Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)

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yup, there's more.
part 1:
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I will shield you from any darkness sharks that might infect your dreams.

  • One of the scariest dreams I had was one where I was completely surrounded by black snakes biting me and like it genuinely “hurt” fr some reason and like there wasn’t in any room there was just snakes and after I woke up I told my mum and she got someone to like pray over our apartment (I think they thought them was some kinda demon shit but idk)I am scarred for life

    Cecilia SCecilia S25 perccel
  • Jaiden, next time you go to Europe you dont need to change your money before the trip, you can always go to an "enchange" stand and shops where they will always accept the US dollars to convert it to Euro or the local coin.

    Alex V VAlex V V2 órája
  • Now I never want to interact with people anymore

    Gary SerenoGary Sereno4 órája

    Cool BazCool Baz4 órája
  • hearing this trend my brain to mush so i had a good time

    Benben1024Benben10246 órája
  • Are we the same person

    Justin GreenJustin Green7 órája
  • Introverts : do not interact as much with people 2020: I am going to help you introverts with quratine Introverts: thanks 2020

    xbox foreverxbox forever12 órája
  • steller steller steller steller

    Kristian ReherKristian Reher13 órája
  • these videos make me feel better! knowing im not the only one with these problems... I hate standing in line at stores too, but i work at a store now and now fear people asking me for things and not knowing.

    ArtheosArtheos14 órája
  • "If you dream something more than once, it'll come true" - Disney

    Elliadah LathropElliadah Lathrop16 órája
  • I am on a jaiden animation marathon who else?

    Frances BernierFrances Bernier18 órája
  • “I’m gonna screw myself over someday by being like this.” *Flash forward to the Uber incident*

    LeaserRoyLeaserRoy22 órája
  • Jaiden, I work in retail and I can tell you absolute certainty that we don’t care if you don’t buy anything, in fact we enjoy it

    Michael MyersMichael MyersNapja
  • my mom is an extrovert and i am the complete different of that.

    Mossi animatesMossi animatesNapja
  • I get freaked out when someone openness my bedroom I always think someonebroke in the apartment and tried to kidnap me and the vent scares me because I think a monster is gonna kill me

    Madison HarrisMadison HarrisNapja
  • What’s stellar

  • 11:00 P.M.

    Squirrel !Squirrel !Napja
  • 2017: 24% of the population are introverts 2020: 100% of the population are introverts

  • Jaiden sus

    Kookie Bacon AjKookie Bacon AjNapja
  • Funny story i have a friend who will talk to anyone, so he talked to a drunk guy about fortnite lore and random stuff, yes he was drinking beer

    OcT ValoryOcT ValoryNapja
  • I work at Walmart and honestly if they're leaving without buying anything, if they act super shady, they're probably not stealing, if they're acting super nice, they're either stealing or just socially awkward (same), if they're just acting casual then they're probably fine

    Jacob AustinJacob AustinNapja
  • Stellar

    Regan AnimationRegan AnimationNapja
  • Your videos are great! Also thank you for making accurate subtitles, that’s one of my favorite things about your videos.

    TrainRider RailfanTrainRider RailfanNapja
  • anyway they made another movie about Pinocchio here in italy but don't worry it's pretty cool actually, so, no nightmares oh, and also S T E L L A R

    Piccione RotantePiccione RotanteNapja
  • I've worked at 2 stores. We generally don't care if you leave without buying something.

    Akid MyselfAkid MyselfNapja
  • I love your video Jaiden

    April ShupingApril ShupingNapja
  • I LOVE you and your video

    April ShupingApril ShupingNapja
  • Me being an extrovert and hearing her say extroverts are outside being extroverts in 2020

    Benjamin WooBenjamin Woo2 napja
  • throughout my life I went from extrovert to in between so I'd say I'm mostly an extrovert but in some situations I'm a total introvert.

    eLbOw sKiNeLbOw sKiN2 napja
  • You know I have something similar to Jaden how she has the nightmare every single time she watches the Pinocchio movie For some reason I wake up in the middle of the night after I watch a certain beyblade episode and my hands feel tiny but what confuses me about it it's that I'm not dreaming I'm awake.

    The dark starThe dark star2 napja

    Xander RudiselXander Rudisel2 napja
  • my mind is blown

    AchintiAchinti2 napja
  • I'm actually an extrovert except I have no self confidence so I like people but not myself. Fun.

    GajeeLooGajeeLoo2 napja
  • ima introvert :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    DragonToonzYTDragonToonzYT2 napja
  • This video was *stellar.*

    Derpytron84 Rocks!Derpytron84 Rocks!2 napja
  • no, no we don't 3:35 / 8:48 3:35 3:35 3:35 3:35

    Demon GirlDemon Girl2 napja
  • Yes now the cops are coming jk

    Ricardo MercedRicardo Merced2 napja
  • Jaiden - american Aidenj - Chinese Idenja - arabic Denjai - indian Enjaid - ჯაიწჰ Njaide - Brazillian Jaiden - american again

  • I'm an introvert

    Katie Playz_YTKatie Playz_YT2 napja
  • Up on melancholy hill There's a plastic tree Are you here with me Just looking out on the day Of another dream Well you can't get what you want But you can get me So let's set out to sea 'Cause you are my medicine When you're close to me When you're close to me So call in the submarines 'Round the world will go Does anybody know her If we're looking out on the day Of another dream If you can't get what you want Then you come with me Up on melancholy hill Sits a manatee Just looking out for the day When you're close to me When you're close to me When you're close to me

    Yoshi Awesome Funtime Freddy Fazbear Adventures123Yoshi Awesome Funtime Freddy Fazbear Adventures1232 napja
  • *Sips tea *

    Klara MalatekKlara Malatek2 napja

      Klara MalatekKlara Malatek2 napja

      Klara MalatekKlara Malatek2 napja
  • Tomorrow is my birthday!

    Claire SweigartClaire Sweigart2 napja
  • This was quite the stellar video Jaiden, good job

    Fem KirishimaFem Kirishima2 napja
  • 0:48 some people might have social anxiety but is a extravert and think they're introverts that use to be me

    Luna tunaLuna tuna2 napja
  • 6:49 ✨✨✨ hehe i think its funny UvU

    silky lovestodrawsilky lovestodraw2 napja
  • yep

    Emily SenécalEmily Senécal2 napja
  • Working in retail Too dead inside

    B_Rice&EbiB_Rice&Ebi3 napja
  • hey jaiden what do your eyes look like

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan3 napja
  • hey jaiden what do your hair look like

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan3 napja
  • .

    OkRedstoneOkRedstone3 napja
  • I’m stellar oof it’s my actually name...

    Stellar LudwiczakStellar Ludwiczak3 napja
  • I have an irrational fear of debt

    Zany ZoeZany Zoe3 napja
  • Was that hand puppet the odd ones out?

    Zany ZoeZany Zoe3 napja
  • I will search the entire store tell i fine what I want. Never talk to employs.

    panscakes !panscakes !3 napja
  • I literally watched every single vid 50 times T+T help I’m not ok

    Saoirse CaslowSaoirse Caslow3 napja
  • Can we please talk about giraffes and how freaky they are?

    Donald McRonaldDonald McRonald3 napja
  • I feel like the beginning "Jaiden, you already talked about dumb things ur nervous about" was Theodd1sout.

    Daniella DrozdDaniella Drozd3 napja
  • When I can’t find something in a store, I don’t ask a worker or take the extra step of googling it or calling someone, I just give up and hope next time someone else will come to the store with me.

    Claire Palm TreeClaire Palm Tree3 napja
  • I am introverted and very weird

    Christopher MozzilloChristopher Mozzillo4 napja
  • I am an extrovert but coronavirus

    Liam KeepaxLiam Keepax4 napja
  • So this 1 time my friend told me to guess what we’re gonna do and then in a moment of pure brilliance and geniusity i said get the f*** out of my room I’m playing Minecraft then he said how did you know cause he was planning to play minecraft in the end we didn’t play Minecraft

    Yes a catYes a cat4 napja
  • Stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar stellar

    Yes a catYes a cat4 napja
  • That Steller conversation was pretty steller than steller and the i saw its pretty steller

    cain foxcain fox4 napja
  • Im a introvert but I awkwardly try to be cool so I awkwardly start screaming into my pillow at home while that person I was trying to talk to was probably like I DONT CARE THAT KIDS NAME IS JAYDEN (yes my name is jayden)

    Derpy DevilDerpy Devil4 napja
  • The odds1sout used the same sock puppet

    Vdrpool 6969Vdrpool 69694 napja
  • Weird thing about me is I’ll want to hang out with friends and just go hug those people and scream Nico Yazawa-Esque quotes a whole lot of my time in public, But then I get home and I’ll be asked by my family to go somewhere with them to see family or go inside a store and I’ll get all shaky and things get bright and noisy and stuff, and sometimes I have moments where if I fall asleep (say, in the car or if I napped beforehand) I’ll half-dream that I was in a public place and that people are touching me and wake up and freak out and get weird

    I love you!!I love you!!4 napja
  • i'll restart my computer.

    Ebenaezer KalangEbenaezer Kalang4 napja
  • me to

    RouFlaDaiRouFlaDai4 napja
  • lol yeah :P

    Swyft SwordsmanSwyft Swordsman4 napja
    • im introverted :P

      Swyft SwordsmanSwyft Swordsman4 napja
  • Nothing is ever stupid darling owo

    Pyro FangsPyro Fangs4 napja
  • stellar

    Hyper Tails the foxHyper Tails the fox4 napja
  • Is it only me or does the sock at the start sound like James?? Aka: Theodd1sout.

    Andrea CortezAndrea Cortez4 napja
  • Im and extrovert and i love your videos. also its interesting because it takes a person until their mid twenties for their personality to solidify. I've actually been doing a personal experiment for the past 6 years and every year I take the meyers briggs test to gage on how I have changed. I used to be a major introvert of INFP and then that changes to ESFJ which is a quite a big change and that makes sense cause INFP was when I was a freshman in highschool. It also gives me a chance to reflect on why I changed and what I a doing differently and find influences on my own personality. Also introverts and extroverts are a spectrum so thats rly interesting too. so that big gap is probably from one of those things and the fact that the number are constantly fluctuating along the spectrum.

    Galaxy KatGalaxy Kat4 napja
    • ooo i forgot to say mid twenties is the average. As you get older its more likely to not change. So personality is more fluid when you are younger.

      Galaxy KatGalaxy Kat4 napja
  • Stellar. There u go!

    LivviLivvi4 napja
  • I am shouting out Jaden:)

    fizzy ytfizzy yt5 napja
  • I’m an introvert

    Tsepo TsekoaTsepo Tsekoa5 napja
  • I just realized I’m an introvert

    HyperGamer627HyperGamer6275 napja
  • E

    Brennen JennerBrennen Jenner5 napja
  • Sponge bob

    Nitro508Nitro5085 napja
  • I'm an extrovert

    Random VidsRandom Vids5 napja
  • your friends was once strangers to you.

    Christina LeeChristina Lee5 napja
  • If I was a worker and nobody made a purchase but they have something from their hands that is made in the store I think they would commit a steal

    Mia AnimationZMia AnimationZ5 napja
  • im using the word stellar now, are you happy?

    Riley HoodRiley Hood5 napja
  • stellar

    Riley HoodRiley Hood5 napja
  • sponge bob

    Brady BurnsBrady Burns5 napja
  • same

    Ramen CupRamen Cup5 napja
  • Hi jaiden I am actually a extrovert and love watching your videos and watch your channel a lot

    Penelope LovePenelope Love5 napja
  • I am an introvert around people I don't know but an extrovert around my friends and family

    Deerman CrDeerman Cr5 napja
  • This one time in third grade a fourth grader came up to me and my best friend and asked us if we wanted to be in this club that cleans the playground and I was like uhhhhhhh and my best friend knew I was nervous so she said we'll think about it and the girl that was in fourth grade was like ok we are having a club meeting at the swings so go there and tell me your Decision and then she left and when it came to be recess there was least 25 kids there and I was so nervous to go over there my best friend didn't have a problem going over there then she asked me are you nervous and I said yeah so we didn't go over there and the whole year me and best friend tried to Avoid them because me and my best friend were embarrassed because we told them were gonna go there and we never did thats the whole story sorry for wasting your time

    Angelica martinezAngelica martinez5 napja
  • Ambaverts be like "Why have we been forgotten

    Charlotte RetrieverCharlotte Retriever5 napja
  • My friend used to work in retail and he said that if someone comes in and leaves without buying anything, they don't care. They really don't care at all. Someone else here in the comment section said it the EXACT way I would phrase it, "We don't get paid enough to care. We'll even help you rob the place, we really don't care." And that's really how it is. Hardly anyone in retail gets paid enough to give a flying fuck about whether or not you stole something- They just want to get over with their shift and be done because they don't want to be there any more than you do. Retail sucks.

    Isabella MayIsabella May5 napja
  • I am actually asset protection in retail, so I am actually paid to watch for shoplifters, and I will confirm that we don't care if someone walks in and walks out without buying anything.

    Ravyn YoakumRavyn Yoakum5 napja
  • Her I can’t talk to a single stranger me YOUR TALKING TO 19 MIL PEOPLE WDYM

    ultra collosussultra collosuss5 napja
  • ..............INTROVERT CHECK

    Sarah DarlingtonSarah Darlington5 napja
  • life lesson play baseball

    Dominick TomainoDominick Tomaino5 napja
  • I’m 68% introverted And I’m 9 pls help

    Z PettusZ Pettus5 napja
  • Amongas mam it’s you haahhahahaahahahhaahahahahahhahahaahhaahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahaaaaahhhhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha

    Rahand OpRahand Op6 napja
  • I am going to go say stellar to someone lol

    Elody ClarkElody Clark6 napja
  • i thougth i was the only one who didnt like to interact with ppl im completely fine with my doggos

    ojos doradosojos dorados6 napja
  • hii I love your videos!! :)

    Aadya RanadeAadya Ranade6 napja