Vidcon fun times wow so fun excitement 10/10 would vidcon again

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recording on this camera made my voice sound annoying i'm sorry
also the video's kinda long (i tried to make it as short as possible) so I added a bunch of dumb edits that i hope keep you entertained lol
Thanks to Tony, James, Alex, Den, Dom, Jomm, Leigh, Rebecca, Cade, Soy, Tiffany, Red, all my friends, and everyone else I finally was able to meet~ You all made this trip the best experience I could've ever asked for. And I'm still in shock about how many people we met and ran into this trip! I wasn't expecting anyone to want to see us, but signing for more than 2 hours all together and running into so many followers just walking around really put things into perspective.. I'm so happy that people are enjoying the videos we make, and it makes me happy to know people really care about us :) Thank you
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Music: just my voice and stuff

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I really appreciate everyone who I met at VidCon, you're the best!! And hope to see anyone else who couldn't make it next year!!

  • we owe her 45550000

    ZeefunZeefun5 órája
  • Are you sure

    Missed OpportunityMissed Opportunity23 órája
  • 0:29 they are wind turbines not windmills

    Navybadboy69Navybadboy6923 órája
  • Yeah, I see you. Watching this in 2020. I bet you were confused atleast once as to why they weren't wearing masks.

    Crownn :DCrownn :DNapja
  • 2:41

  • So I have 28 subs can I therefore go to vidcon as a creator?

    Reed WaltherReed Walther2 napja
  • I animate too you know... :"""""(

    gasam13gasam132 napja
  • RUDE CAM 2.0

    John KJohn K3 napja
  • 10:02 Damn

    Sony MounaSony Mouna3 napja
  • 6:01 *jams to twenty one pilots*

    [ Here Must Be My Name ][ Here Must Be My Name ]3 napja
  • where is your face? \

    OmegaDragonGamingOmegaDragonGaming3 napja
  • whats funny is that when you were at Disney land i saw my self in the back round lol 😂

    GreenCreeperGreenCreeper3 napja
  • 5:23 Turn around dOG what do you get :)

    LeAkEd !LeAkEd !4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
    • she won't see it sorry bud. this is a four year old video with her litearlly in the lowest point of her life where she wants to k!ll herself and she hates herself to such an extent that if she ever glanced on this vidoe again and gods forbid looked at the comments it would probably send her into a downward spiral.

      layla :Olayla :O4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • maybe a video game thous are fun

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • we can play

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  • please be my friend

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  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • wanna be friends

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken4 napja
  • wanna be friends

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  • Your not worthy of mealnor nat

    Shane BrettShane Brett4 napja
  • Great Video! thanks for filming it

    Matt NewsMatt News5 napja
  • Wow. You are lucky ya went to Vidcon. Never been on a con before.

    Cesar FigueroaCesar Figueroa5 napja
  • James: IM A TETRIS GOD

    Big PopBig Pop5 napja
  • I wish I could just go back in time and give her a hug

    V O I DV O I D5 napja
  • Why are so many people commenting about Jaiden's eating disorder?

    LondonUndergroundFan8753LondonUndergroundFan87535 napja
  • Why are you so sad?🥺

    𝚝𝚘𝚍𝚘𝚛𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚝𝚘𝚍𝚘𝚛𝚘𝚔𝚒5 napja
    • she had an ed at the time of filming this and said this time was the lowest point of her life

      layla :Olayla :O4 napja
  • wait in vidcon you show your face the video of face reveal was in 2016

    Camilo BigattiCamilo Bigatti6 napja
  • 2:27 me watching after I saw the face reveal like: 😢

    Red CowRed Cow6 napja
  • You as a kid sees a windmill forest buyout 2999999999999999999992

    Jaedin as blue pikminJaedin as blue pikmin6 napja
  • Tetris (remembers the mrbeast 100000$ event)

    Ralph Andrei BelandoRalph Andrei Belando6 napja
  • My dream is actually also being an animator that shares content exactly like yours and james and other epic animators, do you think someday ill be a very succesfull and have a chance to perform at vidcon? I really am confident for myself to make my own animating channel.

    Shawn Daniel SalapantanShawn Daniel Salapantan7 napja
  • Going back, I can literally tell it wasn’t that fun just by the title. “Wow super fun, definitely, 10/10 everything is perfect..” yeah no one says that. I’m glad she’s doing better now though.

    Abby LAbby L7 napja
  • knowing that this was one of her lowest points hurts so much

    Elise H.Elise H.7 napja
  • james your cute

    Maddox VelascoMaddox Velasco7 napja
  • Cap is so short...compared to the other guy and i Stan short Cap

    Pyro FangsPyro Fangs7 napja
  • Is you and James are friends or cousins

    Yaswindev S. VijayanYaswindev S. Vijayan8 napja
  • Hi... ok.

    Navya PaulNavya Paul9 napja
  • Hi......

    Navya PaulNavya Paul9 napja
    • Hi ;-;

      Gael FranciscoGael Francisco6 napja
  • Commenting about something other than her anorexia *ngl, that ice ski ball thing looked dope af*

    Cj.s colorsCj.s colors9 napja
  • 2:27 no.... Just no. Don't even touch the time stamp, I don't want you to remember that. Not even to you, random people on the internet

    Vampirekid GachaVampirekid Gacha9 napja
  • when i heard "mmmalex" I FREAKED OUT!! WHERE MY MALEC SHIPPERS AT?

    The Awkward AsianThe Awkward Asian9 napja
  • i just realized i've never seen domics actual form except for right now and I legit dropped my phone in surprise.

    The Awkward AsianThe Awkward Asian10 napja
  • i recently subbed to Jaiden, so I don't know much about her life but I keep seeing comments about anorexia or something? can someone help me understand? Edit: so I went back and saw her "why i don't have a face reveal" video and now I understand 😕im just glad Jaiden's happy now

    The Awkward AsianThe Awkward Asian10 napja
  • k lol i saw myself on the small world thing and now im crying cause i didnt know who she was 4 years ago

    RJQ PriestRJQ Priest10 napja
  • Is Adam thare to???

    Chuck AdamsChuck Adams10 napja
  • A

    Anthony Gamer 100Anthony Gamer 10010 napja
  • That ending is a lot more powerful looking back and knowing that it was a turning point in her despair. Im truly lucky that I have found her content

    Benjamin ManningBenjamin Manning10 napja
  • So James basically had the same view Pam (Alex's wife) had some time ago

    United StatesUnited States10 napja
  • I can NOT watch this episode without thinking about you going through the two worst Eating Disorders. Being stupid fat is bad, but forcabaly not eating and vomiting after you eat is even worse. Also, knowing that you were just faking your happiness, putting on the mask for everyone, making sure your feelings were kept away from your fans and friends, and knowing that you were going to be stupidity depressed at the end off camera just makes me sad for the whole episode. We all wanted you to be happy for us, and knowing that we didn't meet the real Jaiden face first during Vidcon makes us feel betrayed. ... But I wasn't there for the event, so why does my opinion even matter then, right heh heh *Sniff* (No, I'm not actually depressed.)

    Don AnilaoDon Anilao10 napja

    cringy potatocringy potato11 napja
  • Is this when jaiden metal staze is not good if you not know what im talking abaut check shes face reavel

    CroatianDiloCroatianDilo11 napja
  • 2:28 just made me cry

    JownadelJownadel11 napja
  • I haven't been here in one year

    Luci DitotiLuci Ditoti12 napja
  • I mess watching your videos

    Luci DitotiLuci Ditoti12 napja
  • @TheOdd1sOut especially since its 2020

    Super AnimationsSuper Animations12 napja
  • "I'm proud of my Deck" Jaiden: You're proud of your what? LOL!

    Ryoga KyorakuRyoga Kyoraku12 napja
  • The good ol days

    DumzoawillOffical Fpdd456DumzoawillOffical Fpdd45612 napja
  • 1:42 Tony? That name seems familiar...

    RC_ToniRC_Toni12 napja
  • Fun Fact:Vidcon is actually Covid with a "n"

    Hollow knight_YTHollow knight_YT12 napja
  • Don't go please you should not why please just don't do it please

    phamu _phamu _12 napja
  • I think Alan Becker was also at that VidCon

    Shravan KatoreShravan Katore13 napja
  • Looking back at this,I’m so proud of her,I’m genuinely so proud and so happy for her growth as a HUworldr and as a person *tears*

    Mika SamaMika Sama13 napja
  • I would like to take this moment to say that James is cute... 😁

    elijah montgomery smithelijah montgomery smith13 napja
  • go to 11:28 xDDD

    JakobJayJakobJay13 napja
  • Jaiden: That's for you guys I already ate Me: Maybe just eat one slice?

    iiXAngelicaXiiiiXAngelicaXii13 napja
  • i saw jaiden in the mirror now i know how she looks like 2:41

    Bevis varrosiBevis varrosi14 napja
  • oh man I love the bean game

    Chanina KosovskeChanina Kosovske14 napja
  • Has any one think that jaiden maybe said no to the pizza because she is began?

    David nesesita alludaDavid nesesita alluda14 napja
  • The comment before me is 16 hours after this comment!

    ItzLily GamingItzLily Gaming14 napja
  • 15:26 can we all take a moment to appreciate Jaidens phone case? 😂

    YetAnotherGamerYetAnotherGamer15 napja
    • Yes

      ItzLily GamingItzLily Gaming14 napja
  • *y'all talking about how she said "i already ate" but what if she did already eat and you guys are dumb*

    wednesdaywednesday15 napja
    • yup she probably did actually

      RafPlayz69RafPlayz6915 napja
  • Mk

    Olga DemyanenkoOlga Demyanenko15 napja
  • 0:48 it dang right that is cool

    Arbil BaderArbil Bader15 napja
  • Is tony real, or is he like James’s imaginary friend?

    Spolum FamilySpolum Family15 napja
    • Tony is Tonytoons

      ItzLily GamingItzLily Gaming14 napja
  • James like Captain?

    Kenzie DandyKenzie Dandy16 napja
    • Yes

      ItzLily GamingItzLily Gaming14 napja
  • The funny thing is that James has more subs than jacks films

    Banana PigBanana Pig16 napja
  • Im proud of my deck

    Hydrofox2010Hydrofox201016 napja
  • 13:32 can u see jaiden's reflection

    Tycoon StudiosTycoon Studios16 napja
  • oH GooD shE SAID im FUlLLllLL wAHHHHhHHHHhHHhhHhhHhH

    suplynx Is alonesuplynx Is alone17 napja
  • peeepeepooopooo oo

    suplynx Is alonesuplynx Is alone17 napja
  • ranch dressings disgusting

    Nafis MubashirNafis Mubashir17 napja
  • This is stupid but I love it

    Faiqa MusawirFaiqa Musawir17 napja
  • is jAiden dating jAmEs?!?

    Flyable FlamingoFlyable Flamingo17 napja
  • I am so far but so close since I live near LA

    Sorato SaitoSorato Saito17 napja
  • The thumbnail hurts, it might seem fun but she put a mask that she wasn't being normal, she was in a horrible state,anorexia, bulimia, and depression, all explained in the Face reveal video

    Elijah OwsleyElijah Owsley17 napja
  • James: I ALREADY CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!! Covid 19: not on my watch bud

    Tatyana RomovaTatyana Romova18 napja
    • This was 4 years ago

      TheMEZ_acheTheMEZ_ache7 napja
  • Jaiden your videos are the best keep the good work

    Aseel011 SaeedAseel011 Saeed18 napja
  • after watching the face reveal video... this hurts to watch

    Matt3r_LightMatt3r_Light18 napja
  • This is when jaiden was depressed 😔

    HXV 9HXV 918 napja
  • Jaiden:now you guys owe me $5 Me: I only have $5 in my allowance

    SploshSplosh18 napja
  • Yas my face on thumbnail

    Soldier 76Soldier 7618 napja
  • 6:54 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SensCreedSensCreed18 napja

    :0:019 napja

    William FalkWilliam Falk20 napja