Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

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just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
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  • I’m in 5th grade and I’m sad now... 12 more years?!

    lylah hilllylah hill18 perccel
  • Jaiden:expians everything that’s happened on Halloween James:YoU gEt CaNdY

    Yoda FoolYoda Fool40 perccel
  • Is it just me or was this one a little odd?

    Yuv BoghaniYuv BoghaniÓrája
  • lol im actally passed my kindy

    Sharlene BrittonSharlene Britton3 órája
  • Jaiden just bein' cute boi

    ¡funtime mìnt!¡funtime mìnt!6 órája
  • No one Actually no one Little jaiden - I had FFFFUUUUUUNNNN

    Anything to everythingAnything to everything7 órája
  • Nadie entiende este comentario Translate it

    Tio Gameplays24Tio Gameplays2410 órája
  • Yummy for tummy XD

    Andrea SmithAndrea Smith10 órája
  • Color Old jaiden: Cuddle?

    Andrea SmithAndrea Smith10 órája
  • Had a fun time going down memory lane! The aspect ratio wasn’t what I was used to :/

    lawson jeffreyalawson jeffreya12 órája
  • Jaiden is so pretty ahhh

    Hey FamHey Fam12 órája
  • The 4 infinity stones the S stone, the Second stone, the Dot stone' and the Line stone

    Micah EeMicah Ee13 órája
  • I love their facial expressions

    Abigail MooreAbigail Moore13 órája

    Riley MishinaRiley Mishina14 órája
  • iTunes quality will not allow you can download ✨ 🙏 🙂 👌 😌 🙌 ✨ ufh

    Michelle SmithMichelle Smith14 órája
  • Hi

    Michelle SmithMichelle Smith14 órája

    Shane LaurelShane Laurel16 órája
  • This vid dropped on my birthday 😊

    ShmirkoShmirko18 órája
  • I like spongebob

    Colin KirkColin Kirk18 órája
  • So good!

    Colin KirkColin Kirk18 órája
  • 8:41 LOok ITS BABY JAMES THE ODD1Sout😳

    Delm ChannelDelm Channel18 órája
  • IM HALFWAY DONE WITH 6TH!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS soon ill be able to animate and resort to youtube

    Mr. Froggy PlaysMr. Froggy Plays18 órája
  • Jaiden animations is beutiful im happy she is better now with her self

    Juan EganezJuan Eganez19 órája
  • I’m in 2 grade

    Rubbermal The Rubberhose MalbearRubbermal The Rubberhose Malbear19 órája
  • Umm umm ummm yummy for my tummy!

    YachiYachi21 órája
  • 7:54 like is no one gunna talk about taxes

    grace potapenkograce potapenko22 órája
  • No sponge Bob got killed yay 😁

    Jayden SadlerJayden Sadler23 órája
  • #3:59 Mickey was like get the crap outta here kid

    Joe's Fun LabJoe's Fun Lab23 órája
    • xD yaaaa (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

      TheMeme Cringers!!!!TheMeme Cringers!!!!21 órája
  • "Somebody brought a horse" And then *J U A N* was born.

    Reimer BuanReimer BuanNapja
  • Yummy for tummy

    Razi MationRazi MationNapja
  • fun fact your eyes never grow they are the same size as they were as you were born

    Mr evil pancake WaffleMr evil pancake WaffleNapja
    • I know that

      Muth albe1Muth albe121 órája
  • Its funny that i watched this video and my mom tweeted a video of my sister three years ago and she was sorting cookies she sounded like the vine "Look at all those chwikrns."

    Sharqa AvanindraSharqa AvanindraNapja

    Sampada OakSampada OakNapja
  • Jaiden's Mom: "Drive to the right" HUworld ad: "How about 'NO!'"

    Why ThoughWhy ThoughNapja
  • me sitting here in 2020 odd1sout niece I am sorry for 2020

    Tiger StudiosTiger StudiosNapja
  • Truth is nobody is laughing watching the video time waste they are not even gonna notice my comment it's the truth ever will be .

    Mummade madeMummade madeNapja
  • Nobody cares cause about jaiden neither odds1out they are never gonna comment us . Untill we are a big youtuber . Sad but this is the truth of humanity everyone's greedy

    Mummade madeMummade madeNapja
  • Fun fact I ate a crayon before NON TOXIC CRAYONS YUMMY I was in 2nd grade

  • I’m 3rd grade

    Charles MimsCharles MimsNapja
  • wow the video in 1998 is better then the modern ipotatoes.

  • Welp I’m beginning this night mare 7:33 (I’m in third grade)

    Tom AntonucciTom AntonucciNapja
  • There is a 4 grader

    Hamster care 11Hamster care 11Napja
  • 8:14 she said color and have have fun not cuddle

    The Banana SlothThe Banana SlothNapja
  • Jaiden James and Jax

    Rice CrispRice CrispNapja
  • My ferst berthday I trew up after eating the ckake and I keep on eating it

    Jocelyn GreeneJocelyn GreeneNapja
  • Don’t cough on the cookies Jaiden your spread covid

    Juan Miguel MartinezJuan Miguel MartinezNapja
  • That look on her mom's face... where have I seen that? oh yeah from my mom every time i call her "mother" with a heavy british accent

    Dylan BessDylan Bess2 napja
  • I don't even remember how i can live without internet when i was little

    hulukotakhulukotak2 napja
  • i am kid and i am not happy at all

    Nie WiemNie Wiem2 napja
  • i have 7 years of school left

    Nie WiemNie Wiem2 napja
  • I don't have videos no one ever took any but maybe a few I did not even know till now most people had alot of childhood videos but I'm only a preteen so'

    edgy lego boyedgy lego boy2 napja
  • 0:25 James: oh sprinkles *vietnam flashbacks*

    Iniaki AngelesIniaki Angeles2 napja
  • I am 8 in 3rd grade

    Nyan catNyan cat2 napja
  • sprinkles

    Maxwell MeyersMaxwell Meyers2 napja
  • I sent a kid to the hospitle and i am 8

    Jace ConnJace Conn2 napja
  • At Disneyland I thought She said:I HAVE A BUTT!

    Ferret NationFerret Nation2 napja
  • Hey BoiiiiiiiiIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Hagyn’s Googling AdventureHagyn’s Googling Adventure2 napja
    • Sorry For Spaming

      Hagyn’s Googling AdventureHagyn’s Googling Adventure2 napja
  • You work together wow nice videos team work uwu

    Charis BogtongCharis Bogtong2 napja
  • I have a habit of eating stuff like pencils... don’t judge me

    The true Gamer boyThe true Gamer boy2 napja
  • Awww so cute

    FÜN wrldFÜN wrld2 napja
  • James 2019: My niece is going to be starting her first day of school a year later. Me in 2020: Are you sure about that?

    Yumi DragonYumi Dragon2 napja
  • Exactly what easter is lil jaiden

    Clara ValdecantosClara Valdecantos2 napja
  • 2:02

    Noah GamamatesNoah Gamamates2 napja
    • It still makes me laugh but it does kinda hit differently in 2020.

      Noah GamamatesNoah Gamamates2 napja
  • Y U M M Y F O R T H E T U M M Y

    The SushiThe Sushi2 napja
  • Nice

    ShadowNuggettShadowNuggett3 napja
  • Are you 22

    cayden mckeevercayden mckeever3 napja
  • haha the first night my little was born i said ''when is she going home'' (i was 3)

    Sophie VerbruggenSophie Verbruggen3 napja
  • I miss kindergarden i'm 7 now

    Hope RichwalskiHope Richwalski3 napja
    • I’m 10

      MelonCeeMelonCee2 napja
  • Thats cute, if u dont like u dont have soul

    Valentine and GamesValentine and Games3 napja
    • Yes but they are only friends.

      Aircube MusicAircube Music2 napja
  • When u sied kids can do jessed up stuff in kindergarten *i remeber this* a boy in my k classs ripped off his oants and peed on the floor ;-;

    Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
    • And threw bread at hime

      Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
    • My friend screamed at him

      Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
    • He got in big trouble

      Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
    • In fear

      Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
    • And i looked away

      Summer BrownSummer Brown3 napja
  • Jaiden looks like Boo from monsters inc

    Joaquin Ceasar DurbanJoaquin Ceasar Durban3 napja
    • 👏👏👏👏👏

      MelonCeeMelonCee2 napja
  • I'm a grade 4

    Mikayel Studio Molina MohamedMikayel Studio Molina Mohamed3 napja
    • I’m 10

      MelonCeeMelonCee2 napja
    • I'm in the war of division with my other troops

      Mikayel Studio Molina MohamedMikayel Studio Molina Mohamed3 napja
    • and 9

      Mikayel Studio Molina MohamedMikayel Studio Molina Mohamed3 napja
  • Don't cough on the cookies -Jayden's mom

    N U T IN U T I3 napja
  • eesa banny is dad

    Platinium ZeroPlatinium Zero3 napja
  • hi The odd ones out.

    Chris HChris H3 napja
  • There is actually 17 years of school not 12

    unicornsquadgoalsunicornsquadgoals3 napja
  • im totaly bruh Fans:theodd1sout x jaiden animation haters:maybe yes

    stone swordstone sword3 napja
  • Shes so happy until she had anorexia

    Green PlayerBoyGreen PlayerBoy3 napja
  • ... jaden is a zoomer... im so used to people in their twenties being millenials yet i now realize im getting closer and closer to that and dont know how to feel

    WN GamesWN Games3 napja
  • I'm in 2 grade

    goood angel cool angelgoood angel cool angel3 napja
  • im an expert at decoding little ones and i dont think lil jayden was saying cuddle i think she was saying coler but thats just me so

    The Maya ShowThe Maya Show3 napja
  • Get maried

    Diverser264Diverser2643 napja
  • Yummy for my tumy :3

    Terry TaranakiTerry Taranaki3 napja
  • I’m in 5th grade

    John cool ToysJohn cool Toys3 napja
  • Animate these

    hiroyuki chibahiroyuki chiba3 napja
  • I'm in fourth grade

    vibe lemonvibe lemon3 napja
  • James: My niece is gonna start Kindergarten next year! Covid-19: Not anymore suckers!

    The Annie Keever Company.The Annie Keever Company.3 napja
  • You are so luckey i still have 5 years till i reach 12 grade

    Ramdevi SinghRamdevi Singh4 napja
  • my first day of skool i was like ok im not coming back home oh its just me hmm... 6 years later oh im just here for half my life ok

    Ryker SchaafsmaRyker Schaafsma4 napja
  • I'm 3rd grade.

    ForksaFunnyWordForksaFunnyWord4 napja
  • Cute

    axlpowpay gameraxlpowpay gamer4 napja
  • very cutw cute sorry if it gets messed ;(

    Andrei KrapivnitskiAndrei Krapivnitski4 napja
  • cutwe

    Andrei KrapivnitskiAndrei Krapivnitski4 napja
  • i want a youtube channel (o____o) |____|

    Andrei KrapivnitskiAndrei Krapivnitski4 napja
  • child jaiden make cookies

    Maybele RoaMaybele Roa4 napja
  • Jaiden’s mom is about to add a whole new life to Jaiden’t world Jaiden: “but the c r a b”

    I love you!!I love you!!4 napja
  • F

    Gamo CGamo C4 napja
  • Aww she's so cute as a baby x3

    Abby ChildressAbby Childress4 napja
  • There is a grade 3 waching AND ITS ME i dont think there is eny kinder garden what if there

    clipster kclipster k4 napja
    • Is

      clipster kclipster k4 napja
  • was that hong king disneyland?

    Chloe ChauChloe Chau4 napja