Things that Freak Me Out

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we're all scared of dumb things okay?
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  • Wow, Jaiden. You sound like you really don’t like bathrooms. Who does tho

    Olivia ScharnbergOlivia Scharnberg6 perccel
  • we need to do finger guns now because of the pandemic

    Tafari JacksonTafari Jackson2 órája
  • jeijbfnbhuso[e i also thought me voice sounded like a boy lol

    Emilia ParrottEmilia Parrott2 órája
  • Open the door of the stall before you flush the toilet

    Andrew BaryAndrew Bary2 órája
  • im 9 btw

    YEETYYEETY6 órája
  • yeah you should be a gamer :)

    YEETYYEETY6 órája
  • Same I'm scared of loud toylit

    Tina BrownTina Brown8 órája
  • Sometime you gotta like your own comment to get the ball rolling.

    Casual GamerzCasual Gamerz9 órája
  • This is the start of a revolution... a gaming/animation revolution

    PandaHat 17PandaHat 179 órája
  • Jaiden 3 years earlier: "When you meet someone new you normally shake their hand" Everybody 3 years later: "ARE YOU INSANE"

    MrImp GnomesMrImp Gnomes9 órája
  • When I heard the first one this is what I said “Bruh I thought I was the only one but I’m not “Wooh Yeah bois!!!”

    Raichu YesRaichu Yes10 órája
  • That's for me too

    Huckleberry HastonHuckleberry Haston11 órája
  • I feel it

    debomb 18debomb 1812 órája
  • Why can I relate to everything in this vidoe

    KunarieKunarie12 órája
  • im scared of sand because trypophobia plus crab dens arent the best mixture. im also scared of sand because h o t

    Michael Angelo RingorMichael Angelo Ringor12 órája
  • I was scared of loud toilets lmao

    Buffchickenbannanayeet BellBuffchickenbannanayeet Bell13 órája
  • She just asserted her dominance over a dryer

    Anvith KothaAnvith Kotha15 órája
  • Why do I relate to Jaiden so hard We have the same birthday We both have anxiety And my hands are also so cold all the time

    JacksonimationsJacksonimations17 órája
  • I love your voice jaiden

    Candice TCandice T17 órája
  • You shud get out of the stall before you flush the tollit just an Ida

    Candice TCandice T17 órája
    • Then how do you flush when tou are outside the stall

      riana the rainwingriana the rainwing17 órája
  • im also scared of loud toilets

    Nicolas Rancano PetoczNicolas Rancano Petocz18 órája
  • Jaiden, how about you open the door first then flush so that you can run as fast as you can away from the Toilet.

    Tekashi AnimaticsTekashi Animatics18 órája
  • i like your voice : j

    samuel gilliversamuel gilliver19 órája
  • when jaidens fear is that she sounds like a boy but you've been told by many people you should like a boy

    Wc HughesWc Hughes19 órája
  • you're scared of flushing the toilit and i am scared of going into my bathroom

    Zahra AbbasZahra Abbas21 órája
  • I have the same problem with being scared of loud toilets

    Kaellum FriesenKaellum Friesen21 órája
  • Jaiden would HATE pixel sonic games underwater, you thought spongebob was bad? It doesn't give you a time until those last five seconds where it provides you with NIGHTMARE music

    psycho soldierpsycho soldier23 órája
  • Ur voice is fine don’t worry about it

    Leslie DillardLeslie DillardNapja
  • My rhumetologist told me my cold hands are because of a mild collagen disorder that gives me horrid circulation. You're not alone, except I like freezing people. MUA HA HAHA YES I AM POSSESSED AND NOW SO ARE YOU!

    Mary KelleherMary KelleherNapja
    • I have cold feet.......does that count?

      riana the rainwingriana the rainwing17 órája
  • I was so scared to flush the toilet because of the loud flush. I always run out

    Darius Tan De LueDarius Tan De LueNapja



  • I hate loud flushes to

    The GeniuszzzThe GeniuszzzNapja
  • You have a very pleasant voice!

    Joshua VanDeCreekJoshua VanDeCreekNapja
  • I have so been there confused and awkward

    Andrew GobrightAndrew GobrightNapja
  • I was scared of toilets with cameras when I was younger. Not because of what you might think, but because of the flushing. When I was really young there was a toilet that was broken. I was scared of it cause when you flush it the water goes out of the toilet. Ever since that toilet, I hated the one's with the cameras, since I had little control over when it flushed. I had to get my family to hole their hand over the camera when I went so I could tell them when to put their hand off and be good. It lasted wayyy longer than I would like to admit.

    A h h hA h h hNapja
  • I'm being honest... my hands are really cold all the time too ._.

    Olive SecaOlive SecaNapja
  • i went to this circus hotel and it had a loud flush

    Star CookieStar CookieNapja
  • Lol i dont have to worry about my cold hands because in my country be say hi with a kiss

    Veronica CavalloVeronica CavalloNapja
  • I get uncomfortable when something is to empty I know it’s weird. Tell me in the comments if you feel the same way.

    Eric B HudsonEric B HudsonNapja
  • Hahaha watching jurassic Park

    H JohnsonH JohnsonNapja
  • My legs are always freezing, their so cold-

  • Same i am self conscious with my voice btw I am a boy just using my moms account because I don't have 1.i sound like a girl I hate it😡 because people are going to think i am a gril i mean girl and and it makes me shy to talk to strangers. and my voice makes me feel like I am the only one who has this voice in the world.

    marian ness Mariannessablemarian ness MariannessableNapja
  • Hey Jaiden, you have a pretty voice!

    Olivia WhiteOlivia WhiteNapja
  • I’m scared of airplane toilets. Like why do you have it be so loud man? Calm down!

  • Hi Jaiden I have a tip for the bathroom one when your in a public restroom you can first get the door open then get ready flush it AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

    Wolvaria StudiosWolvaria StudiosNapja
  • Why don’t you you just open the Stoll door then flush it

    Blue BeeBlue BeeNapja
  • I like your vidoe

    Amani DikwaAmani DikwaNapja
  • its not the toilet cupones it the water pressure that can be chaged

    dragon follydragon follyNapja
  • 1:19 windows 98 earap

    dragon follydragon follyNapja
  • Am I the only one who thought she could’ve just held the stall door open right before she flushes so she can run out?

    Darth VaderDarth VaderNapja
  • Steller

  • I have the same feeling as u jaiden toilets are loud so are those hand dryer thingys and time limits in video games scare me and im just a kid


    Max BrawlMax BrawlNapja
  • No i wasn't crying while watching old louis tomlinson's video

    yes im a directioneryes im a directionerNapja
    • Why did i just wrote that

      yes im a directioneryes im a directionerNapja
  • 2:42 yoshikage handryer only jojo fans will get it

    Piccione RotantePiccione Rotante2 napja
  • 3:23 Ronnie James Dio after he consumes an undefinable amount of loafs of bread The band with Freddy Mercury as the lead singer has already come in contact with the read further button, or whatever the kids say these days

    Supah HackahSupah Hackah2 napja
  • 2:06

    BaileyHI isaacBoysBaileyHI isaacBoys2 napja
  • lol I'm afraid of loud toilets too :3

    Alex B. CoolAlex B. Cool2 napja
  • Hi can you share real Face

    avyukta duttaavyukta dutta2 napja
  • i have a sister she loves you're videos

    Marc RaresMarc Rares2 napja
  • jUST OPEN THE dor before flushing

    gaming knight111tgaming knight111t2 napja
  • Anxiety, it's just all anxiety

    On fireOn fire2 napja
  • At 0:25 she unleashed Jaiden.EXE

    Isaac DeanIsaac Dean2 napja
  • 3:30 is the embodiment of 2020

    zigon 2007zigon 20072 napja
  • I think it's pretty funny how I could tell this is an older video because of how much her drawing has improved since then

    Mavbot 08Mavbot 082 napja
  • omg same my hands stay forever freezing even when its hot

    Mya ArtisMya Artis2 napja
  • I meant why doesn’t she open the door before flushing the toilet

    hugo gonzalezhugo gonzalez2 napja
  • Why doesn’t jaiden just open the door before she walks out

    hugo gonzalezhugo gonzalez2 napja
  • 0:09-0:14 Me

    Katie Playz_YTKatie Playz_YT2 napja
  • its ok jaiden, im afraid of toilets too :D

    Dorian CornettDorian Cornett2 napja
  • Jaiden got the finger gun wish, exept not in the way she expected

    Alise CampbellAlise Campbell2 napja
  • like they do nothing Like at all

    sara tapiasara tapia2 napja
  • Jaidan i have try's those things do nothing

    sara tapiasara tapia2 napja
  • 2:43 AuToBoTs rOlL OuT DUNANANANAU

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin2 napja
  • I have adapted the finger guns XD

    LivLifeDrawingLivLifeDrawing2 napja
  • you are normal. Do not worry

    Buse SobiBuse Sobi2 napja
  • Jaiden: my voice sucks Me: opens mouth windows opening music plays

    Fayez BilalFayez Bilal2 napja
  • this whole video is "first fuqing time"

    Savino PasceriSavino Pasceri2 napja
  • On the hand dryer one sometimes I feel like I put my hands in and it absorbs my body

    Jennifer FurlongJennifer Furlong2 napja
  • Hohoho hohaohaohaohao you have ni idey but mom woent baleve me >:[

    penny pig love her brotherpenny pig love her brother2 napja
  • 0:36 same

    Nolan McLartyNolan McLarty2 napja
  • hey jaiden what do your house

    Sunai MorganSunai Morgan2 napja
  • I always imagine those hand dryers will just chop my hands off 100% of the time.

    Elias AquinoElias Aquino2 napja
  • I realate to loud flushing toilets 😂

  • i like your voice better than mine

    jsdude812jsdude8122 napja
  • Well at least the finger guns aged well

    GowtherGowther3 napja
  • I cant do the hand blower too but im not afraid the sound is just INSANE loud

    ninja thinksninja thinks3 napja
  • my hand ar worm all the time

    Radmila SundacRadmila Sundac3 napja
  • 8:30 you can't see the voice you have to hear it !

    best gamer everbest gamer ever3 napja
  • I actually used to be scared of those toilets on the airplane that were LOUD AS HECK and I would flush the toilet and bolt down to my seat. Idk why

    NameLess YTNameLess YT3 napja
  • we need this in covid 3:53

    r 8 jeffr 8 jeff3 napja
  • nice voice!

    조찬희조찬희3 napja
  • i'm really scared of LOUD flushing toilets too

    Hope RichwalskiHope Richwalski3 napja
  • When I’m alone in the bathroom I’m scared of the toilet flushing sound bc I feel like someone’s gonna kill me lol

    Renee PerkinsRenee Perkins3 napja
  • 1:30 oh that's why that glitch happens in goat simulator

    DEE187UDEE187U3 napja
  • Open the stall then flush

    Cat-Man 369Cat-Man 3693 napja
  • I like Your Voice

    SteenSteen3 napja
  • More like auto toilets .......i hate auto toilets

    nuclearcosmos23nuclearcosmos233 napja