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((thesaurus people, don't hurt me i mean well. i'm a 'copacetic' and 'simpatico' person i promise))
also- pigeon documentary if ur curious:
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I do not own the pigeon documentary. (lol)

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D According to the website, you're very "fine and dandy".... nah I'm just gonna use the word "nice". Yeah that's better.

  • I actually had a few teachers who would take points off for pointless fluff words. Oh, wait, I mean, *extraneous verbage*. As a writer, I mostly use it for poetry, or when I'm trying to avoid repetition. While I'm kind of a sucker for writing purple prose (aka, overly-pretentious writing that's trying to imitate smarty-smart-smartypants-like documents from the 1700s or something) in my first drafts, I do try to keep in mind that old phrase, "perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

    LunDruidLunDruid9 órája
  • Why say "I want to die" when you can say, " i fancy to drown"

    Yeet NationYeet Nation11 órája
  • Hola jaiden

    Alexander Román AcevedoAlexander Román Acevedo13 órája
  • Qt this timei see 10,000,090 views, thats not jumbled

    B ForemanB Foreman16 órája
  • Dawg they’re just fanfics...

    Sleepy Lion KingSleepy Lion King17 órája
  • Me: Penguins live in the cold. Me when writing an assignment: The Spheniscidae reside primarily in uncommon and cold climates.

  • 𝒜𝒽 𝓎ℯ𝓈, 𝒫ℯ𝓃ℊ𝓊𝒾𝓃𝓈 𝓈𝓊𝒸𝒽 𝓂𝒶𝒿ℯ𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒸 Wierdos..

    The Dragon And His Mob FriendsThe Dragon And His Mob FriendsNapja
  • One time we were told to make a 500 word essays on the spot by our English teacher and I got a good grade just throwing random fancy word to make my essay longer and look more sophisticated.

    Muhammad Agil Ramadhan HRPMuhammad Agil Ramadhan HRPNapja
  • Subscribers:9.09M Views:9.9M Me: EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER AND EQUALITY BEAUTIFUL (wack)

    Ingrid SarpyIngrid SarpyNapja
  • “Do it for the memes” Me:finally someone who really understands our MEME CULTURE

    Rohel LopezRohel LopezNapja
  • I know this is 2020, and it is a rough time. Jaden, you might not come across this but if you do, I just want you to know, my teacher used this as an example for one of my lessons, and it was really useful. He enjoyed it, keep it up!! =>

    TsOliveOil 37TsOliveOil 37Napja
  • I like Puckabrina fanfiction sooo... BACK OFF!!

    Piper McLeanPiper McLeanNapja
  • As soon as you said write a paper, a Grammarly add popped up * whispers * It can hear

    Piper McLeanPiper McLeanNapja
  • I'm a writer so I look up synonyms all the time to spice up my chapters. The other day I had to look up synonyms for 'furrowed brow' because I didn't want to use it four times in one chapter 😂... I ended up using puckered brow, brows stitched together and only had to use furrowed brow twice.

    SVT DominosSVT Dominos2 napja
  • Oh yeah you missed the fact that the website name is super weird

    Cladbar becue08Cladbar becue082 napja
  • Someone else uses the term moo juice 😺

    Tacocat FortniteTacocat Fortnite2 napja
  • Or should I say "Your videos are fine and lovely especially that brat Ari the parrot!!!!!!!!!!! (^3^) (*3*)

    Sara AlhanaeeSara Alhanaee2 napja
  • I adore all your vids especially crazy subs

    Sara AlhanaeeSara Alhanaee2 napja
  • The Pigeon Lmao i cracked up Ok Moo juice is funnier

    HaremFricker 249HaremFricker 2492 napja
  • I literally got a grammarly ad im crying-

    FirdaqrtuFirdaqrtu2 napja
  • your program was astonishingly marvelous

    Idk what to name thisIdk what to name this2 napja
  • did u know its a myth that most penguins live in the cold i learned that in my social studies class

    TheFrickenBananaTheFrickenBanana2 napja
  • Of course : indubitably *flashbacks to that one shwerpy video about someone failing to spell the word* “Props to those who know shwerpy”

    Yap Weng Joe YapYap Weng Joe Yap3 napja
  • r/increasinglyverbose

    Cameron HawkinsCameron Hawkins3 napja
  • I have never heard treasure I am jerk

    Shakawat HossainShakawat Hossain3 napja
  • OK OK OK!!!!! HERE IS A LITTLE THING I WANT EVERYONE WHO READS THIS TO DO!!! Ok ok I need to calm down I am a lil bit hyped... Ok anyway I want to get the most dislikes.... YEA YOU HEARD ME KaReN DISLIKE THIS COMMENT RN! Thank you peeps 😊😘

    XxWee_GMxXXxWee_GMxX3 napja
  • The phrases at the and sound like when you translated something 10 times and then back to English

    Jack AttackJack Attack4 napja
  • Only now do I realize that she wrote barron instead of barren

    KevKev4 napja
  • Henceforth I am baffled by this video 😂

    Omni CharlizardOmni Charlizard5 napja
  • Jaiden:indubitably Me: ohhhh Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    bella boobella boo5 napja
  • No joke, my friends and I have been trying to use the phrase "cleaved in twain," in casual conversation without giving it any emphasis, pretending that its a normal thing that everyone says normally.

    ZeldaversE TBZeldaversE TB5 napja
  • I feel called out but then again i'm a fanboy not a fangirl-

    Aesthetic_Gacha EmeraldAesthetic_Gacha Emerald5 napja
  • My brain's hurting from all these beautiful words...

    Spudboio my guySpudboio my guy6 napja
  • So does this mean I can say sodium chloride

    Javier HernandezJavier Hernandez6 napja
  • Pronounced “TH SORE OS”

    Amy RumpfAmy Rumpf6 napja
  • At the end card: "Come on, Jaiden. Get the words out."

    Spino LukeSpino Luke6 napja
  • Ah yes.moo juice

    lieutenant melonslieutenant melons6 napja
  • Ah yes, my FAVORITE drink: *Moo Juice*

    Raiden GrayRaiden Gray6 napja
  • Did all you individuals relieze that Amy is John's significant other? Well, I noticed it preliminarily to this discussion.

    GraceGrace7 napja
  • You almost have your diamond play button, you were on 8 million subscribers only a few weeks ago.

    david loseedavid losee8 napja
  • Thx u got my mom a jobbbb

  • My name is not Ghost anymore, it is now *Eidolon*

    screw celestescrew celeste8 napja
  • I do say ma'am! I find this broadcast of the highest praise and it is superlatively sympathetic. I shall share this with heaps of acquaintances and entrust it with the select form of appreciation on this platform.

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  • Little did she know she would have plastic Saurus’ all over her house lol

    Memes n ShetMemes n Shet9 napja
  • Thanks for the job jaiden

    Yaman AlzghouYaman Alzghou9 napja
  • am really feeling like am in English class :/

    Joshua SamlalJoshua Samlal9 napja
  • I legit just found this video bcoz I am riding a fanfiction not that type sooo lol :p

    dfdsvsdvvdv syddfdsvsdvvdv syd9 napja
  • As a writer thesaurus is my best friend.

    Secret . . MSecret . . M9 napja
  • Documentary clip: PIGEONS ARE GOING TO KILL US SOMEDAY!!!!!!

    Elvin DavisElvin Davis9 napja
  • I use it for fan-fiction (No, actually, I use it for RPs or normal stories, not fan-fiction. I hate fan-fiction. I make fan-stories)

    Utigaraptor - Gaming and GiveawaysUtigaraptor - Gaming and Giveaways10 napja
  • My GF caught me perambulating.

    TyeJayMTyeJayM10 napja
  • Yes, theasusaurus sucks. But you don't know how yo sound sophisticated?

    HyperionGamerHyperionGamer10 napja
  • Fan fiction, yeah I do. Uraraka and Deku from my hero academia. Plz don't judge me.

    Jurassic JackJurassic Jack10 napja
  • She posted this video one day before my birthday LOL

    mohamed abdullahimohamed abdullahi10 napja
  • I converse with my fellow humanoids on regular intervals as Jaden has attempted to present as different.

    SalamanderSalamander10 napja
  • I'm 9 and I say indubitably instead of saying yes or shure lol

    Corgi CornCorgi Corn11 napja
  • 0:54 baron instead of barren lol

    Milo NgoMilo Ngo11 napja
  • lmao "barren" be spelled thusly, neither royalty nor presidential progeny provide adequate substitutes

    Vince BVince B11 napja
  • 1:34

    Jay PikachuJay Pikachu11 napja
  • my teacher is worse: it’s gotta be grade level words! so big words! me: *uses the word ‘essence’ not even trying to be grade level* the teacher: ItS dIfFiCuLt To UnDeRsTaNd ThE mEaNiNg WhEn YoU sAy ‘EsSeNcE’ -_-

    Asa beeAsa bee11 napja
  • 1. I'm sorry and I don't use it but... 2. Yes I write fanfiction

    Lily WalkerLily Walker11 napja
  • Idiots! Sure, quizz is short for quizlett, so the "fancy" word for test Is T E S T I C L E

    H KH K11 napja

    H KH K11 napja
  • True

    Blue Shy GuyBlue Shy Guy11 napja
  • 1:38 more musclebound than *harambe*

    Emerald Hidden FatesEmerald Hidden Fates12 napja
  • I wanna tag you on Instagram because i got a new friend because of this-

    Evelyn DreamerEvelyn Dreamer12 napja
  • I really like this video or should I say This piece of recorded literature was perfect in every way shape and form or should I exclaim This series of images that are welded together what is the most exquisite piece of literature that has ever been recorded or will I exaggerate GOOD

    Alex WassenaarAlex Wassenaar12 napja
  • Umm...if Pigeons have great senses, aren't they just senses? I mean they can't be super-human since...well...they aren't human...

    Ryoga KyorakuRyoga Kyoraku12 napja
    • Wowo, easy there little fella! My comment may have seemed rude, but that was not what my message was intended to provoke, I suggest to not take things so seriously here on the net! We could've made a top ten anime battles with this names!

      KIRIgaya KazuTOKIRIgaya KazuTO11 napja
    • @KIRIgaya KazuTO Thanks for being a jerk! Why don't you just tell me how it feels from experience shit face! I wasn't even teasing Jaiden with this comment. I was teasing the documentary so I don't see why you're being such an asshole about it! Get a life!

      Ryoga KyorakuRyoga Kyoraku11 napja
    • Indeed little fella, pidgeons are not humanoids, they are a different animal with very different cualities than humans have, for example, this beautiful creatures have the ability to fly and poop in yoa car. Or if you have the luck, in yoa beautiful humanoid face!

      KIRIgaya KazuTOKIRIgaya KazuTO11 napja
  • Jaiden: Struggles on society in end card. Also Jaiden: Equanimity.

    Case L. SageCase L. Sage12 napja
  • I do use big words, all my friends call me out on it, BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, I'm not a crazy psychopath of words astronomically con-babbling.

    Case L. SageCase L. Sage12 napja
  • If by dumb you mean an essay savior, then yes, I agree

    Hyper BearHyper Bear12 napja
  • I love how one of the most common English phrases is "Am I pronouncing this right?"

    DarkArtistDarkArtist13 napja
  • If u see this, comment awesome lmao under this comment

    The silent GamerThe silent Gamer13 napja
    • awesome Imao

      I Am A Completely Random Stranger OkI Am A Completely Random Stranger Ok12 napja
  • I just use it to try to figure out words on the tip of my tongue. Hint: It usually doesn't start with the letter you think it starts with, unless you're really sure. On the other hand though... I do use said a lot... In my, uh, essays.

    Bard of VoidBard of Void14 napja
  • Eh, I know this was ages ago, but she managed to convey six extra points of information other than "penguins live in the cold" in her first example. That is why papers are written like that.

    MiyakansMiyakans14 napja
  • "Indubitably." . . . M A T T. M A T T F R O M E D D S W O R L D!

    _.-* C a r l y B a r n h i l l *-.__.-* C a r l y B a r n h i l l *-._14 napja
  • My family and I talk like this all the time

    Et427 GamerEt427 Gamer14 napja
  • Instead of IDGAF Behold this patch of aggricultural land, upon i cultivate my care expressed in coital slang, see that it lay barren

    Burning DwarfBurning Dwarf14 napja
  • I'm using word hippo for my master's thesis. I'm not even kidding.

    FelixkeegFelixkeeg14 napja
  • Okay, but...I use indubitably on a regular basis, started out as a joke, now is just part of my vocabulary

    Catty LeckieCatty Leckie14 napja
  • As someone who has abused the word indubitably since they knew it, I can confirm that nobody wants to deal with smart sounding words.

    Water GamingWater Gaming14 napja
  • Amy is johns girlfriend? I googled it and found nothing. What is it? Where did it come from?? I MUST KNOW

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker14 napja
  • This video misses so many points I'm very much tempted to downvote. But I still love Jaiden so I won't. But seriously, as both a scholar who very much needs impeccable precision (and large part of 'sophistication' is for the sake of precision) and a teacher who needs to simplify stuff for beginners, I'm angry at this video. Synonyms are to be understood and used in proper contexts, and not randomly! Of course it would be dumb if done otherwise. Isn't this one of those things all semi-advanced learners of foreign languages realize quite quickly? Maybe Jaiden is not very good with languages? Idk.

    Justyna Figas-SkrzypulecJustyna Figas-Skrzypulec15 napja
  • Amy is John's girlfriend.

    KirbomaticKirbomatic15 napja
  • I don’t have friends

    Squeakz YtSqueakz Yt15 napja
  • M O O J U I C E

    I was lonelyI was lonely15 napja
  • That nature documentary edit was SUBLIME.

    SpoutSaitoSpoutSaito15 napja
  • I used it for writing fanfiction... *cough cough* Hamilton *cough cough* Percy Jackson *cough cough*

    -Eliza_Schuyler--Eliza_Schuyler-15 napja
  • There is a girl in my class who LEGIT TALKS LIKE THIS FOR NO REASON. NO. FREAKING. JOKE.

    Willow SundewWillow Sundew15 napja
  • Sanguine Very optimistic in a kind of positive way like when we win this war I am going to get bubble tea

    Cara GallagherCara Gallagher15 napja
  • Fanfiction habit has been found out, abort mission

    Lil' Cosplayer YTLil' Cosplayer YT15 napja
  • Here are a few reasons teacher would want us to write in full sentences, use adjectives, verbs, etc: 1. Some of us people we won’ even know what will happen in the future but we might make scripts for a movie and we have to be creative with the words or writing books, articles, interviews for work, etc. 2. Believe it or not we would some point we actually get creative when our teachers sooo yeahhhhh.

    1216 Chloe’s world1216 Chloe’s world16 napja
  • Wow, the fanfiction thing...I’m actually writing a fanfiction now. I dont use a thesaurus but the thing I REALLY FREAKING HATE about my own writing is overuse of words like “seemed”. I usually end up making my writing sound like an actual novel. An actual crappily plagiarised novel. I love that phrase. *spams “crappily plagiarised” a billion times* Edit: btw i have my ships but its not like *that* kind of fanfiction that jaidens sorta mentioning. I’m just doing Wings of Fire as humans. The most original idea ever. *sarcasm cup overflows* ...why did i even write this comment

    Alice McIntyreAlice McIntyre16 napja
  • Weird how jaiden knows all the words that would be used in a fan fic

    adrianngaming boiadrianngaming boi16 napja
  • The example with the penguins actually gives a lot more information. Penguins live in the cold vs giving information on where penguins live, the condition they live in, comparison with other birds.

    ButteredCeleryButteredCelery16 napja
    • You missed the point :/

      Sebastian De La RosaSebastian De La Rosa12 napja
  • Imagine someone saying *i like moo juice*

    MobileGamerMobileGamer17 napja
  • Lol

    Max MarionMax Marion17 napja
  • 5🔪☄🔪🔪☄🔪☄🔪

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  • ☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄

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  • S3

    Life in Levi's WorldLife in Levi's World17 napja