Things I Do that Adults Probably Don't Do (Jaiden Edition)

2017.szept. 3.
26 432 656 Megtekintés

adults, amirite?
James' video:
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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll send you a very mini plastic dinosaur. like, you can't see it because it's way too small,,, but it's there.

  • It’s nice to binge jaidens videos lol

    Socks 45&6Socks 45&648 perccel
  • I have a plastic dinosaur on top of my kitchen cabinet along with a train made out of oversized plastic building blocks.

    red-winged blackbirdred-winged blackbird2 órája
  • Loving the chicken so much she squeezes it. That's my style also.

    red-winged blackbirdred-winged blackbird2 órája
  • And a soot ball on the shelf AND in the next frame tooooooooo!❤️

    red-winged blackbirdred-winged blackbird2 órája
  • I about just had a happiness-induced heart attack around the 2:35 mark because THERE'S A FLIPPIN' FLUFFY TOTORO IN THAT ROOM ON THE FLOOR!🤩

    red-winged blackbirdred-winged blackbird2 órája
  • YES!!!!!! never ever stop playing with toys! For 3+, for life and living fully!

    red-winged blackbirdred-winged blackbird2 órája
  • ok and need to ask are Jaiden and wolfytu friends?

    Sharlene BrittonSharlene Britton3 órája
  • heads up my ego is probity 1000 x small i have 0 self confidence so yeah

    Benben1024Benben10246 órája
  • Bruh the perffffffrfect bite yeah i do it too

    MartotoGamesBG __MartotoGamesBG __9 órája
  • Don’t worry jaiden, I eat the same way

    HamishHamish9 órája
  • Perfect Bite TM...that’s actually very logical. I do something similar-I eat all the things I hate and work up to the parts of my food that I absolutely love. I will separate my trail mix into little piles of sultanas, almonds, walnuts, dried fruit, everything, and then eat each category on its own. My parents think it’s very weird. I find it perfectly normal.

    Alice McIntyreAlice McIntyre10 órája
  • Pixel art 7:06

    Acai LiemAcai Liem10 órája
  • 2:00 i just put the food in my mouth

    Julian CudzinovicJulian Cudzinovic14 órája
  • I like the perrfect bite tm and thats what i do with nachos

    William MacAulayWilliam MacAulay15 órája
  • I know this vid is 3 years old but i just found it and sense I was a kid I do the perfect bite method of eating XD always save the best for last

    ArtheosArtheos15 órája
  • I literally have been using perfect bite for 7 years. I didn't know anyone did this

    Oliver AnubisOliver Anubis15 órája
  • ,┐(´ー`)┌

    ZION Arrow Arrow 360ZION Arrow Arrow 36015 órája
  • I use the perfect bite to lol

    Kitty CatKitty Cat16 órája
  • I put chocolate milk on my Christmas list...

    Kitty CatKitty Cat16 órája
  • Call me grandpa Because your mom calls me daddy 😎

    aj cooperaj cooper16 órája

    DiimxnDiimxn18 órája
  • I like this show

    The macie show !!!!!!The macie show !!!!!!18 órája
  • I not an adult

    The macie show !!!!!!The macie show !!!!!!18 órája
  • Ok look. The perfect bite™ is the best. And fun decor is fun. Including stuffed animals.

    CrystalFierCrystalFier20 órája
  • I think i can relate to about 2 or 3 things this video mentioned.

    Baku MonBaku Mon20 órája

    Pikachu caught youPikachu caught you21 órája
  • I do the perfect bite

    crazy_ catcrazy_ cat21 órája
  • I do perfect bite too

    ToxicToxic21 órája
  • 🤔 well there’s one thing that I do that adults don’t do “EnGlAnD Is My CiTy”

    WhatIfBlank WasHereWhatIfBlank WasHere21 órája
  • I start with the worst bite.

    Mason CorizMason Coriz22 órája
  • For me and everyone else who wants to show friends and stuff the perfect bite tm; it starts at 1:13 😋

    Laura xyzLaura xyz23 órája
  • The Perfect Bite is kinda what I’m doing most of the time ......

  • Ok boomer

    DeAlexandra OakleyDeAlexandra OakleyNapja
  • I'm not dopey looking -_-

  • get in my life

    sithikoon chanwattanapongsithikoon chanwattanapongNapja
  • Ive been doing that perfect bite stuff since I was 6, it's so satisfying ending a meal that way.

  • Jaiden LITERALLY just stole my way I eat my food, I leave the first bite to last, she stole my idea lol

    Elitekitten :3Elitekitten :3Napja
  • Omg the perfect bite is my whole childhood Edit:I still do it

    Gacha clarinGacha clarinNapja
  • I eat using the perfect bite technology too so yeah....that makes the two of us jaiden

    Vaidehi SinghVaidehi SinghNapja
  • heyyyy,i do the perfect bit thing too,but,erm,since you trademarked it,imma call my thing the best bite(i nsert tm sign here)

  • just... *E A T*

    xXKingson StudiosXxxXKingson StudiosXxNapja
  • I do perfect bite too :) plus I am an adult

    Patrick HanPatrick HanNapja
  • I do perfect bite too :) plus I am an adult

    Patrick HanPatrick HanNapja
  • I do the perfect bite too. I feel that your last bite should be the most elegant and best bite of all because your going to finish your food, your deilicious food. So everytime I grab some thing to eat, my friend would ask me before "Do this food have a good perfect bite?" To be honest, some of my perfect bite did not go so well. Some food can have a very bad perfect bite or maybe not that good as I expected it to be. Still I do the perfect bite. Btw, I started my perfect bite when I was 5.

    Lil annoying GirlLil annoying GirlNapja
  • i tried the perfect bite™ now i cant stop

  • *Perfect Bite (tm)* I’ve done TO many times *AND IM GONNA COPYRIGHT IT BEFORE YOU SO YOU CANT USE THE PICTURE!!!-ish*

    Squirrel !Squirrel !Napja
  • Omg I also do perfect bite but I start from the least best bite to the best

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔHannah ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔHannah ʕ•ᴥ•ʔNapja
  • ---

    Jo'siana ChismJo'siana ChismNapja
  • WAIT someone else also does The Perfect Bite™(© it might also get copyrighted) I have also been doing that since I was a kid. Edit: omg that took so long to find how to type the ™ like that and the © like that. Why did I do that?

  • what if i just eat whatever part is nearest to me?

    Ender StormEnder StormNapja
  • I perfect bite

    Carmen TCarmen TNapja
  • Probably *EAT*

    Tom AntonucciTom AntonucciNapja
  • i also eat the perfect bite style

  • Yep I just save the best bite for last.

  • I just eat my food tho

    Beastly FAILSBeastly FAILSNapja
  • I also ate the middle part of my sandwich and fill it with things for the last bite

    E to The RageE to The RageNapja
  • Lets not try to make fun of people who kill unless we do it first 👌

  • i cant choose who my favorite out of you and james sooo 50% to james and 50% to jaiden

    Harvey MirandaHarvey MirandaNapja
  • I’ve done the perfect bite for years! I thought I was the only one!

    owen windhamowen windhamNapja
  • It's funny that this video was recommended today, as James currently has his "I'm a Mobile Game" video at the #1 trending position.

  • I some times do the perfect bite tm style

    Mihai VonicaMihai VonicaNapja
  • “People don’t call me, so, CHECK.” Jaiden you made a big mistake now everyone will try to find your number or maybe not idk

    CuddlyBubbles 69CuddlyBubbles 692 napja
  • i do prfect bite to

    Stephanie CassidyStephanie Cassidy2 napja
  • Perfect bite for eva

    NoxNox2 napja
  • Hi

    Endang VendenEndang Venden2 napja
  • Make more

    Arlan B. SardiaArlan B. Sardia2 napja
  • I'm watching this years later then it was published.

    Ariadne HippleAriadne Hipple2 napja
  • “The perfect bite” I do this with sandwiches toast and plain bread ;-;

    Ketrina HtdhjKetrina Htdhj2 napja

    Malaya RempelMalaya Rempel2 napja
    • Am i right?

      Malaya RempelMalaya Rempel2 napja

    Oliver KimOliver Kim2 napja
  • Hahaha I do that to

    Leah VichitnandLeah Vichitnand2 napja
  • Perfect bite squad

    •Mellow Bella••Mellow Bella•2 napja
  • James look at your edition

    sara tapiasara tapia2 napja
  • Eat rooster... now if only there was another name for rooster. Lol

    Jay KayJay Kay2 napja
  • I do the perfect bite thing

    Banaani gamerBanaani gamer2 napja
  • I do an edited Perfect Bite TM where I start looking at that sort of thing at like... 20% of the item left

    Tyler Joseph SchommerTyler Joseph Schommer2 napja
  • 5:42 omg im dieng

    sad_skelysad_skely3 napja
  • alien jadyn 1:22

    sad_skelysad_skely3 napja
  • I’m a member of wildfire14. You: “one rule EAT” me: “no, I don’t EAT”

    Gaming DragonGaming Dragon3 napja

      Gaming DragonGaming Dragon3 napja
  • I do the first one

    zilam gamerszilam gamers3 napja
  • Silent aaaa the silence... I love it.......OH FRICK OH FRICK WHAT AM I GONNA SAY.. “uhhhh u like chicken nuggets”

    Eli BurkeEli Burke3 napja
  • 2:05 every person except karens and boomers do that

    ShadowShadow3 napja
  • I was gonna say that I find the perfect bite then eat the last best bite. But I relised that Im not an adult and i dont even know haw to spell relised

    Lynn HaLynn Ha3 napja
  • I'm sorry but plagiarizing and stealing are the exact same thing. When you plagiarize something your stealing from the creator. Just had to say that not angry just wanted that to be clear.

    Family KidFamily Kid3 napja
  • Lol, I copied Jaiden’s dinosaur thing but with Star Wars figures

    Dank PillagerDank Pillager3 napja
  • When you talked about buying weird and random stuff sounded like animal crossing

    Mason DamronMason Damron3 napja
  • Once at music class at school the teacher put the song let it go on and i just went to the front and screamed the song and everyone laughed at me but i laughed with them and i dont know why i said this

    Cupcake_RobloxGirlYootCupcake_RobloxGirlYoot3 napja
  • actually i have fraze save the best for last

    Lio WinandoLio Winando3 napja
  • I have always done the "best bite" i dont know when i satrted but i have always done it because i really want to always end with the best bite so the flavor stays in the mouth

    Jossue PortilloJossue Portillo3 napja
  • Then how do you eat soup like the perfect bite????

    PetyaPetya3 napja
  • When one of my my parrents hands the phone to me to talk to a reletave- "ya uhu cool".- wait was he/she asking me a question! I am in trouble! What did he/she say!

    cscs3 napja
  • 1:09 I'm eating the least best (sorry , english isn't my first language) first. Lol

    Sylveon Braixen :3Sylveon Braixen :33 napja
    • Lol its ok

      Cupcake_RobloxGirlYootCupcake_RobloxGirlYoot3 napja
  • Omg I do that first thing

    OhNoItsNoeOhNoItsNoe4 napja
  • EAT

    Meowslyn UWUMeowslyn UWU4 napja
  • I do that

    Devdath Valiya VeetilDevdath Valiya Veetil4 napja
  • I have always done the perfect bite method since I was a kid too!! XD

    Ryan BlackRyan Black4 napja
  • Your perfect bite logic is infalable

    Chris TevikChris Tevik4 napja
  • Ha a James plushy\ Garfield

    The1st NoobThe1st Noob4 napja
  • How I eat is at I take the worst bite first and work my way up to the best bite

    The1st NoobThe1st Noob4 napja
  • To get more confidence; get a boyfriend it’s one of the things that helped me become more confident in social situations. Or just do something you have never done before take a big risk and just go for it!!

    CreepyCritterGamerCreepyCritterGamer4 napja