight Mathin'Straight Mathin'15 órája
  • There is an episode of a TV series called the grand tour were one of the people drove with oven mitts

    Collin MorrisCollin Morris16 órája

    Pxrizon VspPxrizon Vsp19 órája
  • Jaidens parots name: Ari Where she lives: ARIzona

    Zbigniew BaduraZbigniew Badura20 órája
  • My brother live in arizona

    Jim McMullenJim McMullen21 órája
  • go James

    Franklin AlexisFranklin Alexis23 órája
  • It’sReally hot

    Franklin AlexisFranklin Alexis23 órája
  • I like your videos make more videos

    Franklin AlexisFranklin Alexis23 órája
  • Huh... a little compartment... for gloves? What would you call such an invention?

    Max OrtizMax OrtizNapja
  • :|

  • 2:34 ever heard of GLOVE BOXES???

    Anna SikorskaAnna SikorskaNapja
  • I 𝙙𝙤𝙣𝙩 𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐙𝐎𝐍𝐀 BUT I live in ⓂⓁⒹⒾⓋⒺⓈ 🄰🄽🄳 𝕀 ℂ𝔸ℕ ℝ𝔼𝕃𝔸𝕋𝔼 𝕋𝕆 ɆӾ₮ⱤɆ₳₥ 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕥 🤕🤢😥😓😥😓😥😓😥

  • the glove box exists btw

    Mr evil pancake WaffleMr evil pancake WaffleNapja
  • As someone who lives in nevada I can confirm we have the same problems with heat and cactuses and such

    Candycorn 012Candycorn 012Napja
  • I watch that. Him

    Thor HorkmanThor HorkmanNapja
  • In North America we have black widows

    Mason PeirceMason PeirceNapja
  • I live in AZ. Me in summer : help meeeeee

    Hamster care 11Hamster care 11Napja
  • Jaiden just completely interrupts James, mid-sentence 4:03

    Merissa RogersMerissa RogersNapja
  • I live in Michigan and it’s the complete opposite we Michigan people always complain about the extreme weather in winter it’s dangerously cold but in the summer it’s dangerously hot it’s never decent here where I live but my sister goes to college in Arizona so she can probably relate

    Carson BallCarson BallNapja
  • Do you mean like?

    Xander CarpenterXander CarpenterNapja
  • We get excited because in ireland we dont have cactie

    Cíara o 'neillCíara o 'neillNapja
  • hek yeah I live in the hottest part of AZ which is definetly Pheonix

    Landan LimLandan LimNapja
  • in CT there are wild cacti

    Charlie's technic creationsCharlie's technic creationsNapja
  • I live in Nevada

    riley cuthersriley cuthersNapja

    Desiree BaltisbergerDesiree BaltisbergerNapja
  • Hello everyone My subtitles Bbdybcybcybcrybbrf

    THEBOBS 2040THEBOBS 20402 napja

    TrAv1b01 MCTrAv1b01 MC2 napja
  • Haha Arizona go Brrrrrrrrrrr (ft. TheOdd1sOut)

    Ashton LorenzoAshton Lorenzo2 napja
  • Live in florida

    Christopher PerezChristopher Perez2 napja
  • 100% i can confirm this

    Kenzie BelcherKenzie Belcher2 napja
  • In Arizona cars are toasters How cool in Narnia lions are Jesus

    hinnmanfamilyhinnmanfamily2 napja
  • Anyone else know what a glove box is idk maybe u can put mittens in there

    Omar A.Omar A.2 napja
  • Try living in Australia in the summer it’s boiling hot

    The true Gamer boyThe true Gamer boy2 napja
  • Whare I am it olny gets as hot as like 95 ish but it never gets cold enough to snow i hate whare I live ugh

    JuneDrawzJuneDrawz2 napja
  • “Idk English is weird” agreed

    Miss randomMiss random2 napja
  • They : Arizona Is so hot Me : bruh Papua and Bali Is so hot Look at me i am so dark

    Just GabutzJust Gabutz2 napja
  • 2:32 you mean.... a glove box?

    homicidal touristhomicidal tourist2 napja
  • You are looking at shuffled by newest aint ya

    Johan LindhardtJohan Lindhardt2 napja
  • When my dad was in the army in Texas he sweat so much, that when he went inside he would be covered in white crystals of salt.

    TheNDarkendWolfTheNDarkendWolf2 napja
  • This was in my recommended so I watched it while eating breakfast I love it

    Shqdøw XShqdøw X3 napja
  • I live in Singapore and it’s just Arizona but smaller and with more trees and fines

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin3 napja
  • 0:48 *[BONETROUSLE INTENSIFIES]* If you don't get it turn captions on and play undertale

    The epic bacon coolThe epic bacon cool3 napja
  • Jaiden & James: Complains about arizona's heat Africans, Saudi Arabians & Filipinos: Amateurs.

    mrtinapa_ Originalmrtinapa_ Original3 napja
  • Arizona Arizona Arizona

    baby cat gamingbaby cat gaming3 napja
  • It's amazing👍

    baby cat gamingbaby cat gaming3 napja
  • I live in Los Angeles

    baby cat gamingbaby cat gaming3 napja
  • This is weird

    Demon BassDemon Bass3 napja
  • Alguém brasileiro ou português por aqui? Kkkk

    Alyson playsAlyson plays3 napja
  • brazil is also hot as shit like the record here is like 50°C i dont know how to Fahrenheit

    CandleCandle3 napja
  • Really, in Mexico we have 669 kinds of cacti, in differente parts of my country (and sorry for my bad english :v)

    Alexandra Paola Hinojosa VázquezAlexandra Paola Hinojosa Vázquez3 napja
  • Who uses to think these to we’re gonna be a thing?

    Erik SchrothErik Schroth3 napja
  • Just move lol

    Blue_Tiger_8Blue_Tiger_83 napja
  • natural growing cacti also grown in colorado lamo-

    Margaret GalkaMargaret Galka3 napja
  • Texas is about 15 degrees cooler than Arizona most of the time

    moorecasamoorecasa3 napja
  • Living in Nevada is about the same tbh

    SpitfulbenchSpitfulbench3 napja
  • hey james and jedden you shud mov in grmany der is nerver hot

    Radmila SundacRadmila Sundac4 napja
    • Hey James and jaiden You should move in Germany it is never hot there

      9009003 napja
  • So are we gonna talk about how cute that "Hello everybody!" was or like what

    soft.grungesoft.grunge4 napja
  • 4:25 yea monkeys in villages used to raid houses and steal the bread dough and milk.... And when going for a trip ANYWHERE in india you WILL find hungry monkeys who eat a LOT!

    Yashovardhan BagulYashovardhan Bagul4 napja
  • “There should be a box for gloves” Glovebox: am I a joke to you

    Ziggy MatthewsZiggy Matthews4 napja
  • Try to watch this on 2x 😆 😱

  • me:*smiles in saudi arabia*

    KATILKATIL4 napja
  • Welcome to Australia, it can get higher than 35 degrees Celsius (which is pretty really hot) in winter up north, and have had heat waves of 40 degrees Celsius in the summer down south (even though the bottom of Australia is fairly far away from the equator and I think closer to Antarctica than the equator)

    a_random_accounta_random_account4 napja
  • Thanks for the watching, yeah u thank you for that

    Clark HuangClark Huang4 napja
  • Utah has natural growing cacti too.

    Gage KlarmanGage Klarman4 napja
  • ARIzona.

    Moon LordMoon Lord4 napja
  • i was born in arizona

    deshaun spahedeshaun spahe4 napja
  • im in texas right now

    challg00challg004 napja
  • :-)

    Play Day LeivaPlay Day Leiva4 napja
  • living in chandler arizona is like putting my head in an oven

    JAXJAX4 napja
  • Nice brave little toaster reference

    Bubblegum AshFurBubblegum AshFur4 napja
  • For another description of Arizona, watch "walter the weatherman" from jeff Dunham. Some striking similarities between this video and that one.

    Eric WlezniakEric Wlezniak4 napja
  • I live in a place where it rains all the time

    The RaccoonThe Raccoon4 napja
  • Not all of Az is like that

    Noa MNoa M4 napja
  • Hey if I come there .... I'll come visit u guys

  • Them:arizona is so hot Me: laughs in yourr mom

    MAGAMAGA4 napja
  • Can confirm! I’ve lived in AZ all my life until recently.

    MylenaponyMylenapony5 napja
  • So one time when i was little- *BUT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THE JAVELINAS*

    IzzyMeetsWorldIzzyMeetsWorld5 napja
  • The whole time you're pretty much just describing Australia except for the cactus. I live in Australia.

    Unauthorised broccoliUnauthorised broccoli5 napja
  • 5:13 ... yet you kept your piss wallet

    Bedecick CucumberbatchBedecick Cucumberbatch5 napja
  • This was posted on my birthday

    Gaming Kid08Gaming Kid085 napja
  • 727 so funny

    riotsriots5 napja
  • I ❤👉💁‍♀️💁‍♂️

    Nefertiti0110Nefertiti01105 napja
  • I live in Florida so I can relate to the heat, it's a humid heat here but it's still hot

    The Unamed ArtistThe Unamed Artist5 napja
  • Is there haunted places there .0.

    Lucy ReimerLucy Reimer5 napja
  • Ooooohhhhhhhh jaiden and james ahahahahahahahahahaj!!!!!!!!... Sorry

    rolando manzonrolando manzon5 napja
  • Try Minnesota some time XD

    Soggywaffles706Soggywaffles7065 napja
  • How about getting a patent

    Ivan HuangIvan Huang5 napja
  • I am in Texas

    Nyan catNyan cat5 napja