What it's Been Like to be on YouTube

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cheers & a toast :7

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D *dink* i just did a toast to you reading the description.

  • i didn't realize i made it a bit confusing in the video but i'm only going to be tweeting about the toast.. lol. there isn't gonna be an actual livestream :V i just mentioned the 1 mill livestream because timezones were something people kept bringing up. but yee. thanks for 2 mill though :)))) appreciate ya!

    Jaiden AnimationsJaiden Animations3 évvel
    • Wooo eight mil!!!!!!!

      Press StartPress Start17 napja
    • Well it is like 3 days behind on my birthday on july. I love the month of july. And yeah me neither their is nothing special about me, Im just average and that's it, so yeah I am also a shy kid too but Im a boy and Im from Arizona but Im not a HUworldr. Well I wanted to but not yet

      Andres SartiaguinAndres Sartiaguin19 napja
    • @chaebugi .

      Ranjana SamantaRanjana SamantaHónapja
    • \(^o^)/ yay!!! Congrats on 2 mil! You have 8 mil now!!!!

      Laney BondLaney Bond3 hónapja
    • :)

      Yigyeom MoonYigyeom Moon3 hónapja
  • Yet here we are with 2 million subscribers Correction: yet here we are with 8 million subscribers

    Loma StagnittaLoma StagnittaÓrája
  • like my coment and il start animation i can make a bad animation in a day a good one in two so ya want content like my comment

    lexie andrewslexie andrews9 órája
  • you vids are very good

    Cappers KnottCappers Knott9 órája
  • Average huh?

    Kate CarsonKate Carson17 órája
  • We love you and the haters are just jealous of you and that's all i had to say

    Vaibhavi AklekarVaibhavi Aklekar17 órája
  • jaiden 2017: yay i have 1mil me 2020: *looks at subs* ok so she earned 8 mil subs in 3 years???????????? almost 4 actually

    Mdnameer tazwarkillMdnameer tazwarkill20 órája
  • I like your videos thanks for making them I would like to be your friend if you want.

    Connor HislopConnor Hislop20 órája
  • Something that i can learn is to not be afraid to talk in front of many people, time will pass and there will be no problem. Thanks Jaiden

    José Emilio Rangel TrejoJosé Emilio Rangel Trejo21 órája
  • Now she passed 6 years with now 9.1 million subscribers

    Sama KazmaSama KazmaNapja
  • hey jaiden my mom once told me that ''you do domething bad, it will go back to you'' - 2018

    Keith Animates YTKeith Animates YTNapja
  • She tripled her subscriber count in twice the amount in almost 4 years🥳

    Benny P. BarilBenny P. BarilNapja
  • I love your channel and I've only said positive things to other people about your Channel

    Summer SnyderSummer SnyderNapja
  • Bruh she is at 9 mil now thats amazing

    Aidan RomeroAidan RomeroNapja
  • Who watching in 2020?

    Carmela BarreraCarmela BarreraNapja
  • huh 9 MIL NOW

  • 9 million subs now

    Ellie DykhuizenEllie DykhuizenNapja
  • Ur animation is super cool I tried animating for a month now and mafe a animation with a ball 😂

    Aditri ShuklaAditri ShuklaNapja
  • huh animation is like that. i just asked my frined how to do it and boom :I

    The QuackThe Quack2 napja
  • You watch the video ME:WTF your a higher person. Jaiden:i am not a higher person im a Just a average person. ME:smashes head on keyboard i quit

    Екатерина МакароваЕкатерина Макарова2 napja
  • hater on your 1st years: you're stupid (it's super effective!) now: you're stupid (hater takes damage because of jaiden's rough skin)

    ye brah gamerye brah gamer2 napja
  • So here I am, 3 years later, with jaiden 9.1 million subscibers

    The UnknownThe Unknown2 napja
  • My mum ask me why you don’t need to have a break btw word and words haha XD

    Sunny CloudSunny Cloud2 napja
  • Am stoopid :)

    Ostepopp 5Ostepopp 52 napja
  • Wut app do u use :>

    Shigishii chanShigishii chan3 napja
  • Good news, you’re gonna get a bit more popular

    The real MikswaggerThe real Mikswagger3 napja
  • Hi jaiden animations great job on HUworld channel I have been non stop watching I do have a channel of my own called WolfWalker2020 but I haven’t really got to much on there anyway keep up the good work.

    WolfWalker 2020WolfWalker 20203 napja
  • Hmmmm I wonder how many subs ARI would have

    Lunar MoonLunar Moon3 napja
  • Other HUworldrs strech vids to be 10 minutes long... jaden makes it one second short

    cyancyan4 napja
  • jaiden a god

    eggplanteggplant4 napja
  • Jaiden u r a animation expert

    Dragon ClanDragon Clan4 napja
  • Idk but your channel is the best among all I know

    Jonath SamvelJonath Samvel4 napja
  • I am greatful that your successful so I have stuff to do in times like this

    Judah vlogz stuffJudah vlogz stuff4 napja
  • Thanks for existing, I've revisited animation and it's a great experience.

    Alexander RolfeAlexander Rolfe4 napja
  • This video from my time right now is 3 years ago O.O

    Itz_Ninja_Playz UwUItz_Ninja_Playz UwU4 napja
  • 3:43 is me to my sister

    Zoey NoskaZoey Noska4 napja
  • Good job this is actually very good handy work.

    Cenobia HipolitoCenobia Hipolito4 napja
  • Her animating the part about the pajamas: yea, I’m in them rn

  • someone needs find the one time jaiden is near or in a cubicle and just replicate this 3:43

    Logan LatiosLogan Latios4 napja
  • Another 3 years has passed

    JacksonimationsJacksonimations5 napja
  • U R so cool and nice Amy 2020

    Alex FOrce ISSAAlex FOrce ISSA5 napja
  • Ill be your friend.... :)

    Wølfîechãn !UwU!Wølfîechãn !UwU!5 napja
  • i just watched your first video i LOVED IT!

    G HoltG Holt5 napja
  • Do you like doing HUworld your doing goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

    Asbb TjgAsbb Tjg5 napja

    Ella Toy Time!Ella Toy Time!5 napja

    Ella Toy Time!Ella Toy Time!5 napja
  • "And your gay" 🤣

    XxMaster ChiefxXXxMaster ChiefxX5 napja

    PugsOPPugsOP6 napja
  • I join a lot of roblox servers and I get A LOT of new freinds

    Blue PotatoBlue Potato6 napja
  • Dang I haven’t seen this before?! ITS 2020 THIS WAS POSTED 3 YEARS AGO

    LivLifeDrawingLivLifeDrawing6 napja
  • boo Technoblade did this lame!!!! JK

    TurtleKingTurtleKing6 napja
  • I did not see this was three years ago😳

    S RougeauS Rougeau6 napja
  • You should do three videos a month I’m not trying to push you

    S RougeauS Rougeau6 napja
  • I like how she is like Dont view me as someone higher than the average person then at the end she got fanart

    Najeeb Da BestNajeeb Da Best6 napja
  • In that case u should be my friend cuz i legit dont hype anyone... i just cant... i see myself as the top most person in this universe.... while at the same time i have crippling depression

    DecipherDecipher6 napja
  • I have always considered making an animation channel on HUworld because I love art but I just don’t know how you start one. Like how do people find out about you in the first place and share videos and such. Anyways, idk.

    Oddball_25Oddball_257 napja
  • Wow thanks I think I'm going to turn off my comments 🙂 *No one reads them*

    Sandra WongSandra Wong7 napja
  • Great video's jaidain keep it up

    Sultan _BSultan _B7 napja
  • 4:4

    William FigueroaWilliam Figueroa7 napja
  • 2 MIL NOW 9.07 MIL!!!!!!!!!!

    Lincoln DayLincoln Day7 napja
  • 3:44 for good scene

    ;Mini;;Mini;7 napja
  • I want to have that much subs

    Rayne Minecraft girl OkRayne Minecraft girl Ok7 napja
  • July 23rd is my birthday

    Jose CarbajalJose Carbajal7 napja
  • 1 mil away from 10m :OOOO

    FrostbiteCoveFrostbiteCove7 napja
  • do you mean 9mil now

    Daniel FrancoDaniel Franco7 napja
  • To think she’s on her way to 10 million.....I’m so proud of her

    Klaurese OhlenschlagerKlaurese Ohlenschlager7 napja
  • i would also do it in my pajamas don't feel left out!

    Some Random HumanSome Random Human7 napja
  • it probably must be hard bc i'm kind of shy around lots of people

    Some Random HumanSome Random Human7 napja

    Danny DicksonDanny Dickson7 napja
  • You stapes joked 😂 hahahahahahhaahhahahahaha

    Rahand OpRahand Op7 napja
  • Hello Jaden just wanted to say is I like your videos so. yeah and yes I'm from fnaf.

  • Simps: *I'm going to savour this..*

    ネタンネタンネタンネタン7 napja
  • you encouraged me to do this

    Evan DeFreitasEvan DeFreitas7 napja
  • I think I want to be a youtuber, it seems cool.

    Evan DeFreitasEvan DeFreitas7 napja
  • Now in 2020 she has 9.07 million subs I'm proud

    Violet KittenViolet Kitten7 napja
  • Almost to 10M subs ayee

    GowtherGowther7 napja
  • I still cant draw her hair :(

    PixelPixel7 napja
  • Love your vids😂

    Molly BingMolly Bing7 napja
  • Im gay it kinda hurt my feelings;(

    Datexas QtDatexas Qt7 napja
  • 0:31 She forgot to color her hair. XD underneath her armpit.

    Teddy TapiadorTeddy Tapiador7 napja
  • July 23 is actually the day before My bday

    Brayden The animatorBrayden The animator8 napja
  • jaiden it would make my day if you say hi to me so.... yeh

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  • Lets get the diamond bois

    person on internetperson on internet8 napja
  • Lol the lazy automation on the yearbook is too obvious

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  • I hate myself for laughing at "...and your gay."

    Renee PerkinsRenee Perkins8 napja
    • stolen

      Chengfei YuChengfei Yu8 napja
  • And now, you’re about to get a gigantic diamond play button.

    StonkyStonky8 napja
  • Yay you hit 90.7M subscribers

    Wolfy ChanWolfy Chan8 napja
  • I am so like Jaiden especially in the wired facts videos I am exactly the same😂😂😂😂

    Dogzrulez101Dogzrulez1018 napja
  • Im Theoddonesout i don't need hair even tho there are so many copies that do the same thing

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    • bruh your not the odd1sout

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  • hi

    ichmagbeume11ichmagbeume118 napja
  • Congrats! it's 2020 now, you've grown so much! I love your channel :3

    Maya AndersonMaya Anderson8 napja
  • hi

    ichmagbeume11ichmagbeume118 napja
  • i love your content

    Norbert TorokNorbert Torok8 napja
  • she should play the wii theme during her videos

    Deeds Of The InsaneDeeds Of The Insane8 napja
  • hi who els plays the bass guitar here like the comment if you do

    Deeds Of The InsaneDeeds Of The Insane8 napja
  • 6 years, 9 million subs, still a great community.

    Farhan KarimFarhan Karim8 napja
  • You are special I love your videos

    Hayley McClureHayley McClure8 napja
  • POV: you laughed a little to hard at *And your gay*

    Samuel SSamuel S8 napja
  • 3:50 HOW DID YOU KNOW!

    Yeetes MugeeYeetes Mugee9 napja
  • This is a genuinely helpful critique: You're stupid!

    Priyanshu ChatterjeePriyanshu Chatterjee9 napja